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HP-904 Amazons Enthralled (2 Parts) S

Part 1

Having tracked the L.O.D. goons to their new hideout, Wonder Womyn, played by the gorgeous Hollywood, and Wonder Gurl, played by the sultry Stacy Burke, sneak in on the inept-imbeciles and proceed to dispense their now famous patented super-heroine beat-downs. After quickly dispatching the hapless henchmen, the sexy super heroines confront the boss and demand he give himself up. The boss has other plans and soon has the virtuous vixens under his control, entrancing them with a pendant. Are Wonder Womyn and Wonder Gurl doomed to remain pawns for some dime-store wannabe mind controller? Stay tuned and find out!


Part 2

With their minds now under the boss’ control, Wonder Womyn and Wonder Gurl are brought to the dungeon and secured to the wall. The henchmen return to practice more mind-control on the enthralled duo before leaving to summon the boss. After they leave Wonder Womyn snaps out of her trance and assists Wonder Gurl in breaking out of her spell as well. When the boss and the henchmen return the Curvaceous Crusaders once again administer their preferred style of justice, knocking the bumbling buffoons across the room. The cowardly crooks flee the scene, with the buxom crime-busters in hot pursuit. They catch up to the clowns and once again knock them silly. This time though the sniveling sneaks manage to turn the tables on our haughty heroines, taking them down with Insta-chlor. What sinister fate do these thugs have in store for our slumbering super-babes? Only one way to find out!


Part 3

Having been immobilized by the Insta-Chlor, the caped crusaders are tied to a bench and mind- draining cones are attached to their heads. The boss then taunts the trapped duo, informing them that the cones will send electronic impulses directly into their brains, effectively emptying their minds and leaving them ready to be re-programmed. When the boss and henchmen leave to check on the control panel, our intrepid heroines devise a plan to turn the tables on their captors and escape their perilous predicament. Will our courageous captives succeed in escaping this fiendish trap? Or will they succumb to the boss’ mind-emptying device? See for yourself!


HP-899 Life is but a Dream Part 2 (2 Parts) S

The camera opens on WW’s top lying on a bed in an unknown location. WW enters and is pissed off about having been forced to pose naked for her captors. She puts her top back on and starts examining her surroundings. Gas is heard and WW soon falls victim to it. When WW awakens, she is tied diagonally across the bed. She struggles violently against her restraints and almost escapes, that is until the gas is heard again… WW awakens again, but is restrained by black belts while sitting in a chair. A man’s voice is heard and he informs WW that she will have another visit from her “friend” that comes from the vent. WW awakens with her arms bound in a device behind her back, as she tries to gather her thoughts and plan an escape, she is tickled by the mysterious man behind the camera and eventually succumbs to a hand over her mouth (HOM). When she awakens, she is lying on a table wrapped in a red material and her suit has been removed and is lying at her feet… Can she get away or is the trap just beginning?


HP-900 Wonder Womyn vs The Foot Tickler (2 Parts) S

WW enters the room dressed in her two piece outfit carrying her magic belt. She begins looking around the room for clues to a Russian plot to kidnap the president. She walks around looking through the drawers and crawls on the floor to look under the bed, during her search; the POV villain hits her on the head from behind! The evil man binds her wrists and ankles in cuffs. When she awakens, her attempts to find out why she is there by using the magic lasso. WW somehow resists the powers of the lasso, but her captor begins to tickle her for the information. Having little effect on loosening WW’s tongue on why she is there, the villain removes WW’s boots and shows her why he is known as “The Foot Tickler” as her tickles her feet and body with an electric toothbrush. Does she break or can she hold out?


HP-706 The Ice Queen (2 Parts) S

The Ice Queen, aka Evil WW, is leading a new super heroine up the stair by her lasso. The Ice Queen demands that her legs be looked at and details how she is going to turn this heroine to her side. She commands that her legs be looked at and says she will “freeze” the heroine to death. The Ice Queen continues to humiliate the heroine and forces her to worship her feet and legs, the heroine says nothing but continues to rebuff the Ice Queen’s efforts to turn her to the dark side. Is the Ice Queen successful or does the heroine save the day?? Shot POV from the perspective of the heroine. Tons of great shots of Hollywood’s body, legs, and feet.


HP-896 Life is But a Dream (2 Parts) S

Wonder Womyn bursts into the room wearing her 2 piece bikini and carrying her belt and lasso. She is acting like she is running from someone. As she looks around the room she discovers some strange equipment. As she is examining a bondage type table she hears gas and is rendered unconscious. She awakens strapped to the table and begins to struggle violently to get free. As she struggles, she again hears the gas and awakens tied to a wooden wall frame. Wonder Womyn again struggles to break free from her bonds. After another round of gas Wonder Womyn awakens wrapped in a black bag with leather straps. After struggling to the point of exhaustion, Wonder Womyn is again rendered unconscious by the gas and awakens wrapped in a pink material. She finally gets to see one of her captors as his hand tickles her with an electric toothbrush. Does Wonder Womyn escape to fight another day or was it all "just a dream"?


HP-878 SuperGyrl vs. Zod (2 Parts) S

Supergyrl enters the room where General Zod is waiting on her. He offers her a place by his side as when he destroys the Earth. She refuses him and a battle ensues. These two wage and epic back and forth battle with tons of punches, chokes hold, tests of strength, body scissors, full nelsons, and much, much more. Supergyrl struggles to gain the upper hand on the more powerful Zod and does have him down several times through out the battle, does she win the day or does Zod succeed in destroying here?


HP-895 Captured Heroines (2 Parts) S

A mysterious figure is sitting in a chair when his phone rings. He hears a woman's voice telling him that they have the chemical to captured both WW and Supergyrl but they must act quickly so neither is suspicious. The evil man mixes a powder in water and places it near the couch. WW arrives first for her interview and takes a drink from the glass. She begins to feel dizzy and takes another drink. WW stands to use the rest room and the man attacks! WW struggles to break free but is subjected to belly punching, the full nelson, a sleeper hold, and is knocked out with a tainted cloth. WW is tied up and placed in a different room. Supergyrl arrives next for her "interview" with the villain. Does she fall victim to the same fate as WW? Or is she able to save the day?


HP-886 Superheroines for Sale (2 Parts) S

Wonder Womyn, following up on an anonymous tip, enters the office of a suspected slave trader. She is confronted by an business woman, played by Jennifer Thomas, and after a brief discussion, a fight breaks out when WW tries to use her magic lasso. The evil woman and WW tussle and struggle for dominance. There is tons of punches, hair pulling, leg scissors, sleep holders, hammer locks and much, much more. WW is eventually defeated and taken to be sold at auction! Supergyrl soon arrives at the slave traders office to enquire about the whereabouts of WW. Does she find her or does she become just another victim of the slave trader?


HP-839 SLAVE - No Escape for Princess Leia (2 Parts) S

Princess Leia enters the bedroom dressed in a new harem outfit after having been sold to a new master by Jabba the Hutt. She is still defiant and looking for a way to escape her captors. She begins searching the bedroom she is supposed to be cleaning for a way to escape. she is hit with a dart and the poor princess is rendered unconscious. Our heroine soon awakens and begins her fruitless escape again struggling to find a way out of her imprisonment. Again gas is heard and she is knocked out. This cycle continues as the new master tries to train his new slave to be obedient. Does it work?


HP-791 Wonder Womyn in Trapped Again (2 Parts) S

Wonder Womyn has been trapped while undercover. She is lying unconscious on the floor in a pink top and black bikini bottom. I masked man enters the room and rubs his hands over her body. WW moans but does not wake up. The man begins a vicious beating of WW's stomach using punches and double axe handles. Things never really get much better for poor, poor defenseless WW. Without her magic belt, she is powerless to stop this evil doer's assault. She is subjected to tons of belly punches, upper cuts, a bily club to the stomach, and many more ruthless moves. WW is knocked out the entire time and cannot even struggle against this madman's abuse.


HP-874 WW Clash in the Dream World (2 Parts) S

WW enters her house exhausted after a long hard day. She encounters the Dream Maiden, played by Sumiko, dressed in a white top and short skirt. The Dream Maiden tells WW that she is there to protect her from her evil twin sister, the Nightmare Maiden, who is looking to cause trouble in the Dream World. The Dream Maiden has WW lie down and helps her fall asleep. WW awakens in the Dream World and is confronted by an angry Nightmare Maiden. An intense back and forth battle ensues full of belly punching, legs scissors, headlocks, and lot more action as each combatant struggles to gain the upper hand. The Nightmare Maiden eventually gains the upper hand and uses WW's magic lasso to force her to explain how to make her powerless! As the Nightmare Maiden appears victorious, we flash back to the real world and the Dream Maiden looks concerned at WW is jerking in her sleep. She whispers something in WW's ear. Does it help WW? Will WW emerge victorious in her struggle against the Nightmare Maiden?


HP-865 Santa's Helper Gets A Beatdown (2 Parts) S

Hollywood, Santa's favorite elf, is heading to drop off some Christmas cheer wearing a sexy, and festive, green metallic bikini and a Santa hat.  Unfortunately for her, she is attacked from behind by a vile henchman of the Grinch!  He uses a mysterious object to incapacitate her just enough to give her a solid beat down!  The poor little elf only wanted to spread good cheer for the holidays but instead is subjected to belly punching, multiple knockouts, chokes, the camel clutch, Boston crab, back breakers, and much, much more.  Does the heroine recover and save the day or does the evil Grinch steal her Christmas cheer?  Get this HOT video to find out!!


HP-863 Mistaken Identity (2 Parts) S

Hollywood is talking on the phone about booking an audition for a superhero costume catalog.  She is looking sexy in print top, black skirt, and high heels.  She excitedly leaves the room to prepare.  We next see the doomed Hollywood dressed as SuperGyrl, ready for her big audition, but something is wrong.  There is no one around to start the audition!  Well, except for the goon dressed in black who thinks that she is the REAL Supergyrl.  Our poor helpless model struggles in vain to ward off her clueless attacker, but she is beaten senseless.  She is subjected to stomach punches, multiple knockouts, the torture rack, back breakers, you name it, this evil villain does it to her!  The poor broken model is left convulsing in a heap.


HP-858 Supergryl Gets Blasted (2 Parts) S

Supergryl played by our gorgeous Hollywood, goes to investigate a call about the possibility that someone has found out how to use an alien technology that is very powerful.  Supergryl is very skeptical when she is warned to protect herself.  Going in confident as always she finds that the technology is real, and it is powerful enough to hurt the girl of steel.  Now reeling she is put down on the ground where the villain played by the ever sexy Goldie tells her she will turn out Supergirl's lights, and proceeds to do just that.  With the maiden of might down for the count, can she recover in time and defeat this technology, or will she simply be destroyed and left for dead.  Find out in another exciting adventure for Supergryl!!!


HP-851 Wonder Womyn Test L & C (2 Parts) S

Wonder Womyn enters looking sexy in her bikini.  She starts stretching to get ready for her next interview.  The man she is to interview is late and she begins to wonder out loud if he is strong enough to pass her test.  He soon arrives and after a brief explanation of the Wonder Womyn Test, they begin.  Wonder Womyn has the man put her into a fireman's carry and he holds her up to touch the ceiling, then she wraps her legs around his waist and he holds her while she does sit ups.  These two grapplers co-operate to bring you piggy back rides, lap sitting , cradles , arm lifts, side lifts and over the shoulder torture racks, WW on the man's shoulders, and much, much more.  To take things a step further, Wonder Womyn also has the man do calf raises, squats, and bicep curls while he is holding her.  Wonder Womyn even gets to show off her strength by lifting the man!  If you are a fan of lift and carry, then this video is for you!


HP-856 Wonder Womyn Tickled & Strapped (1 Part) S

Wonder Womyn is unconscious and strapped to a table by heavy duty medical restraints.  As she awakens, she struggles to free herself from her bonds.  As the heroine struggles, a sexy blonde woman Play by Jacquelyn Velvets enters wearing a sexy silver one piece with a plunging neckline.  Who is this woman?  Well, Wonder Womyn soon learns that she is there for one reason, and one reason only, and that is to tickle our poor hero mercilessly!  Poor Wonder Womyn tries to bargain with the evil woman as she struggles against her bonds and endures tickling on her feet, ribs, armpits, legs, knees and much, much more.  Can she escape or does she remain trapped and strapped to endure more tickle torture?


HP-849 Supergryl - Eye On The Prize (2 Parts) S

Carissa and her gang are fresh off their defeat of Wonder Womyn, looking to make another score.  Next up for them is none other than Super Gyrl.  With the recent disappearance of Wonder Womyn, the Maiden of Might is on high alert.  When she gets a tip in Wonder Womyn's whereabouts, she must follow up.  Carissa is armed with kryptonite dust, and kryptochloroform, that and her sneaky innocent personality.  Will she be able to take down another Superheroine, get this hot vid and find out!!!


HP-846 Wonder Womyn in "The Neighborhood (3 Parts) S

Carissa, an undercover cop dressed in a sexy black and white dress,  and Hollywood, WW in an everyday disguise dressed in a blue tank top and short jean skirt, have been neighbors for years and finally are getting together for a drink.  The talk soon turns to Carissa's disdain for WW and how she thinks WW takes work away from the police department.  Hollywood defends WW and the argument soon turns into a violent catfight!  This is Hollywood at her absolute badass best!  She literally wipes to floor with the seemingly inept Carissa using stomach punches, full nelsons, leg scissors, choke holds, and much more to subdue her struggling foe.  Hollywood leaves Carissa knocked out on a table as she leaves the room.   As Carissa awakens, WW enters the room and confronts her.  The superhero says she has heard the nasty things that have been said about her and another catfight starts!  The two women both struggle to gain the upper hand and soon it is Carissa on the  winning side with sleeper hold!  Things don't get much better for WW as she is subjected to the same punishing holds and moves that Carissa received earlier and is left in a heap on the floor.  Carissa then uses the magic lasso to get WW to reveal how to make her helpless.  The defeated hero reveals that if she loses her belt, lasso, boots, and bracelets she is defenseless.  In a final humiliation, Carissa has her reveal her identity as Hollywood!  WW is left unconscious on the floor.  In the final scene, Hollywood reenters the empty room in her black leather dress to regain her belt, lasso, bracelets, and boots, however, as she strips to her USA bikini and begins to spin, Carissa enters and delivers another beatdown!  Does WW recover and emerge victorious or is she defeated yet again?  Get this HOT video and find out!!



HP-843 Amazons Cocooned (2 Parts) S

Having tracked the elusive Black Widow back to her hideout, Wonder Womyn, played by the gorgeous Hollywood,resplendent in her traditional costume complete with cape, gloves and boots, and Wonder Gurl, played by the sultry Francesca Le and equally stunning in her costume, cape, gloves and boots, come face to face with the evil villainess, played by the enticing Jennifer Thomas and decked out in her black catsuit, gloves, and boots, and her two henchmen. The battle is on and as usual the bad guys are on the losing end and wind up on the floor. However the over-confident maidens of might drop their guard while demanding the Black Widow give herself up. The henchmen seize the moment and quickly capture the super heroines, tying them up back to back. Holy ring around the rosy! What do these vile villains have in store for our glamorous duo?


Wonder Womyn and Wonder Gurl find themselves prisoners in Black Widow’s dungeon. The henchmen arrive and string the caped captives up by the rafters while the Black Widow mocks the prisoners and lets them know what’s in store for them. The virtuous vixens can only watch helplessly as buckets of lethal poisonous fog are placed at their feet. While Black Widow and her henchmen make their exit the fog starts to fill the room. Holy fog out! Are the two most powerful super heroines on the planet about to be done in by a cloud of gruesome gas?  I hope not!


Having escaped the fog trap, the Wonder Womyn and Wonder Gurl confront the Black Widow as she attempts to flee. Just as they are about to apprehend her the Black Widow manages to stop the powerful pair in their tracks with a can of Insta-Freeze. The henchmen then transport the immobilized super heroines back to the dungeon and strap them down while the Black Widow once again taunts the trapped duo and reveals her sinister plan to have her pet spiders cocoon them. Our heroines can only watch helplessly as two giant spiders are placed upon their feet and slowly encase their delectable bodies in spider web. Will the Curvaceous Crusaders be completely cocooned by a pair of abominable arachnids?

