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HP-508 Entering The Enemies' Lair

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Description of HP-508 "Entering the Enemies' Lair":

In this video the "Dark Angel" (played by Hollywood dressed in black shorts, black boots, her Iron Cross bikini top and arm warmers, looking hotter than ever with her gun belt worn low!!!) enters the hideout of a robber looking for stolen money. The over confident girl doesn't know how many robbers there are or even if any of them are around. So she enters the living room with her gun held high, expecting trouble at any minute. She thinks she knows what she is doing and kneels down by the sofa, but a robber shoots her in the back. Continuing to face forward, this time the robbers get her from the front. Next she faces the hallway but takes one in the back. Seems she can never figure out where the robber may be. Over and over she takes a bullet, sometimes two or three before going down. All in all she gets shot 10 times in the living room. Nobody ever looked hotter falling slowly down after taking a hit. Sometime ending up on her back, sometimes ending up on her stomach. Either way this is one hot gun slinger!! Finally thinking the robber has disappeared down the hallway, she leaves the living room and looks into another doorway. But the robber (or a second thief) shots her in the shoulder and leg, sending this gorgeous "Angel" to the floor. Entering the bedroom, she again gets hit. Thinking her assailant has left the room, she attempts to cross the bed, getting hit two more times. Finally she looks out the back and takes another bullet. All in all, she is shot 6 more times in the bedroom. At this point the much shot up "Dark Angel" decides to see if she can find some money and run. She locates some money in a drawer, sticks it in her shorts next to her tight "abs" and dashes to a door. But she hears noises on both sides of her and before she can decide which way to go, gets shot from both sides 3 times. Her gorgeous body now lying helplessly on her back on the bed, the robber, after making sure she is out, grabs the money and leaves her. She still looks as hot as ever, lying there motionless. This is a great video for anyone looking for a beautiful girl, sneaking through a house setting and getting shot over 15 times!! Lying on her back over sofas and chairs, with her taught body stretched out, Hollywood never looked better. And with the gun held while moving from room to room, nobody's stomach looks better!!!

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