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HP-612 Hollywood vs Steve - The Cookies



TITLE: Hollywood vs Steve - The Cookies Complete Video COST: $11 ~ 11 MINUTES





Description of HP-612:

Hollywood is dressed in her pink bikini she knocks at Steve's door, she is selling cookies she tells Steve the cookies are to save Jay Leno's job on the Tonight Show , he takes the cookies without paying and slams the door in her face! She knocks back on the door and then runs into his house demanding the money... When he refuses to pay her, She throws him in a headlock and snaps on a leg scissors then puts him in an arm bar and shuts him up with her foot over his face. She tells him to go back to his own country,  kicks him around the room and sticks him in a camel clutch then goes to sleeper him and pulls his hair. She kicks him when he's down and then puts him in another leg scissors around his neck. She then goes for a small package then figure fours his arm while covering his mouth with her hand.. This kind of female domination goes on and on if you're into one sided matches with a beautiful female dominating a male then this clip is for you!!


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