 Tune in and find out!



HP-834 Super Gryl Ambushed (2 Parts) S

Supergyrl is alerted to a high priced sex slavery ring, and she thinks she has the information to take them down. Little does she know this well financed group has an investor that has taken a special interest in the maiden of might. With his backing, and their profits, they have been able to get their hands on the one thing Supergyrl cannot defeat, kryptonite. She is walking right into an ambush, and has no idea how little she is prepared to handle it. Once she arrives its already too late, and the beat down is on. Will Supergyrl find a way to survive, or will the sex slavers have a very satisfied customer??



HP-832 Under My Control (2 Parts) S

Jungle Woman enters the suite in her orange animal print bikini looking sexy as hell!  She starts looking for a special artifact which is hidden in a desk drawer with some ropes.  As the poor superheroine swings the medallion, it begins to talk and commands her to keep swinging it "back and forth" until the devious device has Jungle Woman under it's control.  The villainous object takes command and directs the overpowered hero to obey it's every desire.  The hapless heroine is forced to drink water, brush her hair, rub her hands over her body, play with her belly button, tickle herself, choke herself unconscious in several different ways, and much, much more.  Finally, the awful artifact has Jungle Woman bind her knees and ankles before choking herself unconscious yet again.  When she awakens, she finds her hands bound behind her back!  Does she escape?  Is she dreaming?  Or is she yet another victim of the Terrible Talisman? 



HP-826 Highest Bidder Beatdown (2 Parts) S

Wonder Womyn staggers into the room having barely survived the bidding beatdown from HP-793.  She is wearing a tiny black and yellow bikini bottom, sexy lace top, and strappy black heels.  She sits down on the couch to rest, but is soon joined by a masked man.  As the struggling heroine protests about "no more beatings" the villain informs her that this is not a "bidding war" but in fact, she is to be beaten on live camera for the pleasure of the "highest bidder" from the auction!   The attack is on!  The poor, powerless super heroine is subjected to yet another one sided beating at the hands of this masked assailant.  He delivers tons of belly punching, choke holds, sleeper holds, the camel clutch, Boston Crab, an abdominal stretch, back breaker, and much, much more!  This onslaught is one for the ages as the masked villain really wipes the floor with the defeated hero.



HP-840 Black Cat Beatdown (2 Parts) S

The Black Cat, International Jewel Thief, played by Hollywood, is searching for a large gem that will be the final heist of her storied  career.  The sexy thief enters the room wearing an super tight animal print dress and black heels.  She begins her search for the gem, but is soon attacked by a masked man and immediately knocked unconscious with a sleeper hold.  The masked man is charged with guarding the precious gem stone and he will do anything to stop it from being stolen.  Our anti-heroine doesn't get much of a rest, because the man stomps on her stomach and rudely awakens her.  The beat down is on!!  The poor "soon to be retired" master thief is subjected to a beat down like no other.  She is subjected to tons of belly punches, as well as back breakers, bear hugs, surfboards, the torture rack, multiple knock-outs, choke holds, a body slam and much, much more!  During the beat down, she is stripped out of her dress to reveal a bikini bottom and sexy lace top.  The villain is absolutely vicious in his beat down of the Black Cat.  Does the struggling sexy thief survive the beat down to make it to retirement?  Get this HOT video to find out!!!



HP-841 Warlord's Revenge (2 Parts) S

Wonder Womyn, in disguise in a blue lace top, black bikini bottom, and thigh high black fishnets, enters the dungeon of the mysterious warlord.  As she is looking for clues, she is attacked from behind by a vile henchman and knocked unconscious by a double axe handle to the head.  Things don't get much better as she is awoken with another double axe handle to her stomach!  The poor heroine is subjected to another severe beatdown at the hands of the evil villain.  She endures upper cuts, punches and kicks to her stomach, as her head is slammed into the wall, and knocked unconscious repeatedly.  In addition to the punches and kicks, our poor defenseless superhero is given over the knee backbreakers, sleeper holds, chokes, the dragon sleeper hold, bear hugs, the Fireman's carry, and much, much more.  This is a total beatdown that leaves poor Wonder Womyn in an unconscious heap on the floor.




HP-808 Wonder Womyn in The School of Hard Knocks (2 Parts) S

A pretty young blond woman, dressed in a black bra and skirt is sitting waiting impatiently for Wonder Womyn to arrive.  Hollywood enters, looking as sexy as ever in her full WW outfit, and apologizes for being late due to fighting crime.  The two women briefly introduce themselves and WW explains that she is there to teach The newcomer some moves.  They start with the sleeper hold and the young apprentice seems to know exactly where to sit...  The unsuspecting superhero continues to "train" her new student in the camel clutch, rocking horse, surfboard, belly punching, figure four choke, figure four leg lock, full nelson, leg scissors, and a few more wrestling holds.  The trainee demonstrates that she is a quick learner and impresses Wonder Womyn with her skill during her turns in applying the new moves to WW.  The sly and cunning young lady soon asks about the mighty hero's magic belt.  The overly trusting superhero explains how her belt works and takes it off at her request  to "see it."  The young villain takes the belt from WW and immediately attacks with a sleeper hold!  Does our helpful and trusting heroine get away or does this newbie "bad girl" rule the day?




HP-805 "SuperGyrl" The First Time She Gets ROCKED! (2 Parts) S

The camera opens on a vile henchman holding a briefcase.  He inspects it's contents revealing that it contains kryptonite that it is "just for SuperGyrl."  SuperGyrl arrives and a brief argument occurs over the briefcase that is ended by the villain being super punched in the gut and knocked to the floor.  The brave heroine takes the case and makes the mistake of opening it!  As the kryptonite begins to sap her strength, the evil man attacks! He beats down Supergyrl with multiple belly punches and stomps, surfboards, chokes holds, leg scissors, double axes handles, uses a Boston Crab, and much, much more.  The struggling Supergyrl tries to fight back, but in her weakened state she cannot muster much of a defense, she is knocked out several times only to be revived for more beatings.  The poor, weakened superhero has her boots removed to reveal her nylon encased feet, she is bound with rope, and knocked out again with a tainted rag.  Does she recover and save the day, or does the evil henchman capture her and take her away?  Get this AWESOME video and find out!




HP-836 Wonder Womyn Wedgie (2 Parts) S

The camera opens on Robin dressed as dark avenger, barefoot in a sexy black two piece, she is soon joined by a barefoot Hollywood dressed as Wonder Womyn in her sexy old school one piece costume.  Our superheroine states that she is going to show the villian some moves today, which leads to a war of words between the two grapplers.  Robin strikes a quick and dirty move by giving WW a wedgie.  Wonder Womyn cries out in pain and pulls away.  It doesn't get much better for poor WW from there.  The villian continues to put her in painful wedgie after painful wedgie.  Don't worry, it's not all wedgies that the Dark Avenger delivers to our poor struggling superheroine, there are plenty of leg scissors, belly punching, head locks, chin locks, name calling, spanking, hand over mouth smothers, and much, much more.  WW eventually loses her magic belt and things really get bad as the Dark Avenger front hogties the helpless lass and gives her even more wedgie torture!  WW pleads for mercy, but does she receive mercy or is she embarrassed even more?  Get this HOT video and find out!!




HP-007 CamoBabe - Guarding The Ring (3 Parts) S

From the Hollywould Productions Archives...

Our story begins with Jewel M (dressed in a hot black pleather bikini top and short shorts) and Coral S (dressed in sexy camo) talking about finding "the ring" 

Coral says that she is going to go "pump Hollywood for information."  Coral confronts Hollywood (dressed in a sexy camo bikini top and short shorts) about the location of the ring and Hollywood denies any knowledge of its' whereabouts.  

Hollywood leaves and meets Jewel in another room.  An all out catfight, full of plenty of hair pulling , belly punching and wrestling moves, breaks out between the 2 grapplers and Jewel ends up knocked out.  Enter Coral who appears to be helping Hollywood subdue Jewel.  Hollywood and Coral then interrogate Jewel about the ring and Hollywood again knocks out Jewel with a hard punch.  Hollywood asks Coral to watch Jewel leaves and tells Coral that she will be back.  Coral then revives Jewel and they plot against Hollywood and beat her up when she returns...  This story has more twists and turns than you can imagine.  It is full of knock outs, belly punching, belly close ups, struggling , leg scissors, wrestling holds, and more betrayals than you can possibly imagine.  Who will be the ultimate victor?  Will they find the ring?  Get this HOT video and find out!  This is Hollywould Productions like you haven't seen it in a long time!




HP-838 Supergyrl Solar Flared (2 Parts) S

An evil organization bent on destroying Supergyrl sends one of their most diabolical agents to confront her played by Tilly McReese.  Armed with Krypto-chloroform the agent is able to subdue the maiden of might, but not without a fight.  She tries to draw blood from Supergyrl in order to learn from it in order to defeat her permanently.  When she can't do it, she goes with plan B.  Her organization has provided her with special goggles that if Supergyrl willingly uses, she will solar flare, draining her of her powers making her easy pickings for the villain.  But why would she do it.  Maybe kidnapping her sister would make Supergyrl put herself in the most perilous position she has ever been in, beaten and powerless in front of her most deadly adversary.  Will she do it?  find out in this exciting video!



HP-789 Detective Holly (2 Parts) S

Detective Hollywood returns from another hard day fighting crime as Wonder Womyn.  She is dressed in a white blouse, black skirt, black nylons, and her Wonder Womyn boots.  She is carrying her Wonder Womyn suit.  She places her Wonder Womyn suit on the table and SLOWLY removes her boots and rubs her tired feet.  Detective Holly then puts on her black high heels and starts doing some of her computer and paper work that she needs to complete.  As she walks around the room, she bends over and picks things up, falls out of her shoes, rubs her aching feet, and dangles her shoes from her toes.  Foot fetish fans, this video is for you!  The video focuses on Hollywood's feet throughout the video.



HP-815 Amazons in Stitches(3 Parts) S

Scene 1 

In search of a gang of notorious thugs, Wonder Womyn, played by the gorgeous Hollywood sporting her famous costume complete with cape, boots and gloves, and Wonder Gurl, played by the sizzling Stacy Burke, equally resplendent in her sexy costume, cape, boots and gloves, enter the villain’s lair and find themselves face to face with the boss and his henchman. The battle is on and as usual both bad guys get the worst of it. However the boss manages to get the drop on our unsuspecting heroines and they soon find themselves taken hostage atgunpoint.  What do these evil doers have in store for their caped captives? Tune in and find out!


Scene 2

Finding themselves in another section of the cavernous villain’s lair, Wonder Womyn and Wonder Gurl once again encounter the boss and his flunkie, who attempt to take the sexy super heroines down only to get their butts kicked in the process. This time though the boss manages to take the buxom crime busters down with a couple of well-placed bonks on the head. The captured crime fighters are then strapped down to a mattress while a couple of industrial sized stitching needles hover ominously overhead. Will the trapped duo be stitched to death? We hope not!


Scene 3

Once again the sultry super heroines track the bad guys down and attempt to apprehend them once and for all. However the villains have other plans and as usual resist to the best of their ability, only to come out on the losing end of a patented super heroine style beat-down and wind up on the floor. However the evil boss has one more trick up his sleeve and manages to shockthe unsuspecting duo with a stun gun. Completely immobilized, the glamorous heroines can only watch helplessly while the henchman chains them down and the boss calls the main office for instructions on how to dispose of them. What terrible fate awaits our heroines? Only time will tell! 



HP-833 Wonder Womyn in Hot Foot Drop (2 Parts) S

Wonder Womyn enters the room disguised as Detective Hollywood wearing her sexy black leather dress and black heels.  She begins searching the room for clues to the whereabouts of the Foot Fiend.  As she moves around the room searching, she occasionally picks up her feet like something is making them hot, but continues searching.  Eventually the floor gets TOO hot and WW begins to dance and high step in her heels because the floor it too hot for her feet.  She tries to leave but the door is locked!  She then realizes that the Foot Fiend has trapped her in his diabolical lair!!  WW seeks refuge on the couch and removes her shoes and blows on her feet.  WW gets so hot that she removes her dress to reveal her sexy USA bikini.  The struggling SuperHeroine continues to try and escape by using various objects in the room to stand on to protect her feet and returns to the couch to blow on her feet when they get too hot.  Does she get away or does the Foot Fiend have his way with her feet in the end??  Get this HOT video today!!


HP-817 Wonder Womyn in Tickle Torment(3 Parts) S

Wonder Womyn, wearing a sexy red top and Daisy Duke shorts, arrives home from a relaxing day at the beach.  She removes her shirt to reveal her WW bikini top.  She sits down to watch a bit of TV before turning in for the night.  Suddenly the door bell rings and she goes to answer it.  Before we know it, she is thrown on the bed by a masked attacker and after a brief struggle she is rendered unconscious.  The villain ties her wrist behind her back and her ankles, he then begins to tickle her.  As WW struggles, she is able to get her hands free but is quickly subdued without her power belt, her hands are retied in front of her and she then begins a new round of tickle torment!  WW is subjected to tickling of her ribs, knees, and especially her feet.  She eventually passes out from the torment.  When she awakens, she is tied to a door frame with her arms in the air, a new villain arrives to tickle her some more, he eventually removes her Daisy Duke shorts and applies some "special devices" to the tickling of poor Wonder Womyn.  Does she get away?  Or does she become a tickle captive?


HP-823 Wonder Womyn in Don't Touch That Dial (2 Parts) S

Wonder Womyn enters the lair of the Mad Scientist looking as sexy as ever!  She talks to the commissioner on the phone and tells him that she will check out the lair and turn on the news for more info on the Villanova.

 WW sits on the bed and turns on the TV.  She begins to get a strange feeling as she is watching the TV.  A strange voice commands her to remove her power belt, WW in a trance like state replies, "Yes, Master" and complies.  WW is then commanded to remove her bracelets then her boots and she willingly complies with all the commands.  WW is then ordered to rub her feet and she again willingly complies.  WW is ordered to remove her costume and put on a bikini.  She is then told to continue to watch the TV and eat fruit and snacks slowly....

After she is done eating WW is commanded to taint a cloth and knock herself out, does she comply??  Does WW break free of the trance or does she now serve the Mad Scientist?  Check out this HOT video to find out!!


HP-814 Wonder Womyn in The Poison Plan (2 Parts) S

With the release of HP-814, we welcome the stunning Carissa Montgomery to Hollywould Productions!  Wonder Womyn (played by the gorgeous Hollywood) enters the office dressed in her full costume and looking sexy as hell.  She is talking to the commissioner about a burglar alarm that has gone off.  Since it appears to be a false alarm, Wonder Womyn prepares to leave until she is met by a scared office worker (played by Carissa) who is dressed in a sexy black mini dress and high heels.  The office worker tells Wonder Womyn that she was hiding and is afraid that there is still someone there and ask Wonder Womyn to check the security logs.  As Wonder Womyn begins to check, the office worker injects her with a poison strong enough to kill 12 African elephants!  Wonder Womyn is down but not out.  The office worker pushes her advantage and gives Wonder Womyn a hard beat down.  Wonder Womyn suffers punches to the stomach, knockouts from upper cuts, leg scissors, choke holds, multiple knockouts, and she is stretched out almost to the breaking point!  Wonder Womyn really takes a HARD beating in this one.  Does she survive? Or is she captured to be sent to her enemies as planned?

