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hhhhHP-778 Hollywood vs Robin




TITLE: Hollywood vs Robin Part 1 COST: $9 ~9 MINUTES

TITLE: Hollywood vs Robin Part 2 COST: $9 ~9 MINUTES

TITLE: Hollywood vs Robin Part 3 COST: $9 ~9 MINUTES

TITLE: Hollywood vs Robin Part 4 COST: $9 ~9 MINUTES

TITLE: Hollywood vs Robin Complete Video COST: $35 ~35 MINUTES




Description of HP-778:

The first to 8 submissions wins the match!

Hollywood and Robin are both dressed in little black bikinis and barefoot for this exciting and grudgeful ring match! These two iconic super babes are constantly battling over whom is the superior wrestler!
Robin surprises Hollywood right off the bat and within seconds Hollywood is caught in a painful camel clutch. Hollywood struggles desperately in the hold and finally says OK OK!
Robin sarcastically asks "Does that mean you give up?" Hollywood replies "YES! I give I give! This sets the tone for this brutal match!
In submission 2 the roles are reversed, with Hollywood dominating!
Submission 3 finds the girls are using double toe leg lock surfboard combos, and from there they go into a Boston crab, a hammerlock, a chinlock, another toe hold with legs crossed at the thigh and calf.
Watch these two gorgeous gals and two of the best in the biz go at it and see which one is ultimately destroyed!



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