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hhhhHP-076 A Hollywood Beatdown & Recovery




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TITLE: A Hollywood Beatdown & Recovery Part 1 COST: 10 TOKENS ~ 10 MINUTES

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TITLE: A Hollywood Beatdown & Recovery Part 2 COST: 10 TOKENS ~ 10 MINUTES

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TITLE: A Hollywood Beatdown & Recovery Part 3 COST: 10 TOKENS ~ 10 MINUTES

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TITLE: A Hollywood Beatdown & Recovery Complete COST: 30 TOKENS 31:02 MINUTES

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Description of HP-076:

Cheryl Lightning Rusa is busy preparing for a match wearing a yellow one piece suit and as she is putting on her pro wrestling boots. Hollywood enters wearing blue warm-ups pants and a white sports bra with bare feet.  Cheryl asks if Hollywood would mind helping her out with practicing some moves for her match.  Hollywood agrees but says she needs to stretch first.  Cheryl offers to help out and puts Hollywood in an extreme back stretch.  The ladies then decide to start out with some lockups.  Cheryl is very aggressive from the start and immediately drops Hollywood into an arm bar causing Hollywood to cry out in pain.  Cheryl lets Hollywood recover and when they prepare to lockup again, she puts Hollywood in a full nelson and delivers a textbook snap mare that she transitions to a choke hold.  Cheryl then reveals that she is out for revenge on Hollywood from their last match! It doesn't get much better for poor lovely Hollywood.  She suffers a big time beatdown at the hands of Cheryl.  Hollywood is subjected to hair pulling, multiple arm bars, choke holds, bear hugs, leg kicks, belly stomps, fireman's carries, body slams, back breakers, rocking horse, you name it, Cheryl does it!  The Struggling Hollywood does manage to fight back very briefly, but Cheryl soon takes control again.  Cheryl eventually picks up Hollywood and unceremoniously dumps her in front of beautiful Barbara and says, "She's all yours."  Barbara helps Hollywood out of her pants to reveal a very small bikini bottom.  Barbara tends to the beaten down Hollywood with a tender oil massage to help her recover.  During the massage Hollywood reveals what all happened to her at the hands of Cheryl.  Hollywood, being grateful to Barbara for the wonderful recovery, teaches Barbara how to do the fireman's carry. What evil plans does Barbara have for Hollywood? Get this HOT Video now!




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