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HP-593 This Role is Mine!: Goldie & Hollywood



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TITLE: The Role is Mine! Goldie & Hollywood Complete COST: 15 TOKENS

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Description of HP-593:

Goldie is at an audition going over her lines and says to herself "I've got this!". Hollywood walks in and snatches the script out of Goldies hands! And that just pisses Goldie off so they go at it! tearing at each others clothes, nylons are ripped, blouses and skirts are off, pulling hair, punching each others bellies, faces, and breasts, and totally humiliating each other.. They use some pro holds like Boston Crabs, Camel Clutches, Back Breakers, Sleeper Holds, Bow and Arrows, Head Locks, and Hair Pulling. This is a hot catfight between two veteran beauty's, one which is left with none of her unmentionables!!! Check this hot action out and see for yourself!!!


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