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hhhhHP-761 The Deed is Done




TITLE: The Deed is Done Complete Video COST: $22 ~ 22 MINUTES




Description of HP-761:

Hollywood has been on a tear lately. Beating her opponents easily. She has been running through them, and kicking some major ass.
She had a wrestling match on this day, and though her opponent was difficult, she was still able to defeat them. She is sore, and tired, but that doesn't stop her from attending an after party in her honor for all of her ass kicking goodness. After the party she comes home. Feeling pretty good, yet tired, and sore, she crashes on the couch. She has another match tomorrow what she doesn't know is her opponent is terrified of her. They're sure they're going to lose to Hollywood And this person really wants to win, and has hired someone to make sure that happens!!!mHolly is asleep on the couch dressed in a short dress and heels! "Razor" The hired muscle sneaks in to Holly's place He comes prepared. He has a tool box, and a pipe wrench in hand and is ready to use it on Hollywood. To his delight, he finds her out cold! He carefully walks up to her sleeping body, and whacks our beauty on the head with the wrench to make sure she's no trouble for him.He then begins to beat her with punches, head slams, sleepers and some HOM. After he is satisfied, he has upheld his end of the contract, he contacts her opponent, and tells them the deed is done. That SHOULD be the end of that. But It's not.The hired muscle had such a good time pummeling her, he's decided he wants to do it some more. He goes back to her lifeless body and removes her dress. Holly is wearing a tiny black bikini. He Leaves on the heels, and continues his beating. More punching! More tool usage! Even finds a tennis racket and begins jamming the end of it into her mid section! More head slams! She's  nothing more than his own personal punching bag, and play thing. Finally, after a horrific knock out, he leaves her broken, and beaten body on the ground. If you are into one sided beat downs then this exciting video is for you!!


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