HP-812 The Lone Ranger vs The Golden Avenger (3 Parts) S

The Lone Ranger, played by Hollywood in a sexy white bikini, enters the room, with her gun drawn, looking for the Golden Avenger, played by Robin. The Lone Ranger is there to take the Golden Avenger to jail for her crimes.  The ladies exchange some trash talk as the Lone Ranger removes her gun belt and the fight is on! The Lone Ranger takes the early advantage and knocks down the Golden Avenger with some belly punches and once she has her on the ground puts her in a tight leg scissors.  The trash talk continues as the fight goes on.  The Lone Ranger puts the Golden Avenger in the camel clutch, and tries to get her to shut up with a hand over her mouth.  The Lone Ranger continues punishing the Golden Avenger and then knocks her out with a sleeper hold.  As the Lone Ranger is getting her gun belt back on, the Avenger recovers and attacks!  She presses her advantage and beats down the Lone Ranger with belly punches and soon knocks her out with a sleeper hold.  After the knock out, the Blonde removes the Lone Rangers mask and wakes her up with some hard belly punches.  The fight begins again  as she gives the Lone Ranger a total beat down using many stretching moves, the Lotus Position choke, belly punches, sleeper holds, and multiple knock outs! The Lone Ranger really suffers in this match at the hands of the Golden Avenger.  But does the Lone Ranger recover or does the Golden Avenger rule the day??

HP-806 Agent Hollywood "Captured" (2 Parts) S

Taken from home security camera footage: Agent Hollywood has been dispatched by the president to recover a stolen data disk.  She is dressed in her white tank top, sexy Daisy Duke shorts, and high heels.  While she is busy looking for the disk, she is knocked unconscious by a masked man.  He ties her to a chair and begins to interrogate her.  He starts by ripping her tank top to reveal her animal print bikini.  He then unties her and begins to beat her down with belly punches, stretching holds, gut stomps, and many more punishing moves.  Agent Hollywood is knocked out repeatedly and ends up being stripped down to her bikini only.  Does she outlast the interrogator or does she reveal her mission?

HP-807 Hollywood's Superheroine WorkOut 2 (1 Part) S

Hollywood enters the frame wearing a new hot, white super hero outfit with a red cape and her red boots.  She begins with some basic warm up routines to get her body ready for the Superheroine Workout.  Once she is warmed up, she stretches out her body, does Pilates exericses, works on her abdominal muscles, and does several yoga poses.  If you are a fan of Hollywood and her rocking body, this video is for you.  You get to see a little bit of how she stays in such great shape!!

HP-795 Super Gryl Gets "Rocked!" (2 Parts) S

"Super Gyrl is on her way to a charity wrestling match practice session or so she thinks!  What she does not know is the Evil Lena Luthor, (Jennifer Thomas) sister of Lex Luthor is her supposed opponent has set a little trap for the Maiden of Might!"  Those words begin this HOT superheroine video.  The video begins with Lena hiding kryptonite rocks under the ring.  Super Gyrl arrives and removes her boots.  The ladies start out with Super Gyrl showing Lena some moves.  Super Gyrl gives Lena an upper cut that knocks her out of the ring and she retrieves the kryptonite!  Super Gyrl begins to feel very  strange.  And the beat down is on!  Super Gyrl endures hard belly punching, slams into the turnbuckles, stretching holds, gut stomps, and multiple knockouts.  Does she survive to fight another day?  Get this HOT video and find out!!

HP-793 Bidding for Wonder Womyn (2 Parts) S

Wonder Womyn is staggering around and appears to be suffering after a severe beating, she is dressed in an ultra sexy gold bikini top and black bottom.  The villain enters the frame and begins to assault Wonder Womyn.  He announces to the audience watching over the web that the more money they pay, the more he will beat her up!  He continues his beating of WW as more money rolls in.  Poor Wonder Womyn is sujected to hard belly punching, bear hugs, sleeper holds, knees to her abdomen, double axe handles to her stomach, and she is slammed into furniture.  Wonder Womyn has absolutely no strength to fight back!!  Wonder Womyn is knocked out repeated and the villain then offers to give her limp body to the highest bidder!  Does Wonder Womyn survive this beating and escape to fight another day or is she left in a shaking heap? 

HP-804 Wonder Womyn vs The Spy (2 Parts) S

Agent Holly is searching for important documents when she is attacked and KO'd with a tainted cloth by a villain in a Spawn mask.  He quickly ties her up and leaves.  Agent Holly recovers and spins into Wonder Womyn.  Wonder Womyn then confronts the villain who has been waiting for her.  They engage in a violent seesaw battle and WW eventually knocks the villain out but unknowingly has lost her lasso in the struggle.  The villain recovers and finds the lasso.  The villain uses the lasso to force the struggling WW to tell him how to take her prisoner.  He forces her to remove and drop her belt.  He then beats WW unconscious using belly punches, and various holds including a surfboard camel clutch.  In the end, the villain removes all of Wonder Womyn's accessories, leaving her in just her costume and pantyhose.  He then ties her tightly and lifts and carries her over his shoulder to take her to her next encounter...


HP-792 SLAVE: Wonder Womyn vs The Predator (2 Parts)

In his most devious test yet, the sheik has sent The Predator to test how far Wonder Womyn will go to serve him.  The Predator is a perverted minion of the Sheik who takes pleasure in putting women in bondage and making them uncomfortable so they struggle in order for him to punish them for disobedience.  The story begins with WW kneeling in her Princess Leia slave attire and waiting.  The Predator enters and tells WW of her fate if she fails his "test."  After finding her outfit inappropriate for his needs, the Predator gives WW a new bikini to wear.  WW spins into a USA bikini which shows just how HOT WW is!!  The Predator takes his time with testing and humiliating WW and subjects her to many difficult situations, such as light spanking and tickling.  Does she pass his test or does she fail and get sent to the brothels?  Get this HOT video and find out!


HP-790 Wonder Womyn vs The General Part 2 (2 Parts)

Last we saw wonder womyn was tied up and KO'd
We now see her still KO'd but her arms and legs have been untied
The villain is securing her hands over her head .
He removes the tape from her mouth, places the super heroines boots, Power belt and accessories on the bed.
The perpetrator says Soon your worst night mare will begin!!
He starts punching away at Wonder Womyn's stomach and ribs .
He then pulls out a cloth and saturates it with some KO fluid! Wonder womyn is out again... When she awakes she is tied to a chair and gagged ready for more of the same.
Does our super sweetheart get out and get revenge? Or will she be forever punished?


HP-787 Wonder Womyn in "The Fake Audition" (2 Parts)

Wonder Womyn is busy working on her computer when she receives an emergency call from the commissioner.  She is informed that a group of kidnappers is using a fake audition for a new horror movie to abduct a young actresses.  Wonder Womyn agrees to bring them in.  Wonder Womyn arrives in a HOT short red dress and is told to take a seat by an off screen voice.  As she is waiting, she is struck from behind by an unseen force.  Wonder Womyn is beaten down and knocked out repeatedly by an invisible attacker.  She endures belly punching, being thrown into the wall, slammed onto the bed, multiple knock outs.  Wonder Womyn is beaten up pretty badly, does she make it out and capture the kidnappers or does she become another one of their victims?  Get this HOT video and find out!!


HP-800 Amazons on Display (3 Parts)

Scene 1


Having received an invitation to attend a local law enforcement convention, Wunder Womyn, played by the gorgeous Hollywood and sporting her traditional costume with cape, gloves and sexy high-heeled boots, and Wunder Gurl, played by the sizzling Francesca Le decked out in her eye-catching costume with cape, gloves and boots, enter not the convention hall but what appears to be a strangely familiar villains’ lair. Their suspicions are immediately confirmed when the notorious arch-villain Elwood and his bumbling henchman arrive and attempt to do the super heroines in. The sultry sirens have other ideas and soon Elwood and his flunkie are on the floor. Elwood however turns the tables on our unsuspecting heroines and manages to take them down via a concealed dart-gun. What does the criminal mastermind have in store for our glamorous duo? Only one way to find out!


Scene 2


Immobilized by Elwood’s dart gun, The Curvaceous Crusaders are carried to another room and tied down to tables in preparation for the next phase of Elwood’s evil scheme. He then informs the trapped duo that they are to be preserved as human statues for the trophy room at the new arch-villain corporate headquarters and proceeds to coat their succulent bodies with a special compound. Will our heroines be posed and preserved for posterity as prized works of art in some remote rumpus room? Or will they escape this twisted trap and live to fight another day? Get this hot video and find out!


Scene 3


Now in hot pursuit of Elwood, the heroines encounter the henchman in another room but Elwood is nowhere to be found. Wunder Womyn leaves to find Ewood while Wunder Gurlmakes short work of the hapless henchman. However before she can finish the job Elwood re-appears and momentarily renders her helpless with sneezing powder. Having secured the buxom crime fighter to the wall, Elwood and his henchman barley have time to catch their breath when Wunder Womyn returns and proceeds to dispense a case of whoop-ass on the two. She soon however falls victim to Elwood’s sneezing powder and is quickly shackled to the wall as well. What nefarious fate now awaits our caped captives? Tune in and find out!


This clip is for those who love super heroines in peril and fans of the 1960’s Batman TV series. The video features free moving camera work with multiple fight scenes as well as plenty of bondage and struggling, as more than once the overconfident heroines gain the upper hand only to have the tables turned and find themselves in one peril or deathtrap after another. Other fetish elements include suspension, rope bondage, leg irons, chains, on-screen tying, panty hose, bare legs, high-heeled boots, super heroines rendered unconscious then carried off.



HP-799 Surprise!! Wonder Womyn (1 Part)

Wonder Womyn comes home tired after a hard day of fighting crime.  She is trying to enjoy a nice lollipop, but is too tired, so she decides to take a nap.  But just as she is ready to rest, she is HOM from behind! The belly punching beat down is on!  Wonder Womyn realizes she doesn't have her belt and the villain takes full advantage of her in her weakened state.  Poor Wonder Womyn is beaten down yet again.  Wonder Womyn's mid section takes an absolute beating in this video!  She also has her body stretched out only to have her poor stomach beaten again.  For belly punching fans and fans of a one sided beat down, this video is for you!


HP-775 Wonder Womyn vs The General (2 Parts)

Wonder Womyn has been called in by the General to help interrogate a prisoner.  Due to the prisoner's dangerous nature, the General asks WW if he can use her lasso. WW agrees and shows the General how to use it.  Our SuperHeroine tells the General he can practice on her, but little does she know it a TRAP!  The General forces our patriotic gal to reveal how to take her prisoner!  After subduing her with a knock out substance the General removes WW's bracelets and boots before waking her up.  The beat down is ON!  WW is subjecting to brutal belly punching, she is knocked out repeatedly, and slammed into various objects in the remove.  The General then uses ropes to put  our struggling heroine in bondage and attaches a tainted rag to her face.  Can Wonder Womyn escape or is this just the beginning of a very bad situation for our heroine?  Get this HOT video and find out!!


HP-774 Super Gyrl vs LiveWire (2 Parts)

Super Gyrl  (played by Hollywood ) has been lured to the lair of Livewire.  Little does she know that Livewire (Layla parker SWB) has lured her there as a trap!  Livewire is dressed in her skin tight black catsuit and Super Gyrl looks HOT in her  SuperGryl outfit complete with nylons and boots.  Livewire begins by shocking our Super Heroine with her powers.  Soon an all out catfight begins.  Livewires uses scissors, chokes, belly punching, Ko's and many other holds to subdue our heroine.  During the course of the battle Super Gyrl struggles and is shocked over and over again by Livewire's powers.  Will Super Gyrl survive to fight another day or will Livewire electrocute her for good?  Get this HOT video to find out!!!


HP-782 Slave Wonder Womyn - The Inspection" (2 Parts)

Wonder Womyn has been returned to the sheik from her time in the dungeon.  She is still proving to be not as cooperative as the sheik would like.  He is considering sending her to the brothels, but decides to give her one more chance if she can pass an inspection by the inspector.  WW reports to the inspector who verbally abuses her as he examines her.  The inspector then begins assaulting WW's body with belly punches, back breakers, and abdominal stretches.  After causing her to pass out, the Inspector informs her that she must pass one final test.  He then puts her in bondage cuffs and hogties her, leaving her to struggle for her freedom.  Did she pass or will she be sent to the brothels??


HP-773 Wonder Womyn in "Good Day Gone Bad" (1 Part)

After a long hard day wonder womyn is going to relax for the evening.
She is tired and is going to take a nap
Unbeknownst to her the perpetrator has snuck in and grabbed a weapon and hits wonder womyn over the head, hard!!
From that point on he is asking the struggling wonder womyn where the chip is but she is pretty out and dazed from the hit on her head...
There are sleeper holds, punches to the stomach punches to the face, Head slams, bear hugs
And Elbows into wonder womyn's abs. If you're into one sided beatdowns than this Hot video is for you!!!


HP-772 Wonder Womyn vs Razor (1 Part)

Villain "Razor" is hired by the mob. He sneaks into a warehouse looking for a flash drive that was stolen from wonder womyn he hides waiting for her to come home. The superheroine enters wearing a very short dress and thigh high black boots, she is incognito and doesn't want anyone to know who she is , she enters talking to the commissioner about the flash drive that she nabbed from the mob, tells the commissioner she is incognito and she will be fine. Suddenly the perpetrator confronts our superheroine and makes sure she spins into her sexy two-piece wonder womyn outfit! Wonder womyn takes off her laso quickly and wants to erase the villains memory. Somehow the villain got wonder womyn's flash drive when she went into her spin. The Villain demands wonder womyn surrender!
He pats her down, but while doing so he takes out a tainted cloth and ko's  her out. When WW wakes up her and the villain go head to head with punches kicks and throws. Giving everything they've got!
Get this exciting superheroine video now and see who prevails!


HP-788 Amazon Hot Wax (3 Parts)

Part 1

Once again in hot pursuit of the elusive arch-villain Elwood, Wonder Womyn, played by the ravishing Hollywood decked out in her traditional costume, cape, and boots, and Wonder Gurl, played by the stunning Francesca Le, equally resplendent in her famous costume, cape, and boots, find Elwood in his office and proceed to toss him around the room. However Elwood summons his two henchmen for assistance. After quickly dispatching the henchmen the maidens of might call on Elwood to surrender. Elwood however has other plans and his two henchmen manage to sneak up on the unsuspecting super heroines and take them down by hand-gagging them with tranquilizer soaked cloths. The heroines are then bound hand and foot before being carried off. What nefarious fate awaits our slumbering beauties? Tune in and find out!

Part 2

Tracking Elwood back to his office, the Curvaceous Crusaders confront the arch-villain as he plans his next move. Taken aback, Elwood still manages to turn the tables on the two and once again renders them unconscious. The sexy duo then find themselves suspended over vats of boiling wax while Elwood gloats about how he will do away with them before sauntering off. Trapped, tied, and helpless, the glamorous pair struggles to get free. Will our heroines escape this diabolical demise? Or will they wind up as preserved wax sculptures? Only time will tell!

Part 3

Our heroines once again confront Elwood and demand he give himself up. Elwood declines but before he can leave the duo dispense one of their patented super heroine-style beat downs and knock him across the room. Standing over him the haughty pair repeat their demand, but Elwood immobilizes the heroines by shackling their sexy high-heeled boots together. The two then find themselves chained to a winch about to be pulled apart as Elwood blathers on about taking them down before he exits. Will the sultry duo mange to escape, or will they be stretched to their limit? Only one way to find out!


HP-763 Wonder Womyn vs Miss Venom (1 Part)

Wonder Womyn tracks the evil former Doctor Miss Venom  ( Skylar Raine) to her house but Miss Venom sneaks up behind her and injects her with poison. Wonder Womyn, weakened and dazed by the poison, is able to wrap Miss Venom around her lasso of truth and commands her to turn into a good doctor again. Miss Venom is now the good doctor she once was and thanks to Wonder Womym.
Unfortunately, the poison finally takes its toll on the fatigued Wonder Womyn and she passes out on the floor. Miss Venom, shocked at what she has done to the heroine, tries to wake her up but Wonder Womyn doesn't respond. Her pulse is weak but Miss Venom is determined to heal her as she has the antidote. Miss Venom takes Wonder Womyn to her room, lays her out on her bed, and injects her with the antidote. Thirty minutes later, Miss Venom notices that Wonder Womyn's pulse is strong and healthy. It must be her amazon strength that is helping the antidote to throw off the poison more efficiently. Wonder Womyn is still unconscious on the bed but should be coming to soon. Until then, Miss Venom watches over her, monitors her pulse, and moistens her chest and shoulders with a moist towel to soothe her as Wonder Womyn continues to sleep off more of the poison. This segment lasts a while as we see Wonder Womyn show slight movement and stronger breathing throughout her unconsciousness as Miss Venom tends to her. Wonder Womyn eventually comes to and after Miss Venom explains what happened, the two women thank each other for saving the other. However, Wonder Womyn stumbles as she tries to leave and Miss Venom advises her to get more sleep as the poison was strong. Wonder Womyn complies, reclines back on to the bed, and quickly falls asleep. Miss Venom kisses her goodnight and leaves her to rest.

