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HP-469 A Hollywood Robbery

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Description of "A Hollywood Robbery ":

Hollywood is lounging around her living room relaxing, reading a magazine and looking gorgeous in a white bikini, when she hears a noise in the rear of the house. She immediately puts on her gun belt and black boots (Making her look hotter yet) and heads out to investigate. Finding nothing, she returns and lays back down on the couch. However there was a robber, the beautiful Lia Labowe in a black bikini and black boots. Lia sneaks up on Hollywood and pulls her up by the hair. Despite being caught off guard, Hollywood puts up a terrific fight exchanging body punches and hair pulling with Lia. Hollywood tries a sleeper hold but Lia manages to throw her to the floor. Finally a punch to the jaw sends Hollywood out cold to the floor. Lia removes Hollywood's gun belt and boots but while she is playing with the gun, Hollywood revives and the fight continues. Back and forth the fight goes on. Hollywood puts Lia in a leg scissors but Lia bites her way out. This time Hollywood lands a punch knocking Lia out. Hollywood removes the gun belt and Lia's boots and takes them to her bedroom. While Hollywood is gone Lia wakes up and attacks the unsuspecting girl as she returns. Again the fight goes back and forth. A shot to Lia's crotch allows Hollywood to place the gorgeous robber in a sleeper hold, knocking her out. This time Hollywood gets a rope and tries to tie Lia up. But Lia refuses to cooperate and the fight is back on. Again Hollywood is able to choke Lia out but she wont stay down. Finally Hollywood places Lia in a camel clutch, ending the titanic struggle. Or is it the end? When Hollywood goes to put the gun belt back on, Lia slowly gets up and puts Hollywood's beautiful body in a sleeper hold, temporarily sending her to dream land. When Hollywood revives, she is extremely exhausted. Lia is able to quickly knock her out again. Is this FINALLY the end? Both girls have put up a tremendous battle. Has Lia succeeded in KOing the gorgeous Hollywood for good and now can rob her at will? Either way this is a great battle between two sexy girls. Everyone wins!

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