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HP-426 Hollywood vs Alyssa Part 2

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Description of Hollywood vs Alyssa Part 2:

This video opens with Hollywood pacing, banging her night stick around the
ring. She is dressed again in her "tough girl" outfit looking gorgeous in
her black bikini, shorts and boots. She is bragging to the camera about
what she is going to do to that brat of a school girl. Alyssa, looking cute
in her "abbreviated" school girl outfit, enters the ring. After some witty
banter, Alyssa charges Hollywood, but Hollywood is ready and slams the
night stick into Alyssa's stomach. Alyssa doubles over and drops to the
mat. Hollywood throws the night stick to the side and challenges Alyssa to
get up. Then she challenges her to a test of strength. When Alyssa starts
winning, Hollywood kicks her. With Alyssa on the mat, Hollywood puts her in
a school girl pin. Hollywood sadistically plays with the trapped girl. All
the time taunting her saying her luck has run out. The verbal abuse
Hollywood heaps on the helpless girl is something to hear. Hollywood
proceeds to throw the school girl around the ring, punching her, kicking
her and placing her in a powerful leg scissors hold. Finally, Alyssa is
flat on her back looking like she is finished. Hollywood stands over her
doing some victory poses and taunting Alyssa. But Alyssa just grins at the
camera. When Hollywood lets her up and says, "Is that all you got?" Alyssa
becomes a world wind, catching the over confident Hollywood completely off
guard. She throws Hollywood into a corner, reigns punches on her tight abs,
then throws her around some more. Hollywood is helpless to defend herself.
After taking a terrible beating, Hollywood is dragged to the edge of the
mat and choked out with her own night stick!!! Hollywood's beautiful body
is left hanging over the edge of the mat.  But Alyssa is not through
torturing the former "tough girl" She drags her back into the ring and
demands Hollywood remove her boots. Hollywood reluctantly obeys. But is
Alyssa done? Will Hollywood recover enough to get her boots back? Has
Hollywood finally learned her lesson and will now leave Alyssa alone? The
verbal sparing between these to sworn enemies is worth buying this video

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