HP-770 Miss Marvelous vs Dr Vile (1 Part)

Miss Marvelous ( played By Hollywood ) is thoroughly pissed off at Dr. Vile from the beating she took during their last meeting.  She sets out to find him at his lair and take her revenge.  As she is looking around at the various "toys" Dr. Vile has in his lair, Dr. Vile confronts Ms. Marvelous and knocks her out.  When she awakens, Dr. Vile tells her that he will let her go free it she lets him try out some of his "toys" on her.  She reluctantly agrees because the alternative to helping is that she will be dropped off in a rough section of town completely naked!!  Does Miss Marvelous survive her torment and get away, or does Dr. Vile change his mind and keep her as his slave?  Check out this HOT new chapter in the Misadventures of Miss Marvelous! This is Hollywood as you haven't seen her in a LONG time.  Shot on location at Destiny's Chamber.

HP-769 Slave Wonder Womyn "Bondage Punishment" (2 Parts)

Wonder Womyn, our enslaved heroine, has upset the Sheik once again and he has sent her to his dungeon.  Wonder Womyn is dragged into the sinister lair by the Dungeon Master.  He tells her that she must be punished for failing to comply with the Sheik's commands.  Wonder Womyn is subjected to various forms of bondage.  Watch as Wonder Womyn is put through her paces and her hot body is pushed to the breaking point.  Will she submit or will she defy the sheik once again?  Get this HOT video and find out!!  This is Hollywood as you haven't seen her in a LONG time.  Shot on location at Destiny's Chamber.

HP-747 The Trap IX (2 Parts)

The video starts with Hollywood, as the Golden Avenger, getting ready to beat down Pete and Darnell. She is looking hot in her gold bikini and shorts as she laces up her boots. She is bragging about the training she has received and is ready to repay them for the beatings they have given her previously. 
She lays down and pretends she is unconscious as Darnell enters the gym with Kristie E.(instead of Pete), both wearing black. Kristie excuses herself to get her cell phone. Darnell says he will start the Hollywood beat down without her. As Darnell stands over Hollywood, she reaches up and smacks him between the legs. As Darnell doubles over, Hollywood gets up and throws him into a corner. She punches him with a series of rights and lefts. She throws him into another corner and continues the beat down using a choke hold and knees to the stomach. Just as Darnell starts to slide down in the corner, Kristie enters the ring and slugs Hollywood over the head with a night stick. Hollywood drops to the mat as Kristie helps Darnell to his feet. Kristie grabs Hollywood and holds her arms behind her back. Darnell uses a punch to the stomach, a right to the jaw, finally a left to the jaw which sends Hollywood to the mat, out cold. To further humiliate Hollywood, they remove her shorts, leaving her in a tiny gold bikini. Then a total 2 on 1 beat down begins. Darnell and Kristie take turns holding Hollywood as they destroy her with body punches and rights and lefts to the jaw. At one point they have Hollywood flat on her back, Darnell holds her hands over her head as Kristie pounds her tight abs. The sound of fists hitting Hollywood's toned body echos in the gym. They even use a night stick on the helpless Hollywood. All Hollywood can manage to do is moan!! They have a special surprise for poor Hollywood at the end (you have to buy this video to see it). Hollywood's perfect body really, really takes a beating this time!!!

HP-768 Batwoman vs Bane (1 Part)

With Batman and Robin defeated, it is up to Batwoman (played by Hollywood) to stop Bane's evil plans. She'll do whatever it takes to stop this evil mad man. Kicks , punches , weapons galore... 
In True Batman Style!

HP-765 The Misadventures of Robyn "The Arrest" (1 Part)

In this video, Robyn (Hollywood dressed in tight green shorts, red bikini top, green arm sleeves and red boots) is attempting to show the world she can take care of herself and doesn't need Batman's help. Robyn enters the room with a rope and tells the villain (Razor dressed in black) she is there to take him in. The villain laughs and asks Robyn, "Where is Batman?". This infuriates Robyn and she attacks the villain with a vengeance. She uses body punches, leg scissors, knees to the head and body, choke holds and finally brings him to the ground with a right cross to the jaw. But when she tries to tie him up, he shoves her away. When she tries to punch him, he blocks her and delivers a body punch to Robyn's gorgeous unprotected stomach. This time the villain has the upper hand. He uses body punches, sleeper holds, choke holds, etc. to punish poor Robyn. He stuns her several times with punches to Robyn's jaw. Can Robyn fight back and complete the arrest? Or is she in over her head? Either way, this is a terrific video. Hollywood never looked better dishing out a beating, then taking a beating. The shots of the villain holding Hollywood up against the wall, stretching out her already tight abs and punching them over and over again, is not to be missed. Hollywood being held in a full nelson is also a sight to see!!!

HP-766 Supergryl vs Razor (1 Part)

Supergryl was left in a secure location where she has been deprived of sunlight and kept sedated...
Supergryl is out and tied up when razor walks in he wakes up Supergirl , he is on his cell phone saying" Yep she is coming to now "
Razor puts the phone down and heads over to a table and picks up some pills , he says "test 4, superstrength formula!"

He then removes the handcuffs and ropes from the very groggy super heroine
He asks if she is OK she stands up to try and clear her head
Razor asks "are you feeling better ?" good " and he starts the attack!!
SG is caught off guard and takes punishment for a little bit, then fights back the fight evens out, they both are trading blows until Razor throws a big blow and SG staggers but cannot answer,  before she can fight back he finishers her off with a punchout KO!
Razor goes back to the table takes two more pills and says "test 5 strength pills"
Razor wakes her Not so gently... this time our girl is groggy from the start and Razor completely dominates her!
Lots of punches, kicks , stomps and chokes are administered to our poor superheroine!
After completely dominating Super-girl and KO ing her again ,Razor is happy with himself and retires her feet and handcuffs her hands behind her back, with a big smile on his face he decides a gag would look better too.
Now he is satisfied,  he then makes a phone call to Lex
And says "total success"… and walks out.
If you are into total one side BeatDowns then this clip is for you !!

HP-764 Wonder Womyn in "A Case of Road Rage!" (1 Part)

In this episode Wonder Womyn is off duty she was driving home from a friends house,
She happens to cut someone off. They were mad!! Wonder Womyn sped up and didn't think anything more about it. She comes home, and relaxes, she decides she's  gonna take a dip in the pool, she's got her wonder womyn bikini on and high heels!
She sits down, and starts to get ready, when someone sneaks in, and hits her over the head!!
It's a One sided beat down from there. The person she cut off is pissed off and they and road raging all over her face, and belly.
KOs galore, with plenty of punching, and head slamming.
If you're into One sided beat downs this video is for you!!

HP-762 Supergryl vs Bizarro Supergryl (2 Parts)

SuperGryl played by "Hollywood"gets a text by Lex Luther
"he says he has modified a clone just like her, just as powerful , but thinks more like him!"
She decides to go check it out and see what he has up his sleeve's..
Supergryl enters the lair and finds the clone played by "Michelle Collier" in a trance like pose, standing in the middle of the room wearing her old Supergryl costume. Our lovely superheroine thinks it may be a trap. But just as she turns see if anyone has followed her she is choked out by this copycat. She tries to fight it but goes limp. The duplicate doll delivers a mean uppercut that keeps Supergryl woozy but not out.
From there the Double punches and kicks SG.
She pushes SG head back so she has a clean shot at her chin, and delivers a strong knee to the chin.
SG goes straight back and is out!
The clone circles her and says "so you were supposed to be a match for me?"
Supergryl starts to stir but the clone grabs her and lifts her to her feet and starts punishing her.
SuperGryl takes several hard blows , she looks like she's going to go down again but fights back!
These two go back-and-forth. Finally the imposter gets her way with a long chokehold that keeps Supergryl out. Bizarro Supergryl handcuffs the super-heroine then removes her boots and ties her ankles.... She makes a phone call and leaves the unconscious bound superheroine... To be continued...

HP-758 Slave Wonder Womyn: Interrogated (1 Part)

In the months that Wonder Womyn has been under his control, the Sheik has become obsessed with finding the location of Paradise Island so that he can enslave all of Wonder Womyn's sisters.  She has be reluctant to reveal the location of the island so the Sheik has called in a Special Agent to interrogate Wonder Womyn further.  He begins by asking her about Paradise Island's location while she is wearing her lasso, but she only reveals that she must be "broken" in order to reveal the location.  The Special Agent delivers a sound beating to Wonder Womyn but she still refuses to reveal the location of Paradise Island.  The Special Agent finally decides to torture Wonder Womyn with electric shock therapy to try and entice the location of Paradise Island out of her.  Is he successful?  Or will Wonder Womyn resist his attempts?  Get this HOT video to find out!!!!  (Note: this video was shot dark to appear as if it takes place in a dungeon location.)


HP-757 Wonder Womyn and Supergirl: Dreamland (1 Part)

Wonder Womyn and Supergirl constantly rush in to situations without fear.  Sometimes it works against their fate when the villain is prepared. 
In this series of short clips we see Wonder Womyn and Supergirl suffer defeats by rushing in on villains that have all their bases covered.  
Watch as Wonder Womyn and Supergirl get KO'd over and over by clever thinking villains who have quick and decisive plans for taking down our favorite Heroes.


HP-756 Wonder Womyn vs Spectre (1 Part)

Wonder Womyn has just checked into her hotel room after a long trip.  She is looking forward to some well needed rest before she meets with the local police department.  However, little does she know that her nightmare is just beginning…  After taking a drink from the bottled water in her room, she soon falls unconscious.  Soon after she falls asleep, the Spectre enters and removes her boots.  Wonder Womyn awakens and finds her hands bound!  Her belt, lasso, and boots are missing.  The Spectre then begins to assault Wonder Womyn’s mid-section with brutal punches to Wonder Womyn's abs!  Not satisfied that he is doing enough damage, he removes Wonder Womyn’s corset to reveal her zippered small black and yellow bikini.  He continues to assault Wonder Womyn until she becomes unconscious.  The Spectre eventually moves Wonder Womyn to the bedroom of her hotel where he continues the assault on our poor heroine.  Wonder Womyn is eventually left unconscious with her tights ripped off, but only after the Spectre takes time to admire her feet… Does Wonder Womyn revive and get revenge on Spectre or is she tormented over and over? Get this download and find out!

HP-755 The Bungled Adventures of Miss Marvelous (1 Part)

Hello Superheroine fans! Please allow Hollywould Productions to introduce you to our latest superheroine, Miss Marvelous!  Mild mannered Caitlyn Tarver (played by Hollywood) has longed for adventure since retiring from her life as a super model.  After taking several kickboxing classes, she feels that she is ready to fight crime as Miss Marvelous, or so she thinks.

One night after receiving a news bulletin that a  #1 FBI Wanted fugitive "Dr. Vile" has escaped from prison and is terrorizing the city, Caitlyn decides she has finally gotten her chance to make a difference; she changes into her crime fighting outfit and heads off to take on Dr. Vile. Unfortunately for Miss Marvelous, her kick boxing classes are not enough as Dr. Vile pummels her after she enters his lair.  Our Superheroine endures several beat downs and knockouts, she loses her costume to reveal a smoking hot bikini, and even has her identity revealed.  Does our lovely MM prevail or is she just an inept superheroine wanna be?  Buy this awesome video and find out!!

HP-749 Struggle Wonder Womyn Struggle (1 Part)

Wonder womyn has been summoned to a secure location to locate a chip that has important information on it . When she gets there she finds a machine that's  got some kind of GPS tracking device on it, suddenly she is ambushed from behind by a woman (played by Kristie E)
Wonder womyn goes down hard ! then is choked and beaten severely.
The villainess is wanting the valuable information that is on the chip inside the machine.. Wonder womyn says "my lips are sealed!" The evildoer replies "I'll seal your lips for good !!
She then clamps down her big hands on our superheroine's mouth.
She continues to torture wonder womyn with various holds, scissors and chokes. At one point wonder womyn gets the upper hand, but winds up in an uncompromising position ... The Villain gets some rope and hogties our super hot superheroine.
To further humiliate wonder womyn she pulls down her own top and Breast smothers WW!! Does our superhero get out of her hogtie or is she left to struggle? Get this hot video and find out!!

HP-748 Wonder Womyn in "Downtown" (1 Part)

Wonder Womyn dressed in her two-piece costume is looking for an evil villain played by Kristie E that she wants to take in to jail..
Kristi E appears and Wonder Womyn seems to have everything under control! Until Kristie gives her a huge elbow to the gut! our superheroine goes down. From there the villainess belly punches and puts Wonder Womyn through the ringer using all of her terrible tactics! Scissors ,punches, kicks, chokes! Does our sexy superheroine prevail? Get this hot video and find out!!

HP-735 Handle With Care (Not!) (1 Part)

Defeated by her nefarious nemesis, Lex Luthor, Supergyrl (Hollywood) has been secreted to an underground bunker and solitary confinement. Completely deprived of the energizing rays of the sun, the Maiden of Might's vaunted powers are utterly diminished – making her the perfect play-thing for the criminal mastermind's cruel cousin, Lexi (Veronika)! Trussed-up and hand-delivered to the vicious vixen's secret 'Ring of Despair', there's no escaping for the feeble femme, who can barely muster a fight as she's relentlessly beaten, battered,and ragdolled by the sadistic sirenHowever, as the brutal barrage escalates, the egotistical evildoer may have underestimated the sheer willpower and perseverance of her powerless prisoner! Fortunately, the vile villainess has something up her proverbial sleeve to keep the tides in her favor – Kryptonite! Can Supergyrl long endure and battle past the torturous assaults of her tormentor, or will the final curtain fall on our heroine? Fight on, Supergyrl, fight on!

HP-738 Wonder Womyn & Supergryl in "The Collectors" (2 Parts)

This video is in 2 parts. starts with SuperGryl getting info on her phone about Wonder Womyn being captured, she watches the video on her cell phone... Cut to Part 1.

"What's Yours, Is There's! Following an anonymous tip to a safe-house notorious for criminal activity, Wonder Womyn (Hollywood) quickly discovers she's been duped — by a blow to the back of her head! Dazed and bewildered, our heroine has barely enough time to recover from the cowardly attack when the unknown assailant viciously assaults her with a furious flurry of punches, kicks, and chokes, leaving the Maiden of Might out for the count! But, the dastardly deception was only the beginning, for there’s method to this malicious malcontent’s madness — he’s the ‘Pack Rat’, a member of the secretive cabal, The Collectors - and he’s been itching to add WW’s magical accoutrements to their ever-growing hoard! But, out of all the trinkets he's burgled into his bountiful bag of tricks, his most coveted prize is — Wonder Womyn, herself! And, the violation doesn’t end there — for the pernicious purloiner plans on flaunting his recently bagged (and trussed up) trophy for all the world to see on The Collectors' social media site! Click “Like” if you want to see more torments!"

Part 2- HP-738 – “The Coveted”

Wonder Womyn is missing, and the Maiden of Might is on the case! When a cryptic message surfaces pertaining to WW’s MIA status at the hands of the secretive cabal, The Collectors, Supergyrl (Hollywood) races to the scene of the purported crime. Desperate for clues to the alleged kidnapping (and the perpetrator), she scans the room, but her super-senses betray her — the walls are lined with lead! Too late, she discovers, it’s a trap! The Girl of Steel has barely enough time to react, when her captor surfaces — a member of The Collectors — holding the proof she’s been searching for: Wonder Womyn’s Magic Lasso! But, the revelation provides little solace for Supergyrl, as the nefarious nemesis quickly wields a weapon primed specifically for her — a Kryptonite Stunner! A single blast staggers our heroine…a second drops her to her knees, in agony…a third brings her to the brink of consciousness! Now, dazed, bound, and at the mercy of her hooded tormentor, Supergyrl can only watch in horror as she becomes The Collectors’ latest prize — and conquest — as her utter humiliation is posted online for all the world to witness!

