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hhhhHP-251 The Trap II "Eliminate Casey"



TITLE: The Trap II "Eliminate Casey" Part 1 COST: $10 ~ 10 MINUTES

TITLE: The Trap II "Eliminate Casey" Part 2 COST: $10 ~ 10 MINUTES

TITLE: The Trap II "Eliminate Casey" Part 3 COST: $10 ~ 10 MINUTES

TITLE: The Trap II "Eliminate Casey" Complete COST: $30 ~ 30 MINUTES




Description of HP-251:

At the end of the first TRAP video, Lisa, Holly's most
hated enemy, had after a terrific beating, forced her
to sign a contract to appear in a 2 vs 1 "no rules"
championship title match.  The only thing standing in
the way of Lisa's master plan to destroy Holly once
and for all is Holly's good friend and tag team
partner "The Mighty Casey".  So, to prevent Casey from
showing up at ringside and coming to Holly's aid, Lisa
sends her partner Fran to make sure that Casey will
never show up.
The video opens with Casey, wearing her championship
belt, entering the ring for what she thinks will be a
friendly practice session with Fran.  Fran admires
Casey's tag team championship belt and asks to see it.
Fran repeatedly slams the heavy belt into an
unsuspecting Casey's head and body, knocking her to
the mat.  Fran then brutally stomps the stunned Casey
repeatedly in her body, pulls her to her
feet and throws her into the corner were Casey hangs
limply, too stunned and hurt to defend herself.  In
one of the most vicious belly beatings ever filmed
Fran pounds away at Casey's midsection, blow after
blow after blow, kick after kick.  Finally Casey falls
to her knees, leaning back against the ropes.  Not
giving Casey any time to recover, Fran moves in and
stomps and kicks at Casey's midsection then  Fran
backs off to admire her handiwork.  A beaten Casey
totters on her knees for a moment and then falls
heavily forward face down to the mat.  Fran moves in
and repeatedly stomps Casey's head as she lays there,
her damaged body jerking with each stomp.  Casey is
then kicked around the ring, and then flung back into
the turnbuckle. Casey is picked up and flipped into the corner,
hanging upside down.  Fran can't resist the lovely
target, Casey falls to the mat.
Fran then places Casey into the corner, spreading her
legs wide over the middle ropes.
Fran really pounds away at Casey then tells
Casey what Lisa and her plan to do Holly, telling her
how they intend to work over Holly when they meet her
in the ring. Fran then proceeds to destroy Casey.
Fran takes down a groggy Casey, and standing her in
the middle of the ring, Fran slugs away at Casey, but
Casey won't go down!  Like a punch drunk fighter who
takes a beating rather than go down, Casey endures
blow after blow, standing there refusing to be beaten.
Finally Fran gives a round house kick
and Casey falls on her back, spread eagled, but the
Mighty Casey is still is not knocked out!  A
frustrated Fran kneels beside Casey and delivers
hammer blow after hammer blow to Casey's belly , while Casey's body twitches and jerks but
still Casey can not be knocked out! What will happen to Holly in her 2 vs 1 match with
Lisa & Fran with Casey not there to watch her friends
back?  Find out in Trap VI. But first, Lisa and Fran
are going to pay Holly a little surprise visit in her
dressing room.  Stay tuned for "Trap III- Ambush!"
Never have you seen a woman take a beating like Casey gets from Fran in this video!  These two pros give it all they've got and it shows in one of the greatest
body punching videos ever produced!



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