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HP-604 Stairway To Heaven




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Description of HP-604:


Thief of Thieves! Having absconded with a priceless necklace, a beauteous bandit (Goldie) is bedazzled by her bounty. But, she has little time to cherish her ill-gotten gains when a competing crook (Hollywood) stealthily enters the hideaway coveting the stolen goods. However, the raucous rogue isn’t quite receptive to parting with the precious pearls… instead, she opts to hand over a serious beatdown to the gorgeous intruder! The claws come out as these curvaceous cutpurses clash — from floor to ceiling — in a blistering, no-holds-barred catfight for the ages! Hell hath no fury like a thieving woman scorned, for what these devilish dames dish out on each other can only be defined as “criminal”! These feral femmes fight it out, tooth and nail, literally shaking the hideout’s foundation with a vicious exchange of slaps, kicks, knuckledusters, hair-pulls, headlocks, chokeholds, legscissors, and ample pillow smothering! Taut abs, bountiful breasts, and bare assets are callously brutalized, with each lethal lady refusing to back down! But, when the dust settles, only one vile vixen is left standing — and to the victor, as you know, go the spoils!


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