HP-717 Wonder Womyn is "Car-jacked" (1 Part)

Out on patrol, Wonder Womyn (Hollywood) receives an anonymous tip from The Commissioner regarding a possible lead to a notorious sex trafficking ring. Arriving at the site of the alleged criminal activity, our heroine isn’t completely convinced the information is legit, and apprehensively steps out of her vehicle to reconnoiter the area. But, her suspicions (and fears) are realized when she’s suddenly bushwhacked from behind by a masked assailant, who quickly steals the fight from our feisty femme, incapacitating her with a chloroform-induced smothering. Tossing our unconscious heroine into the car, the mugger proceeds to accost her, starting by methodically removing WW’s boots and molesting her exposed feet. Utterly vulnerable and violated, will the Amazing Amazon recover from her stupor…or become the latest victim to this lecherous creep’s heinous atrocities?

HP-744 Wonder Womyn vs The School Girl Bully (1 Part)

Wonder Womyn is undercover  (dressed in a school girl costume) she's  outside a house. Her cell phone rings  "Yes commissioner, Im going to take care of that high school bully who's been giving you all this trouble. Im dressed for the part and she wont suspect a thing"
Wonder Womyn enters the house to confront the high school bully played by Francesca ,who is dressed in her own schoolgirl outfit.
Wonder Womyn confronts the bully and they get into a catfight! wonder womyn starts to dominate then the sexy bully takes over. Kicks  punches, stomps, Scissors, HOM and more are all in the bully's repertoire of holds.
The bad schoolgirl finds out about Wonder Womyn's lasso and power belt
She asks "How can I take away your powers and make you helpless?"
And we all know what happens when the lasso is wrapped around Wonder Womyn's chest!
At one point The Bully forces Wonder Womyn to take off her shirt and her skirt leaving her in her white bra and underclothes! 

Get this hot video now with 2 of the best girls in the biz!!

HP-734 Wonder Womyn in "Pulverized" (1 Part)

Last we saw Wonder Womyn was KO'd and now left in her top and bikini bottom, she wakes up not knowing where she is or whom might be watching her…
POV- Wonder Womyn wakes up in a ring setting
She starts looking around and is hit over the head, she goes down, from there this is a total beat down from the POV of the villain, punches to the stomach and face are this evil doers agenda!! He KOs her many times just to repeat the process again and again ! Our superheroine begs and pleads for him to stop. Does our super heroine get back her strength or does the villain have his way with her? Get this hot video and see!!

HP-740 Wonder Little White vs Wonder Little Black: The Collector (1 Part)

Wonder little White play by Hollywood is dressed in a white tank top , tiny pink school girl skirt, her hair in pigtails is outside looking for her enemy, she enters the home.
She is looking to collect a handsome reward for kidnapping wonder little black into a sex slavery ring.
Wonder little black played by Michelle collier also dressed in a very small skirt, white tank top , black mask and hair in pigtails is also looking for the same enemy.
She enters the house, but hides a tainted cloth under the couch. Both super heroes run into each other and talk smack about their super powers! They start to fight calling each other names, both of them are even for awhile . Punches to the face, punches and kicks to the stomach, sleepers. Finally WLB grabs her tainted cloth she has hidden and KOs Holly ! She stands over Holly in a up-skirt victory pose and leaves. When will Holly wakes up she uses her telepathic powers to find out the weakness of her superheroine nemesis.
It's her stomach! Holly will chloro and use her magic lasso to subdue her enemy.  When WLB returns WLW uses her magic cloth several times to weaken down Wonder Little Black. Finally Holly has WLB weakened to where she wants and cradle carries her out for delivery so she can collect her money and sale this superheroine into sex slavery. Get this hot video now!!

HP-737 Evil Wonder Womyn vs Wonder Little (1 Part)

Wonder Womyn played by "Hollywood" has become bored, and had now turned to the Dark Side.
She's tired of being chloroformed and becoming someone else's slave!

We see Wonder Womyn in the ring in a secluded warehouse waiting for her next victim, along comes newcomer sexy "Veronika" dressed in a low cut white blouse, , sneakers and super tiny skirt. She is also wearing a tiara on her head and a ring on her finger which gives her her superpowers
She calls herself "Wonder Little"
She is sneaking into the ring where she finds the Super Villian. They both confront each other on how strong they are and a catfight ensues with Wonder Womyn taking the advantage ! Wonder Womyn whips Wonder Little into the turnbuckle and goes for punches and kicks then whips her into the opposite turnbuckle doing more of the same. When Wonder Womyn  thinks she has the upper hand "Wonder Little" punches the wind out of The Evil superheroine's stomach ...
She falls to the ground clutching her abs
Wonder Little says "I'm more powerful then you !"
Wonder Womyn is looking for the tainted cloth she has hidden, and tries to put it over wonder Littles mouth to KO her but Wonder Little takes it away and ko's Wonder Womyn with it instead.
Wonder Little takes off...

Wonder Womyn wakes up and uses her telepathic powers to find out why Wonder Little did not go out from the chloroform. She will also use her magic belt to get the info.
Wonder Little returns ...this time Wonder Womyn delivers a powerful kick to Wonder Little's face and knocks her out cold!
The evil superheroine gets her magic lasso and puts it around Wonder Little and asks her what her secret powers are, Wonder Little replies "my ring!" The superheroine pulls off the ring then asks her again "will this chloroform knock you out? She replies "no my mask protects me."
Wonder Womyn pulls off the mask, then she asks again "will this chloroform keep you out"? Struggling ...Wonder Little says "Yes"
Between doses of the tainted cloth to Wonder Little face , The evil Superheroine keeps asking if the tainted drug will keep her out, Finally the last dose does the trick and keeps Wonder Little out!
Evil Wonder Womyn makes a call to collect her money and carries the helpless
Wonder Little off, To Be Continued...

HP-597 Amazon Queens in "Destruction of The Little Men" (1 Part)

The Giantess- Goldie and Hollywood " The Amazon Queens have stumbled upon some little men who they are about to crush with their bare feet, hands their breast , butts and their legs. Hollywood starts out leg scissoring the first little man, followed by Goldie doing the same, then they start with the breast Smothers, these little men are helpless . Hollywood says she can hear his bones crushing.
Goldie then starts squeezing their bodies with her toes... Hollywood accidentally breaks one of the little man's legs. She grabs another little man and starts squeezing him with her toes. Goldie starts crushing one of her men with her bare feet. Then they both go for face sits, suddenly Hollywood reverse face it's her little guy. They both count their little dudes out !!
If you love beautiful women in bikinis crushing little men between their feet, breast and butts then this video is for you!!!!

HP-729 Womyn Undercover (1 Part)

This video starts with wonder womyn who has received a call from the commissioner, warning her of a villain who is kidnapping and selling schoolgirls to the blackmarket! She is to be dressed "undercover" in her own schoolgirl outfit.
Our lovely superheroine is wearing a very short blue skirt, tight black shirt with white undergarments and black high boots. She also has a black mask that protects her from any tainted materials coming near her face.
She slowly walks through the perpetrators backyard, walking up his stairs not noticing the villain is right behind her taking up skirt pictures. She walks into the house unaware that she has been followed and is attacked by the masked man! a fierce fight begins, WW has the upper hand but then suddenly gets hit with belly punches and then chloroform...with just enough to make her woozy, 
wonder Womyn  is weakened enough to allow the thug to put her lasso around her. He wants to know what the source of her power is... She replies "my magic belt"
the thug removes the cloth... He asks
will this chloroform keep you unconscious?
WW replies no... my mask... protects me...
not for a long he replies.... he removes her mask between doses of chloro, ww tries to catch fresh air and fights to keep the mask on. But it is too much for her
She is finally out, the villian calls up the Sultan and demands his money for bringing in the Super heroine, he picks her up and carries her out!! If you are a fan of superheroines getting knocked out this way then get this very sexy video now!!!

HP-726 Slave: Evil Wonder Womyn - Mission 1 (1 Part)

Evil WW has been sent by the Sheik to take out Goldie Loxx under the guise that she is to be hired as a new slave.  Evil WW enters wearing her hot animal print slave bikini.  Goldie Loxx is wearing a blue and white striped bikini.  The 2 ladies engage in small talk.  Evil WW then attacks Goldie Loxx and spins into her Evil WW costume.  Evil WW then proceeds to give Goldie a beatdown that only a superheroine turned evil can give!  Once Evil WW is sure that she has taken care of her mission, she stops to call the Sheik to report her success.  Unbeknownst to Evil WW Goldie Loxx begins to stir in the background.  How does this end???  By this HOT video to find out!!

HP-727 Super Gyrl in "Lab Mix Up" (1 Part)

Super Gyrl (played by Hollywood) gets a mysterious call about tests at a secret Star Labs location.  What she doesn't know is its really a secure Lex Labs facility, and she walks right into a trap.  Lex Luthor has a very capable lab tech (played by Skylar Raine) waiting for Supergyrl, with a nasty surprise.  Armed with kryptonite, a Knock out drug, and bad intentions  this lab tech turns Supergyrl into a lab mouse for Lex....
Can the Maiden of Might turn the tables on the tech so she can go after Lex next?  Get this very hot video to find out!

HP-719 Wonder Womyn vs The Agent (1 Part)

Wonder Womyn receives an alert about a break-in at a Government Facility, and is on the job.  Once she is there, she finds nothing.  Nothing except an overzealous guard who seems to know nothing of Wonder Womyn and her do-gooder reputation.  Instead, the guard subjects her to an extreme frisk search, and further humiliates our heroine by placing her in cuffs.  Was it all a plan though, has Wonder Womyn walked right into a trap??  If so, what devious plans does our deranged guard (played by the sexy Goldie) have in store for Wonder Womyn?  Can she free herself in time to teach the guard a lesson, or has she fallen prey to an evil guard with sinister intentions??
Get this hot download and find out!!

HP-725 Slave Wonder Womyn: Evil Wonder Womyn Punished! (2 Parts)

It has been several months since Wonder Womyn was turned to evil by the Hard Master.  She has been sent on several missions which have been met with mixed success.  Due to her continued failures, she has been summoned by the Sheik who is less than pleased with her performance.  Evil WW enters the Sheik's room and calls for her master.  His voice booms from off camera as he berates Evil WW for her failures.  The Sheik enters the scene and continues to verbally abuse Evil WW before commanding her to transform and get on her knees.  Evil WW transforms into her HOT animal print slave bikini and kneels obediently waiting for the Sheik to return.  The Sheik returns minus his robes and give Evil WW a beat down while continuing the verbal abuse.  Evil WW is subjected to backbreakers, surf boards, Boston Crabs, and much much more.  She then endures bondage and tickling at the hands of the Sheik.  Only after she swears she will not fail him again does the Sheik release Evil WW from her bonds.  The video ends with the Sheik giving Evil WW a dire warning about what repeated failures will bring...

HP-718 Wonder Womyn vs The Clone (2 Parts)

Wonder Womyn gets a call from the commissioner about an Evil villainess Jewell thief who has been stealing precious gems but will clone herself in order to get the jewels for herself.
Our sexy superheroine enters the building looking for the expensive stones but is surprised by A tight black leather clad Goldie or is it a Clone? They go back-and-forth in a catfight with punches and kicks to the belly, wonder womyn gets the upper hand first and Ko's the villain . Wonder Womyn begins her second search, again she is surprised by Goldie or is it the second clone? Another fight ensues with wonder womyn defeating Goldie? Or her evil Clone?
As Wonder Womyn searches desperately for the gems a third clone attacks her. Wonder Womyn has no choice but to engage the clone into  another fierce fight, more punches, kicking, and chokes are applied to the ruthless villain, Wonder Womyn schoolgirl pins her, grapevines her, smothers her with her strong hands, then Ko's the clone with a face sit!
The superheroine thinks she's out for good this time when she is surprised attacked by another clone this goes back and forth, until one of these ladies succumbs and is hogtied and left for pick up.
Which one will it be? The dark forces of evil? Or our sweet American glory girl? Get this hot download and find out!

HP-720 Wonder Womyn In "Mind Trap" (1 Part)

Wonder Womyn comes back home from kicking ass. She is very tired and wants to take a nap. She is dressed in a man's white button down shirt. She falls asleep and starts to dream... As she dreams all her nightmares become a reality... Her worst fear is becoming poweless and helpless! Her nightmare starts with her waking up trying to make sense of things when all of a sudden she is surprised attacked from behind! A tremendous beatdown ensues. Plenty of punching to Wonder Womyns abs and face. Our superheroine struggles to get up but the evil masked villian (Tuco) is too strong for her and she is being pummeled every which way! Over the shoulder holds with more kicks and punches take place...Will our lovely Super hero be utterly destroyed? or will she wake up to defeat this devasting animal? Get this video and find out!!!

HP-714 Wonder Womyn: Hostage (1 Part)

In this series, "Hostage", Wonder Womyn played by Hollywood,
gets a call from the Commissioner about a foot fetishist, running a slave trade, who has been seen recently lurking about in a woodsy secluded area abducting women. Wonder Womyn is going to check it out.
The superheroine gets out of the car to look around but sees nothing. Unbeknownst to her, the stalker has entered her car
and is hiding in the backseat. When Wonder Womyn gets back inside, the villain K.O.'s her with a tainted cloth. This is a POV from his view. The man slowly unzips and removes her boots. He fondles and massages over and over our beautiful superheroine's nylon feet.
Does Wonder Womyn wake up and get away? Or does she go back into LaLa land while the stalker has his way... 

HP-708 Wonder Womyn in "The Foot Worshipper" (1 Part)

Wonder Womyn  gets a call about a jewelry thief that is local in the area. She slowly enters the The premises and is looking for clues, she finds some jewelry so she knows he's close by. All of a sudden she hears the sound of gas and she is correct it's sleepy gas she tries to escape but all the doors are locked, Wonder Womyn  is ko'd by the tainted aroma. When she wakes she notices that her power belt has been removed. She tries to leave but cannot get out! The gas starts back up again wonder womyn struggles but to no avail passes out quickly, while she is out the villain returns and this time decides to take one of wonder womyn's boots and starts fondling her perfect nylon feet. She wakes up a third time and finds her boot missing. Again she is interrupted by the sleepy gas and goes out, The villain returns and takes off her second boot going after his fetish he fondles her feet,  smells her boots and takes his time caressing them. If you're into KOs and feet are your fetish, then this is the video for you!!!

HP-700 The Misadventures of SH Robyn - The Maid vs Robyn (1 Part)

This video starts out with the maid (Skylar Rayne) knocking on the door ....seeing that nobody has answered she goes in and starts cleaning up the room, she heads for the bed and finds a woman played by Hollywood aka SuperHeroine Robyn still sleeping inside it. the superheroine is startled and gets very upset when the maid disturbs her. The maid claims that it's checkout time! And it's time for the superheroine to get out.  Robyn replies  it is two minutes before noon!! I still have time. What follows is a catfight/brawl, hair pulling, belly punches, schoolboy pins, scissors are among the holds these two will do to each other , leaving one girl KO'd for the hotel to pick up the left over trash!

HP-695 Slave Wonder Womyn - Evil Wonder Womyn Arises (1 Part)

This video starts from the end of HP 694 for the hard master has asked Wonder Womyn to change into a silver bikini we see her cleaning his house  and she is not very happy at all Hard master enters and yells slave are you complaining again she replies no master. He asked her to sit on his lap. He slips a silver lasso around her neck and says this will compel you to tell the truth! He asks how can you best serve evil? She replies if she is knocked out three times that she can be commanded to serve evil! So he decides to test that theory. He demands she assumes the slave position, which is her on her knees. from here on out it is a complete beat down by the hard master.belly punches , kicks to the stomach , arm bars,full Nelson's, Bear hugs,stomps and leg holds,chokes and sleep holds with Ko's After the beat down he throws down a costume for her to change into she spins into a brand-new character "Wonder Evil Womyn" dressed in silver and black complete with armbands boots and belt! Together these two evil characters are conjuring up there next plan. Will Wonder Womyn continue to be a villain or will she Spinback into the super heroine that we all know and love get this video and find out!!

