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Hollywood vs Shannan

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Description of Hollywood vs Shannan:

Shannan decides to pay a visit to holly’s home.  She wants pay back from the last beating she received from Holly and Hollywood is up for it! A battle ensues with Holly getting the upper hand for the first 10 min , Holly starts punching Shannan in the face and stomach for what seems to be a one sided match, then throws Shannan’s head into the cabinet. Holly follows up with elbow smashes to the chest and kicks to the stomach . Holly then scissors Shannan’s neck,  slams her head into the table and then into the wall several times, she stomps down on her stomach hard, she then delivers a powerful knee into Shannans head…. After 10 min, Shannan gets her wits about her and begins her pay back! She delivers vicious punches over and over to Holly’s face and stomach. She picks holly up by the hair and punches her several more times, with more smashes to her chest. She knees holly’s face and throws her into the door and all over the room…Shannan then KO’s Holly, wakes her up and starts the beating all over. If you’re a fan of one sided matches then this one is for you!!




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