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HP-314 Hired Help




TITLE: Hired Help Complete Video COST: $25 ~ 25 MINUTES




Description of HP-314:

This video has a very nice plot. Stacy Burke plays an innocent girl that Shannan stole money from. Hollywood plays the “Muscle”  Stacy hired to retrieve the cash. Stacy looks sweet in blue jean shorts, a white bikini top and blue jean jacket. Shannan plays a sexy bully in a black bikini top and black tights. Hollywood looks tough in her Iron Cross bikini top, tiny black shorts and boots. Hollywood enters Shannan's house with a bandanna covering her face. After a short search she finds the money. But before she can leave, Shannan sneaks up behind her and knocks her out. An impatient Stacy enters the house and wakes Hollywood up. Hollywood pushes Stacy out the front door and goes after the money once more. But again Shannan surprises her. Hollywood puts up a little better defense this time but is KO’d once more. Again an impatient Stacy finds her “Hired Muscle” out cold and has to revive her. Once more Hollywood pushes Stacy away and goes after the crook. For the third time Shannan surprises Hollywood. This time Hollywood puts up a good fight but still ends up out cold. Now Stacy catches Shannan in the act and knocks the crook out. But when Stacy leaves for a minute, Shannan wakes up and exits the room. When Stacy returns, she finds Hollywood still out, Shannan gone and decides to leave for herself. But Shannan catches her and a nice battle follows. Stacy is no match for the crook and ends up out on her back. When Shannan tries to tie Stacy up, Hollywood finally revives and enters the picture, forcing Shannan to untie Stacy. But Hollywood loses her concentration and Shannan is able to knock the gun out of Hollywood’s hand. Now a battle royal begins. First Shannan and Hollywood go back and forth. Just as Shannan again gains the upper hand, Stacy wakes up and joins the fun. Who is going to come out with the cash? The crook that stole it, the innocent victim or the “Hired Muscle”? Only one can win. All the girls look fantastic and these three know how to fight!!! All three look super hot lying on their backs helpless, which happens a lot in this video.


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