HP-694 Slave Wonder Womyn - Escape is Impossible (1 Part)

6 weeks have passed since Wonder Womyn was sold to the HardMaster. While she is becoming an obedient slave, she still longs to escape and return to her crime fighting ways. She only needs to find the right opportunity to flee... the HardMaster is sleeping, WW wakes up and tries to leave quietly when she is suddenly surprised and hypnotized by a giant venomous spider... In her trance she wakes her master and tells him she has been bad and tried to escape , and that she should be punished ! He demands she assume the Slave position. She replies "Yes Master"  and kneels in front of him. Hard Master gives WW a BeatDown and KOs her. He wakes her back up and continues the punishment, followed by another knockout. This goes on a few times. He tells her that her costume is no longer befitting and throws her a smaller out fit...she returns in a 2 piece bikini to start doing her slave duties, when hard master returns and demands she return to the slave position , the villain puts an obedience collar on the sexy SuperHeroine , and says if she disobeys him it will strangle her. He now tests WW to make sure the collar is working properly...making the SH do things she would never allow. Get this hot video now!!

HP-693 Wonder Womyn in "Slumberland" II (1 Part)

This video takes off from the ending of HP-678  Wonder Womyn in Slumberland. Wonder woman has woken up and is untying herself , she exits the back door where she encounters the villain  and demands that he follow her,  she turns carelessly and is hit over the head and KO'd. Her power belt has been removed....
She then wakes up and tries to run and hide but gets shot and goes down. When she awakes her red boots have been taken off. She runs toward the house but is shot again before she gets to the back door, while she is unconscious the bad guy returns and starts rubbing her feet, he then drags her through the back door. Wonder womyn then wakes up inside laying on her back. She is still looking for that micro film from before and finds it tucks it away and begins looking for her power belt , she suddenly hears a sound which is coming from the wall it's sleepy gas!  our superheroine goes down and while she is out the bad guy re appears ties her hands and ankles and uses a tainted cloth to leave wonder woman's fate in his hands ...Does wonder woman wake up and defeat this terrible henchman or does he get the best of our sexy super villain ? Get this super hot video and find out!!!!

HP-696 Wonder Womyn vs The Persian Princess (1 Part)

Wonder womyn has been summoned to check out another highly illegal situation.. She walks in to the complex looking around and is suddenly KO'd over the back of her head. When she awakes she does not recognize the woman who is standing above her and asks who she is, the girl replies I have been sent by the Shiek,  I am the Persian princess,( played by newcomer Persia) i'm here to torture and punish you.
The Persian princess is a beautiful east Indian woman who starts belly dancing in front of wonder woman, this will hypnotize our super heroine. She then asks wonder womyn to dance for her , WW does , she then asks her to take off her power belt, she does . Once wonder womyn is under her spell,, the beautiful Persian princess beats and tortures the merciless heroin with punches, kicks and chokes! Watch this video with two very sexy women and see which one prevails! (Story by North bound video)

HP-690 Give & Take: The Best of Wonder Womyn Volume I - Breathless (1 Part)

Action so intense, it’ll leave you ‘Breathless’! This initial installment in the “Give & Take” series — an exciting, newly edited “Best Of…” offering starring wrestling sensation Hollywood — shines the perilous spotlight on her pulse-pounding portrayal of the super-iconic, super-heroic ‘Wonder Womyn’ as she battles through a barbarous barrage of lethal chokes, sleepers, squeezes, and malicious maneuvers — deftly applied by her remorseless rogue’s gallery — designed to test the limits of the Amazing Amazon’s strength, stamina, grit, and determination to the breaking point — and beyond! Cringe as WW writhes in agony, victim to a seemingly endless array of constricting strangleholds! Recoil in horror as our heroine struggles to break the vicious vice-grip of salacious sleepers! Gasp as she’s garroted by her own Magic Lasso! Pray for her release from the crushing torments the Maiden of Might is forced to endure — and persevere — in this grievous gauntlet!

HP-685 Wonder Womyn in "The French Connection " (2 Parts)

Wonder Womyn receives a telephone call from the Commissioner stating a girl is in trouble, a sexy French girl played by Mutiny. Hollywood is wearing a two piece outfit with the usual Wonder Womyn additions (belt and bands). Mutiny is wearing a black bikini top, black skirt and black boots. When Wonder Womyn arrives, Mutiny is speaking quickly in French, totally foreign to our favorite Super heroine. When Wonder Womyn turns seeking a French dictionary, Mutiny clobbers her with the butt of her gun. After putting the gun belt on, she removes Wonder Womyn’s belt, arm and head bands. Wonder Womyn revives while Mutiny is removing her boots, but without her belt, is at the mercy of the gorgeous French girl. When Wonder Womyn attempts to run away, Mutiny shoots her (without the arm bands, Wonder Womyn can't deflect the bullets). Mutiny finds this great fun. She continues to revive Wonder Womyn taunting her (in her sexy French accent) into running, then she shoots her. Wonder Womyn tries to escape through the woods even running up the stairs to someone's back porch, but Mutiny just laughs and fires away. Finally, Wonder Womyn is able to grab the gun. Now, two gorgeous girls are locked in mortal combat. Their tight abs stretched out as they reach high in the sky, fighting over the gun. But who will win? Without her belt and arm bands, Wonder Womyn can be destroyed. But to Mutiny, this is just a game. Of course, no one takes a bullet like Hollywood.

HP-684 Wonder Womyn in "Superheroine Showdown" (1 Part)

This shoot em up video features (Hollywood) as Wonder Woman dressed in her brand-new super hot, two piece Wonder Woman outfit with accessories and boots. She receives a call from the commissioner about some illegal activity going on by the lake. She arrives at the lake with her gun in hand and cautiously proceeds looking for the perpetrator when she is suddenly shot.,Wonder Womyn goes down but is not out. This goes on for the majority of the video with Wonder Womyn  Shooting her nemesis with he or she firing back and Wonder Womyn going out. But does she capture the shooter or does he capture her? Get this sizzling gun play clip and see !!!

HP-682 Wonder Womyn in "Squashed Superheroine" (2 Parts)

WW has been on a roll lately! She has been busting bad guys all over the place. Feeling great, and kicking some ass!! She gets a call to go over to where this notorious evil do-er is, (played by Darius) They say this evil do-er has something that could hurt a lot of people. WW speeds to the scene! She looks around, and doesn't see anyone. When all of a sudden, the realization comes that this place is filled with some sort of sleepy gas, and it is causing WW's head to spin. She makes her way out the door for some fresh air, when BAM!. She is knocked out from something striking her from behind. She goes down in a heap, and the evil do-er is behind her.
The villain knows that most of WW's power comes from her belt, but they want to humiliate her! He strips her of all her WW clothes, and leaves her in her in a small top and bottom... The gas is seeping into WW, but has no effect against the evil do-er. WW is pretty much lifeless, and just an over-sized punching bag. She can't defend herself. She can barely stand. She is out on her feet. The evil bad guy  is delighted by this, and begins to pummel poor WW. All WW can do, is twitch, and convulse from the punches. Small gasps escape her, as she is knocked out repeatedly. Finally, she is put out of her misery, and knocked out for good. She lays helpless on the floor. The evil villain begins to walk away, when he stops and looks over at the lifeless form of WW. He laughs maniacally, heads back and pummels her some more. Get This hot video if you're into one sided beat downs!!!

HP-680 Wonder Womyn vs The Sheriff (2 Parts)

Hollywood is in her full Wonder Womyn costume and is resting on her couch when she hears without warning somebody coming up her stairs. It is the sheriff played by (Goldie ) she has heard there's a new crimefighter in town and came to check it out herself. She is upset since she is the one that takes care of the neighborhood and if there's any crime or crooks to be caught the sheriff will do just that! The sheriff does not want to hear that Wonder Womym will be solving crimes in her town. Wonder Womyn replies and says she has never had any problems before , her mission is to stop crime and she's not going to give that up just because the sheriff won't cooperate.  The sheriff says I think I need to show you who's boss. Wonder Womyn and the sheriff start a fight this is a tough fight and our superheroine comes close to a defeat at least twice , but she rallies and manages to defeat the sheriff.. Wonder Womyn chokes the sheriff to unconsciousness and then uses her lasso to tie the sheriff to a chair then leaves . The sheriff manages to untie herself, Wonder Womyn walks back into the room and the fight is on again but this time Wonder Womyn is defeated and the Sheriff uses Wonder Womyn's lasso to choke her unconscious and then ties Wonder Womyn up to the same chair. She wraps the lasso around Wonder Womyn and wants to know what the secret is to her superpowers... The sheriff beats up the bound super heroine until she passes out. Once Wonder Womyn wakes up there is another brutal fight between the two crimestoppers. Which one of these crimestoppers is going to jail? Get this hot clip and find out!

HP-678 Wonder Womyn in "Slumberland" (1 Part)

Our feisty Heroine Wonder Womyn (Hollywood in a slightly more revealing WW outfit), has been sent to find some stolen micro tapes.  She cautiously enters the enemy's lair and after searching for a short time, finds a micro tape. Instead of getting out when she can, or should, she keeps searching. when she tries to leave, the enemy agent turns on the sleepy gas and our shapely Heroine falls unconscious across a bed. The enemy agent recovers the micro tape, places it out of Wonder Womyn's reach, and leaves to get some rope. When Wonder Womyn awakes, she quickly finds the micro tape and grabs it. But before she can leave, the enemy agent returns and sends Wonder Womyn back into la la land with a magic rag. Once again he removes the micro tape, places it out of reach, and continues to look for the rope. Wonder Womyn, still full of spunk, but now much the worse for the wear, revives and desperately heads for the micro tape. This time she struggles to crawl over to the micro tape. However, the enemy agent returns with the rope just in time to turn the gas back on. He slowly takes off WW boots and starts to tie her up. The gorgeous Heroine is sprawled across the floor. Is this the final time she goes down? Will the enemy agent be able to tie our sleeping beauty up before she can awaken and defend herself? Nobody looks hotter struggling against the odds than Hollywood.

HP-677 Slaver Girls vs Wonder Womyn (1 Part)

Wonder Womyn gets a call from the commissioner and is told about girls that show up for wrestling lessons...who vanish! 
Wonder Womyn goes to check it out! She arrives in her bikini...incognito At first, the 2 girls she meets seem to be helpful, Played by ( Sindy and Goldie Loxx ) Teaching her wrestling techniques & moves.  They seem to be friendly & caring but suddenly their mood changes. The 2 girls get rough with her. Then they get hurtful, like they are trying to rip her a part. Wonder Womyn asks to take a break.  The 2 girls are laughing, sure go take a break. Goldie Loxx and Sindy talk about how they will soon have another cute slave girl to sell.
NEXT---OUT POPS WONDER WOMYN!. The 2 bad girls are shocked. Wonder Womyn lets them know, she knows whats going on, and that they are under arrest. The 2 girls act like they will give up. That's only so they can get closer to Wonder Womyn. They pull off her Power belt, Then they start to give her a beat down...after a few minutes. Wonder Womyn gets the upper hand & starts to beat down the 2 girls. Then Sindy wraps Wonder Womyn lasso around her waist, while the other distracts her. Now she tells Wonder Womyn she must obey & let them beat her up. Wonder Womyn has no choice & lets the girls knock her around. Soon...Wonder Womyn is on the ground...dead tired. Sindy grabs a chloro rag & finishes her off.  They then blindfold her eyes and tie her wrists & ankles together. One of the girls calls their slaver partners and tells them to come pick up the SuperHeroine... But does Wonder Womyn wake up and put a beatdown on the 2 girls or ??? Get this Hot Clip and find out!!!

HP-674 Wonder Womyn in "The Sleepy Trap" (3 Parts)

A Dream Come True for Foot Fanciers! Receiving a tip from The Commissioner regarding possible illicit activity at a Federal delegate’s estate, Wonder Womyn (Hollywood) stakes out the posh manor in hopes of ferreting out the criminal element. However, what she discovers is far more insidious — a mysterious, ashen powder dusting the vacant living quarters laced with a debilitating toxin that incapacitates upon exposure to the skin…a fact lost on our intrepid heroine when she quickly falls victim to its intoxicating effects. What follows is a harrowing head-trip into the unreal as the Amazing Amazon drifts helplessly through a malaise of dreariness on the fringe of sleep and consciousness — a devilishly deceptive realm where her vaunted powers are greatly inhibited and she becomes the feeble plaything to its mistress, The Dream Maker! Brutal beatings, unbreakable bonds, foot fondling, and ticklish toe tormenting abound as the befuddled beauty desperately battles both the manipulating mind-tricks of her nightmarish nemesis and the physical fallout of the noxious powder. But, the question remains: Can the Maiden of Might free herself of the mental vice that grips her before her sanity utterly breaks? Dream on, True Believers!
HP-671 Wonder Womyn vs The Jewel Thieves (1 Part)

Wonder Womyn gets a tip about some strange activity going on with some Jewel Thieves. She goes to check it out and confronts an unsuspecting thief, the thief played by Goldie Locks dressed in a black string bikini has no idea what Wonder Womyn is talking about ... Unsuspecting to our Superheroine Wonder Womyn  gets  hit from behind by Goldie Locks partner Bleu, and goes out. They  take Wonder Womyn's boots off and then remove her belt and lasso. The mighty superheroine is not so mighty now and is very weak. Wonder Womyn awakes and is punched several times . This is a two on one beat down of Wonder Womyn. While one girl holds Wonder Womyn the other one punches her then they reverse it.. They each take turns beating down poor & helpless Wonder Womyn!
Get this video now if you're into one-sided beatdowns!!!
HP-670 Wonder Womyn in "Footloose" (1 Part)

His Hands Steal Your Troubles — and Secrets — Away! Led by a tip from an unknown informant, Wonder Womyn (Hollywood) goes undercover (and incognito) to track down a malicious masseuse who’s reputation for performing spellbinding foot massages — and retrieving covert information from his clients — precedes him. Donning a sleek and sheer black mini-skirt, nylons, and strapping high heels, she’s dressed to kill and determined to catch the scoundrel in the act, confident her indomitable will can easily overcome his insidious influence. Arriving for her appointment, she comfortably settles in as the master tactician works his soothing magic. But, the Amazing Amazon is in for a rude awakening, as his sensual caress lulls her into a deep, hypnotic trance, mesmerizing her — mere putty in his hands! Now completely under his thrall, our hypnotized heroine is compelled to obey the deviant’s every command, forcing her to strip away the facade and reveal her true motive and identity as Wonder Womyn! Can the Maiden of Might’s iron-will ultimately prevail, or will she become a servant of evil, her mind forever enslaved, forced to do the bidding and nefarious pursuits of a methodical, criminal mastermind?
HP-669 Curvaceous Crusaders "Up The River " (3 Parts)

Part 1
Having received intel informing them that the evil henchman Elwood has been promoted to Arch- Villain, our intrepid heroines Wonder Womyn, played by the gorgeous Hollywood and decked out in her famous costume, red boots, cape and gloves, and Wonder Gurl, played by the sultry Francesca Le, equally resplendent in her traditional costume, red boots, cape, and gloves, take off in hot pursuit to bring him in. They track Elwood to his lair and proceed to dispense their own special brand of justice, administering one of their patented superheroine style beat-downs. Elwood manages to give them the slip for a moment, but that only ticks them off even more and they knock him into next week with a double-uppercut to the jaw. Is Elwood down for the count? Don’t bet on it! Stick around to see what happens next!

Part 2
After dispatching Elwood and leaving him unconscious (for the moment) our heroines proceed to look over his books so they have enough evidence to put him away for good. However Elwood has other plans for them, and once he recovers manages to trap and incapacitate the buxom crime busters with powerful jolts of electricity. He then transfers the caped captives to his warehouse, where he strings them up from the rafters and then encases their sexy high–heeled boots in quick-drying cement. Holy concrete boots!  Will they escape this deathtrap or be sent up the river to their doom? Next our heroines track Elwood back to his lair and catch him before he makes his next move. As usual Elwood pays dearly for his evil deeds as the curvy crime fighters take great delight in subjecting him to another session of whoopass, leaving him beaten & battered. However, once again Elwood manages to turn the tables on the unsuspecting maidens of might, taking them down with a concealed can of knock-out gas. What twisted fate could he possibly have in store for them now? 

