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HP-030 Beauty & The Beast




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Description of HP-030:

Kristy just got out of prison, and is looking to start life over with a fresh start. She's opened up her own business, and it seems to be going quite well for her. She's even been invited to a meeting with the head of the business district. Kristy happily accepts the invite and heads on her way for the meeting. Things go downhill from there though. The head happens to be Hollywood, who has become a success by doing business in underhanded ways, and with threats. She gives Kristy a time limit to close up shop and move on.Kristy returns at the time limit, but has no intention of packing up and moving on with her new found life. Hollywood is furious at her decision! Not only that, she lets it be known that she's been sleeping with Kristy's boyfriend. She also goes onto verbally humiliate Kristy in the nastiest of ways. Kristy fires back with her own insults, and the heat reaches melt down levels. Well I think you can guess what happens next? Yep, the mother of all catfights is about to go down, with no love lost between the two combatants at all! It's hard hitting, see-saw action through out this one, with each woman out to destroy the otherHold on tight as you watch this one unfold. As always the case, there has to be a winner, and a very beaten loser. Who will it be? You'll have to find that out for yourself when you watch "Beauty and the Beast"!


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