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HP-731 The Horney Robber




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TITLE: The Horney Robber Part 1 COST: 15 TOKENS

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Description of HP-731:

This video begins with Hollywood sunning herself in a tiny white bikini which shows off her terrifically tanned body. She owns a security agency and receives a telephone call from a client that thinks someone is robbing one of his properties. He wants Hollywood to check it personally. As tired as she is,  Hollywood reluctantly agrees, putting on a short skirt, white shirt and her gun belt. After a quick search of the property and finding no one, Hollywood calls the owner, reporting her findings and agrees to come to the office. But Christine Dupree, dressed in black, sneaks up behind Hollywood and chokes her out with a rope. Christine removes Hollywood’s gun belt, but then removes her skirt as well, leaving the helpless girl lying over the arm of the sofa in her tiny bikini. Christine can’t help but run her hands up and down Hollywood’s perfectly toned body. Christine continues to search the house for the papers she came for but cannot help coming back to play with the helpless Hollywood. Just as Christine finds the papers and attempts to leave, Hollywood wakes up and the battle is on. Back and forth the titanic struggle goes on and on. These are two experienced wrestlers. Body punches, camel clutches, leg scissors and choke holds are among the holds they both use. Each girl manages to temporarily KO their opponent several times. Finally Hollywood wins the struggle. But when she attempts to heard Christine to the police station, Christine has a surprise for the beautiful security officer. Will Hollywood get Christine to the station? Or will Christine make a fool of the bikini clad guard? Either way, Hollywood never looked better wrestling in the tiniest of bikinis.


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