Part 3
The sultry sirens awake to find themselves secured to tables positioned beneath two powerful heat lamps, which once turned on will slowly cook the delectable duo to an untidy (messy?) demise. Tightly bound boot & glove, they struggle and squirm in an effort to break free. Will our sexy super heroines get out of this ghastly predicament? Or will their succulent bodies be grilled to delicate perfection – rare, medium, or well done? You will just have to tune in to find out! In another scene Elwood is able to get the drop on our unsuspecting heroines and knocks them out cold. They recover in armchairs, bound hand and foot while Elwood describes his next diabolical scheme and gloats about how once again he has managed to gain the upper hand (a case of déjàvu perhaps?) Could it get any worse for the Curvaceous Crusaders? Only time will tell!

HP-668 Wonder Womyn in "Dance, Princess, Dance!" (1 Part)

The Force is Strong in This One — We Must Break It! Entrapped and enslaved by The Hardmaster, Wonder Womyn (Hollywood), garbed in slave princess trappings, is expected to serve the wanton whims of The Sheikh, a mysterious ringleader of illicit female trafficking and the international slave trade. But, WW’s constant rebellion needs to be pacified, her fierce nature caged, her unyielding will utterly broken. Enter: The Enforcer! This ruthless disciplinarian has been tasked to tame the female fury — mind, body, and spirit! What follows is a vicious, torturous beat-down, as the Amazing Amazon is forced to endure a grueling, physical ordeal for her impertinence, as her beautifully toned, battle-hardened body is brutalized, her stamina tested, her iron-will and nerves of steel tempered, and her mettle measured to the brink of submission. Only until Wonder Womyn has accepted her fate, succumbed to The Hardmaster, and relinquished all that she is to The Sheikh, will she find release from her torment. But, is it possible for a warrior-born to concede defeat, even against overwhelming odds to appease her captors? Obedience without question…or defiance to the tragic end. What choice does she have?
HP-666 Wonder Womyn vs Blacknight (1 Part)

Blacknight ( played by Jennifer Thomas ) has been hired to take out Wonder Womyn  with a large payday in hand! she is well schooled on wonder womyn's ability and has trained for this mission. And unsuspecting Wonder Womyn is ambushed and severely tested but appears to defuse her dilemma, however a momentary lack of focus could be deadly for her. Wonder Womyn is punched in the belly and face several times! She is electrically shocked,  black jacked, KO'd with knockout drops and tainted powder. Our superheroine is forced to take off her belt. And with that blacknight delivers a big punch combination to wonder womyn's chin sending her down but not out. The villain pulls out a tainted clock and forcefully holds it down on Wonder Womyn's face. If you are looking for a one sided beat down and I do mean a beat down then you will definitely dig this clip!
HP-660 Princess Leia vs Mysteria & Michelle (1 Part)

This is another installment of The Princess Leia beat downs!
The Sheik has yet again hired some very bad girls ( Mysteria and Michelle Collier) to do his dirty work and destroy our superheroine (played by Hollywood. Michelle starts by dragging in the lovely Princess Leia by her neck chain collar and throws her down to the mat. She tells The Princess who she and Mysteria were hired by. What follows is a total beat down by these 2 hot villains! Relentless punches to the face and stomach and kicks to Princess Leia's abs keeps this Princess down for the count! Poor Princess Leia is shown no mercy as the bad girls work over her sexy body with repeated kicks, punches, & stomps. In between gasping for air, the Princess in peril is dragged around the room by her collar and constantly punished. If you love total beatdowns of your favorite SuperHeroine, this clip is for you !!!

HP-658 Princess Leia vs Dark Raven (1 Part)

This video begins where HP-648 ends. The sheik has hired a new very evil woman "Dark Raven" which stars the ever so sexy Goldie dressed in fishnets, boots, a black bodysuit and black leather gloves, to punish Princess Leia Again! She drags her in by her choker and starts beating up the fallen super heroine.
Punches to the face, the stomach, punches to the breast are followed up by low blows and chokes! Dark Raven even HOM's the rag dolling Princess. KO after KO, the Princess goes down and out and then is rudely awakened by another punch or slap to the face. The villain then humiliates Princess Leia by making her kiss her butt! This super villain is super bad when she puts on a mean camel clutch to the already beaten Princess. Then decides to further humiliate Princess Leia by giving her a huge topless Breast smother !If you are into one sided beat downs then you will thoroughly enjoy Dark Raven destroying Princess Leia!
HP-648 Wonder Womyn in "Princess Leia - Prisoner " (1 Part)

We last saw Princess Leia (HP – 638 Wonder Womyn "Sold" ) was beat up and beat down by Adriana (played by Roxy) she was KO'd tied up and delivered to the sheik. The Sheik is now tired of Princess Leia and is letting one of his villains (Newcomer) Bleau have her way with the Princess today. Bleau drags in her new prisoner by her neck chain and throws her to the ground.. The sexy villain puts her in various holds like the camel clutche,  Neck  scissors, Chokes, Bearhugs, Belly punches and claws!  she even walks the royalty like a dog ! Calling her degrading names.
Princess Leia begs Bleau to let her go but Bleau has other ideas! Watch this video to see if Princess Leia turns the tables around or if
Bleau gets her way!!!



HP-642 Wonder Womyn in "Where's My Daddy?" (1 Part)

This video starts with Wonder Womyn coming home from a hard days work resting on the couch. When in walks newcomer (Diana) she wants to know what jail Wonder Womyn put her daddy in...
The superheroine is not able to give out that information so Diana challenges her to a match. Wonder Womyn accepts the challenge but decides to take off her power belt to make it an even match. Wonder Womyn has the upper hand, WW puts the villain in all kinds of holds and moves, but just when Wonder Womyn thinks she has finished Diana, Diana comes back with a hard object and hits wonder woman over the head knocking her out. The sexy villain attempts to tie Wonder Womyn up with her magic lasso. Does the villain succeed or will Wonder Womyn wake up in time to avoid defeat?!



HP-641 Wonder Womyn vs The Drug Dealer (2 Parts)

This video introduces newcomer SINDY to Hollywouldproductions.com
Undercover Wonder Womyn has been hired as  a maid to clean up an office that may be dealing illegal substances. While cleaning up she discovers a tainted bag of drugs, Her suspicions were correct this woman is definitely a drug peddler. The woman confronts Holly and the battle begins! As the undercover superheroine punches the villain the villain goes down and Hollywood is able to turn into wonder womyn ,dressed in her 2 piece patriotic bikini and power belt and boots she goes after this feisty dirty blonde!  hold after hold, scissor after scissor, punch after punch, finally WW captures Sindy in a camel clutch, she confronts Sindy that's she's just a glorified Drug Dealer... Sindy escapes and gets some cheap shots in on our SuperHeroine . Including a sleeper hold that nearly puts WW out. Sindy punches and scissors WW and finally gets in a devastating face sit which further weakens her, but Sindy is not done , she pulls out yet another dirty trick , a tainted soiled cloth! WW is now out cold! She then takes off WW's power belt, Calls the police and tells them that it was WW who was caught stashing drugs in the villains home. Now it's WW who will be going to jail not her. Next scene opens WW is now out of jail and is going back to the scene of the crime to look for her power belt . Sindy comes in and surprises WW she asks WW how she enjoyed Jail and did she get the VIP treatment? This further irritates the now powerless superheroine. The sexy villian puts a beating on WW, she even asks her to worship her feet, which she does.. The evil girl takes
Wonder womyns lasso and starts whipping her over and over with it. WW is down but not quite out. Sindy leaves the room. WW gets up , finds her belt and puts it back on. this time she has her full power and is ready for revenge or so she thinks...Get this hot video to see which one of these hot ladies prevail!!!



HP-594 Wonder Womyn is"Under The Influence " (1 Part)

Determined to break Wonder Womyn’s (Hollywood) stoic demeanor and let her hair down, Goldie invites the Amazing Amazon over to her posh pad to indulge in a casual nightcap. However, our weary heroine isn’t quite prepared for the cocktail the sly vixen has mixed for her — a lethal brew that tests even the Amazon’s vaunted constitution. A few sips, and she’s tipsy; a couple ounces and she’s inebriated; a full glass and she’s out like a light! Now, the fun begins, as Goldie takes full advantage of the muddled and helpless heroine, pilfering Wonder Womyn’s magical accruements, and giving her the personal, “hand’s on” treatment! Drowning in a deepening haze, can WW battle past the debilitating effects of Goldie’s cruel concoction, or will she continue to fall victim to this heinous act of betrayal and depravity? This is a video that fans of sleepy and/or intoxicated heroines dare not miss!



HP-639 Wonder Womyn in "Perfect Prey" (1 Part)

When an ancient stone tablet goes missing, Wonder Womyn (Hollywood) is tasked to uncover the culprit and recover the relic. Finding the artifact is (almost) too easy, but escaping the clutches of the marauding menace proves far more difficult: a challenge made laborious by a noxious dousing of a sleeping agent, and the removal of the Mighty Maiden’s Belt of Strength (and boots, t’boot). Trussed up, vulnerable, and utterly humiliated, our dazed heroine is helpless to resist her cloaked tormentor’s devastating physical assault and can only suffer through the indignity — and suffer she does at the hands of this fiend’s brutal barrage of chokes, belly punches, and debilitating nerve pinches! Defiance or Defeat? With the temptation of all-consuming darkness promising an end to her anguish, what choice does she truly have?


HP-638 Wonder Womyn Sold (2 Parts)

Following the events of HP-489 wonder womyn enslaved, Wonder womyn was able to escape the clutches of Afrika before being delivered to her buyer, a wealthy sheik in the middle east. In the ensuing two years, wonder womyn has returned to her crime fighting ways and has put the incident behind her. However, the sheik does not want to give up on his "prize" so easily.  Adriana played by Roxi has been hired by the sheik to recapture wonder womyn and send her to him. Adriana has set up an elaborate scheme whereby wonder woman has been contacted to get creative guidance to a movie about her and her crime fighting ways. Our story begins with wonder womyn arriving for what she believes is a training session with Adriana. Wonder womyn walks in and is greeted by Adriana who introduces yourself and explains that she is looking to understand about wonder womyn and her wrestling moves. Wonder womyn is excited to help and says that she should remove her boots and belt before they began to make it a fair session. Wonder womyn shows Adriana several moves such as the Boston crab, surfboard, sleeper hold. Wonder woman let's Adriana try them on her but when Adriana goes to apply the sleeper hold she applies a tainted cloth  to wonder woman's face and partially knocks her out. She then puts wonder womyns lasso around her body and asks  wonder woman to tell her how to take her prisoner.
Adriana fully KOs wonder womyn. In Scene 2 Wonder Womyn wakes up in the Princess Leia slave outfit and is tied to a chair.  Adriana is wearing wonder womyns outfit and power belt. Wonder womyn is powerless Without her belt. Adriana delivers a severe beating with gut punches crotch shots, Full Nelsons, surfboards, backbreakers camel clutch, Boston crabs bow and arrows , and various holds designed to stretch wonder woman to the brink! Does our super heroine turn back into wonder womyn and take Adriana in or is she KO'd, tied up and delivered to The Sheik?
Watch this video and see!


HP-629 Disgrace of Wonder Womyn (2 Parts)

The Evil Francesca has snuck into Wonder Womyn's house, she is preparing Wonder Womyn's home testing cameras to film her big plan for our SuperHeroine. Wonder Womyn dressed as Holly in her civilian clothes comes home from a long day of fighting crime to get some shut eye. Our evil villain is hiding near the couch. She sneaks up on Holly and wakes her up then KOs her out. Francesca says "You think you're tired! You just wait for what I have in store for you!" She has never seen Wonder Womyn in her street clothes before., So she strips her down to a bra and panty She makes fun of her undergarments saying "that's what her grandma used to wear". She decides to tie up the helpless hero. She takes her rope and threads it through Holly's undergarments to give her a sexier look. She then wakes Holly up and  applies apply many wedgies! She begins to beat Holly around the room with face and stomach punches, more wedgies Stomps and Spanks. She then KOs Holly with a face plant and decides to hogtie our street clothed Wonder Womyn. Holly wakes up and struggles in her bondage while Francesca starts to beat her with a billy club. Watch this video to see if Holly gets out of her ropes and gets revenge or if the evil Francesca gets her way with Holly!!!


HP-617 Capturing Wonder Tomi (1 Part)

How much is a super-heroine’s life worth? That’s what The Widowmaker (Hollywood) intends to find out! Staking out one of Wonder Tomi’s (Tomiko) private hideaways, she intends to offer up the mighty maiden to The Commissioner for a hefty ransom — dead or alive (preferably, dead!). It doesn’t take long for the silk stalker to find her prey (sunbathing), as she quickly subdues the oblivious heroine, smothering her into submission. Caught in a perilous web of despair and intrigue, Wonder Tomi can only look on in abject terror as the sadistic siren takes great pleasure in tormenting her! What follows is an arduous wave of sheer dominance, futile struggling, bondage, and breathtaking torture, leading to the amazon princess’ utter humiliation at the forceful hands of this vicious, volatile vixen! HOM lovers rejoice! This production will have you gasping with delight!


HP-627 Wonder Womyn in "Ultimate Sacrifice" (1 Part)

Tasked in discerning the whereabouts of an embezzled artifact, Wonder Womyn’s (Hollywood) search leads her to a sparsely furnished suite and an unsettling revelation — the stolen totem is guarded by a mysterious, cloaked figure… motionless, seemingly in a meditative state. Uncertain as to the shadowy man’s connection to the purloined relic, she stealthily retrieves the archaic statuette, beaming with pride on a mission (so easily) accomplished. But, her revelry is quickly doused when she’s abruptly, aggressively assaulted by the sinister monk, whose intentions are suddenly made perfectly clear — the relic was intended as a ruse to lure our heroine into the clutches of a malevolent cult bent on her utter ruination! Shocked by her assailant’s brute strength and savagery, the Maiden of Might barely has time to defend herself against the vicious attack before she’s overcome by her preternaturally powerful opponent’s brutal barrage! Relieving the stunned heroine of her mystical bracelets and Belt of Power, and stashing the extraordinary accoutrements away for safe keeping, the malicious menace binds the dazed diva in ensorcelled trappings while he goes about his devious deeds. Rendered powerless, our dazed (yet determined) heroine desperately (and vainly) struggles to escape the confines of her captor. But, does Wonder Womyn have the physical strength and willpower to break the magical ties that bind her before the lethal enforcer returns — to make her the ultimate sacrifice!


HP-622 American Dream: "Dreamscape" (1 Part)

A new superheroine is in town, ‘American Dream’ is the crime-fighting super ‘gal " played by Hollywood " battling the meanest of villains for ‘truth, justice and the American way’! After a gruelling day overpowering the towns criminals, American Dream (Hollywood) returns home and lays down to sleep - innocently dozing off in the safety of her own home... ...But what seems like a safe haven for our heroine turns into a nightmare as two fiendish super villains - ‘The Dreamscapers’ (Diana Knight & Christina Carter) exact their havoc on our sleeping beauty by subconsciously entering her dream with the use of a magic crystal... An epic battle ensues as an innocent dream becomes a battlefield as the ‘Dreamscapers’ take control of the dream. 2-on-1, brutal beatings, bloodshed, and even a knife-fight follow with devastating results! - All of which can only happen when these three powerful giants share the same stage. Will the villains destroy our lovely superheroine or will American Dream defeat both menacing rogues? Buy this superb video to find out. One thing is for sure - sweet dreams are made of this... 


HP-620 Dark Angel in "Bounty Hunter " (1 Part)

Dark Angel (Hollywood, in her black Iron Cross bikini top and arm warmers, black shorts and  boots, looking as hot as ever) enters the front room of Randy's house determined to take her in for the bounty. But she doesn't recognize Randy in her shirt and jeans and hair in a pony tail. She shows Randy a picture and of course, Randy denies knowing "that girl". Dark Angel still wants to search the place and proceeds to do so. When Dark Angel starts to leave, Randy clobbers her, knocking her out. Randy removes her gun belt and ties her up in a chair. Removing her shirt and jeans, Randy reveals a tiny black bikini with a smoking hot body. After letting down her hair, she tries to wake Dark Angel up. Unable to arouse the sleeping beauty, Randy leaves to get some water. With Randy out of the room, Dark Angel unties herself and waits for Randy. Dark Angel pounces on her and the fight is on!! Dark Angel gets an early advantage but Randy recovers and KO's the gorgeous villain. When Randy leaves to search for rope, Dark Angel recovers and the fight resumes. After a terrific struggle, Dark Angel KO's Randy. When Dark Angel returns with her gun to take the crook in, Randy is awake and knocks the gun out of Dark Angel's hand. For the third time, these two beautiful antagonists tear into each other's gorgeous abs. Both are getting tired. Will the bounty hunter win and collect her reward? Or will she meet her end as Randy gets away? This is an even match between two old (with dynamite bodies) enemies with a score to settle!!! 

HP-616 The Wonder Womyn in "Unexpected Visitor " (1 Part)

Returning from yet another grueling (yet rewarding) day meting out justice, Wonder Womyn (Hollywood) embraces the quiet comforts of hearth and home. But, Wonder Womyn’s safe-haven proves to be the opening act for a heinous heist, as a scheming sneakthief TomiKat (Tomiko) has slinked onto the premises with singular, sinister purpose: to steal away with the wearisome warrior’s wondrous wares! Fearful to awaken the Amazing Amazon (and her ire) from her catnap, the cunning cat burglar has come armed to square the odds — a kerchief doused with enough intoxicating brew to keep the pulchritudinous powerhouse under wraps! Or, so she thinks! The tenacious thief failed to take into account Wonder Womyn’s enduring constitution, for with each article retrieved from the Amazon’s sleeping form only stirs our exhausted heroine from her brief repose, forcing the pernicious pilferer to send her dazed quarry back to slumberland. But, can the beauteous bandit keep the Maiden of Might at bay long and often enough to do her devious deeds, or must the claws (and ropes) come out to finish the job, once and for all? Sleep tight, Wonder Womyn!

HP-615 The Wonder Womyn Experiment (1 Part)

This video starts with a masked villian named Tomi Cat Talking to her contacts and making sure all cameras and tainted bottles are in place for the experiment on Wonder Womyn. Wonder Womyn enters a the room acting on a tip looking for a disk, she searches the place and ends up in a corner where she think she finds it when a weapon is put to the back of her head by Tomi Cat , Played by the sexy Tomiko. The villain forces wonder womyn to drink some tainted liquid out of a bottle telling her "drink it all or she'll shoot." wonder womyn drinks it and feels nothing and tells the villain " it didn't work…" Only just then it starts too....they go into a fight sequence but clearly it's weakening wonder womyn and Tomi cat KOs her! Tomiko calls her contacts and lets them know the trial phase has begun and that she has more potent doses ready. Several hours have gone by and wonder womyn is just starting to stir. The villain mocks her then a second fight sequence begins.. Severe punches are administered to our Superheroine, But Wonder Womyn gets in a couple of good shots! The villain controls and gives a powerful blow to Wonder Womyn's jaw. The villain grabs the second tainted bottle and forces wonder womyn to drink it! Wonder Womyn goes out again, Tomi cat drags Wonder Womyn to put her in better view for her contacts to inspect. Tomi Cat laughs and is mocking wonder Womyns "great power" she removes wonder woman's accessories and puts them in a bag, With no accessories and weekend from the drug she is easy pickings in the third fight sequence. the villain dominates a helpless wonder womyn for several minutes And delivers a KO blow only to wake her up and force another bottle of liquid down wonder Womyns throat. As Wonder Womyn struggles and goes out the villain get some rope ties her hands behind her back and ties her feet telling her she is very lucky that she didn't kill her as she never saw her face ,she removes her mask and looks down on the helpless wonder woman out cold. She calls her accomplice one more time to tell them it's done , that it was easier then she ever thought it would be , laughing at how they defeated Wonder Womyn. Get this very hot video if you're into one sided beatdowns and dominance !!!

HP-609 Fall From Grace: Dark Angel vs Valeria (1 Part)

HP-613 Wonder Womyn in "Light of Obedience (1 Part)

Intent on infiltrating a secure database, a mysterious figure needs but one hurdle to circumvent— Wonder Womyn (Hollywood)! Recruited to safeguard the compromised archives, our heroine stakes out the premises, determined to thwart the thief. However, the hooded perpetrator is already in her midst, and he’s brought along a devious device destined to deal with WW's meddling affairs — the Hypnotic Ray! Yet, as the vile villain casts light on the dire situation, the Amazing Amazon leaps into action, seeking to seize the baneful beacon! But, even the Maiden of Might’s vaunted willpower is unable to resist the ray’s hypnotic influence, as she soon falls victim to its powerful sway and forced to obey the wielder’s every command! Instructed to remove her Belt of Strength & bracelets, then trussed up for safe measure, the evildoer goes about his nefarious business retrieving the secret documents, all the while Wonder Womyn can only lie helplessly, bound in a trance! But, can she possibly fight past the haze of the ray’s mind-numbing effects before the cunning crook gets away, scot free?!

HP-608 Curvaceous Crusaders (2 Parts)

Scene 1

In hot pursuit of the evil henchman Elwood, Wonder Womyn played by Hollywood and Wonder Gyrl played by Capri enter a house that Elwood ducked into as he seeks to evade justice. They split up to track him down and Wonder Womyn encounters him first. The battle is on and Wonder Womyn soon gains the upper hand when Elwood manages to immobilize her with a paralysis ray. Now his prisoner and chained to the wall, Wonder Womyn is used as bait to lure her partner into the same trap. Will Wonder Gyrl suffer the same fate? Wonder Womyn & Wonder Gyrl continue their search for Elwood and encounter him in another room. After a fierce battle Elwood once again is severely thrashed by the two sexy superheroines and is laid out on the bed. With their usual overconfidence they taunt him before he turns the tables on them, this time shocking both of them with a compact lightning rod touch to their feet. This time it’s the heroines’ turn to fall to the floor, where Elwood proceeds to bind them hand and foot before exiting momentarily to get instructions from his boss.


Scene 2

When Elwood returns WW & WG attempt to trick him so they can get his knife and free themselves from their bonds. Will our curvaceous captives succeed or will they remain his helpless prisoners to suffer some nefarious fate as dictated by the boss? Wonder Womyn & Wonder Gyrl pursue Elwood into another room. Unbeknownst to them he is lying in wait, ready to ambush them with a dart gun. As they look around the room he manages to shoot each one of them in the butt with a knock-out dart. The sultry superheroines wake up bound to chairs while Elwoodproceeds to taunt them and explains that his boss decided the best way to get rid of them once and for all would be to blow up the building and them with it. Before bidding them adieu he activates the two miniature bombs strapped to their boots as the heroines struggle furiously to break free of their bonds. Will our curvy crime fighters escape or will they be blown sky-high? Get this hot video and find out!

HP-605 Wonder Womyn in "Special Delivery (1 Part)

The tenacious Toymaster is up to his treacherous transgressions - again! But before Wonder Womyn (Hollywood) can further meddle in his nefarious affairs, the terrible trickster sends the Amazing Amazon a parting gift from his stable of torturous toys - a pernicious and perilous plaything that's looking to put the sssssqueeze on our heroine! But, can the Princess of Power's vaunted strength and unwavering willpower long endure the crushing coils of her plushy antagonist! Don't hold your breath, Wonder Womyn! It could be your last! Produced in conjunction with ATAK Productions. Directed by Todd A. Kaylor.
HP-589 Wonder Womyn Ambushed (1 Part)

Wonder Womyn gets a call from the commissioner to go and check out an evil masked gunmen that's gone crazy in the city. She slowly enters the home to check it out and is immediately ambushed by a silent gun man. He punches her in the stomach then shoots at her, But wonder womyn is able to use her gauntlets to block the first shots . he demands WW take off her belt and bracelets... She begs for him not to shoot her but he goes for her knees.. When our lovely superheroine wakes up the speechless man is gone...she goes to another room to search and bring this voiceless man in but she is again surprise with another shot , than another... and another... She is wounded but alive! Wonder Womyn crawls on all fours to escape this wordless, vile man. Again she is taken down and collapses on a chair. When Wonder Womyn wakes up she sees her accessories on the table, she quickly tries to grab them but is gunned down again. this time when the struggling Wonder Womyn wakes she tries to escape through the door but is hit in the back! The speechless villain slowly removes Wonder Womyn's boots one by one then drags her body out ! Get this hot video to see if our girl wakes up to get revenge or if the mute man gets his terrible way!!!
HP-591 Miss USA vs Dark Angel (1 Part)

This video starts out with the evil sexy Dark Angel (Hollywood) doing stretching exercises in the center of the ring. Miss USA (Randy Moore looking terrific in a USA bikini with red boots) enters the ring and declares, "I'm taking you in!" She grabs Dark Angel by the hair as Dark Angel replies, "No way you're taking me in" as she punches Miss USA in the gut several times. Miss USA responds with right cross to the jaw. Dark Angel answers with several more body punches but another right cross sends her to the canvas. After Miss USA punches Dark Angel's stomach a few times she then wraps her gorgeous legs around Dark Angel's neck choking her out. But when she goes to drag Dark Angel out of the ring, Dark Angel manages to knock her to the mat and then wraps her gorgeous legs around Miss USA's stomach. After reversing their positions, Dark Angel gets free but a right cross knocks Dark Angel out. Again Miss USA tries to drag Dark Angel out of the ring but she escapes the hold while feeling quite weak. Miss USA drags her up by the hair and KOs her with her favorite punch, another right cross. Miss USA relaxes a minute after rolling Dark Angel out of the ring. But Dark Angel isn't finished yet, she gets up, grabs her gun and, like the villain she is, shoots her in the back. But Dark Angel is in for the surprise of her life when she tries to tie Miss USA up. Bullets have no effect on Miss USA!!! What follows is a complete beat down of Dark Angel. Since Dark Angel has no super powers, she becomes just a drop dead gorgeous rag doll for Miss USA to play with. Although she puts up a fierce defense, her perfect abs become just a beautiful punching bag for Miss USA. She is thrown against the ropes and into the corner as Miss USA pummels her with body punches and lefts and rights to her head. Miss USA places the hapless Dark Angel in abdominal stretches with stomach claws and sleeper holds. In the end, Dark Angel is tied up and stripped of her gun!! Nobody takes a beating better than Hollywood and Randy never looked better dishing out the punishment!!!
HP-586 Wonder Womyn vs The Dream Weaver 2: Just Desserts (1 Part)

In this direct follow-up to Wonder Womyn Vs The DreamWeaver (HP-577), the fiendish phantasm returns to his secret hideaway, dishing on the dreadful deeds he deviously devised to despoil the daring dame’s dreamscape. Ecstatic, yet weary from the mentally grueling encounter, the salacious scoundrel savors the succulent relief of a brief shuteye. But, the DreamWeaver’s in for a rude awakening, as his restful slumber is restlessly intruded upon by the aforementioned heroine herself, Wonder Womyn (Hollywood)! She’s none-too-pleased with the vile villain’s violent violation and more-than-happy to dish out a little slice of comeuppance! What follows is a ferocious flurry of fists and a boisterous beat-down by the fuming female fury, turning the ill-fated evildoer's sweet dream into a nightmare! Real or imagined, payback’s a bitch!
HP-581 Dark Angel vs The Evil Sun Spirit (1 Part)

Another in the "Shoot'em up Series" begins harmlessly enough with Hollywood, our favorite girl, setting out to get a little sun, looking drop dead gorgeous in a skimpy blue bikini. In a short time she feels something touch her nose. She sits up looking around. Before she knows it, an imaginary right, left and uppercut knocks her out. As she lays there, a hand reaches out and a raspy voice says, "Nice, Very Nice." Hollywood wakes up confused and heads back inside. Thinking the previous day's event was a dream, she attempts to sunbathe in a skimpy gold bikini, which really accents her gorgeous tan. Laying down she feels something touch her nose again. This time, she demands to know who is there. After taking several body punches, she jumps up, only to again receive a right, a left and an uppercut, which sends her back to the towel, out again. The same hand reaches out saying, "This is a nicer bikini.". When she awakes she knows she wasn't dreaming. She leaves the back yard vowing revenge!! She returns as "Dark Angel" complete with her gun, confident she can get rid of whatever is there. But after a quick search turns up nothing, she pretends to sunbathe. After a loud noise ends her nap, she grabs her gun and fires 3 shots in the direction of the noise, hoping to hit something. But the spirit knocks the gun out of her hand, then KOs her once again. Again the hand appears saying, "Nice outfit, super heroine wannabe." When Dark Angel awakes, she finds her gun some distance away. When she attempts to get it, a punch KOs her again. This happens several times. Finally she wakes up with the gun in her hand. Now she knows what to do walking around the area firing in all directions. But the sound of a dart is heard as Dark Angel is hit. Valiantly she tries to keep firing at her unseen assailant but several more darts make it hard for her to stay upright. Still she staggers on (this scenario alone is worth buying the video for) !!! Will the lovely gun toting doll succeed in hitting the spirit? Or are the poison darts too strong? Dark Angel thought she could take care of anybody or anything but can she? Nobody looks hotter taking a punch, even an invisible one. Or look sexier sun bathing in tiny bathing suits!!!!!! And walking around the yard with the gun held high, definitely shows off her tight abs!!!
HP-579 The Further Adventures Of Dark Angel (1 Part)

Dark Angel rushes into a gym and hides around the corner, with her gun held high, stretching her taunt stomach muscles. The day's stolen cash safely tucked in her belt. The "Bad" Sheriff (Duncan), follows her into the gym. He searches around for our girl (Hollywood) eventually ending up in the ring. Thinking he maybe getting a little, she attempts to climb into the ring behind him. But he sees her and guns her down. She falls outside the ring, leaving her gun in the ring. The Sheriff picks Dark Angel up and throws her into the ring. He fetches a rope, but as he bends over to tie her up, she floors him with a wicked right cross. Her next move is to reach for her gun, but the Sheriff has his gun and uses the butt to KO her. Again he grabs the rope and starts tying up her legs. This time she uses both hands to clobber him in the head, sending him sprawling. After taking the cash back, she reaches for her gun. Back and forth they go. This time the Sheriff uses a right cross to KO the gorgeous thief. Then it is his turn to grab the cash and Dark Angel's turn to KO him. During one exchange they do a little wrestling, using leg scissors, choke holds and body punches. Eventually Dark Angel has the Sheriff out on his back. Thinking she has won, she places her gun in her holster and starts to straighten out the rope. But the Sheriff revives, grabs his gun and gets the jump on Dark Angel. He forces her at gun point to give him the cash. When she complies and hands him the dough, he teases her by dropping the cash on the mat. When she goes down for her "earnings", he grabs the gun out of her holster. Dark Angel manages to get hold of the gun and they fight over it. Hollywood looks terrific when the gun is held high above their heads as she strains every muscle trying to rip the gun out of his hands. Other times the gun is held between them. But this can't last forever. Eventually a shot rings out with one combatant dropping to the mat. Finally the fierce struggle is over. To the victor belongs the spoils. But who wins? The Sheriff or Dark Angel? It is hard to tell the good from the bad in this video. This is another "western" theme video with a gorgeous thief and an evil Sheriff. Of course, the skimpy Dark Angel outfit shows off Hollywood's magnificently toned body to the max and nobody looks sexier lying there helplessly (or not?) on the mat!!!
HP-576 Angel vs Paleface (1 Part)

Dark Angel rushesinto a gym with an envelope full of cash, breathing heavily, closing the door behind her, thinking she has safely escaped from Paleface (the evil Sheriff played by Duncan). After a short struggle, Duncan shoots the lovely crook, dropping her to the mat. The Sheriff then removes Dark Angel's boots, thinking that will slow her down. After a few body kicks and forearms to his chest, Dark Angel tries to get her gun, but the Sheriff grabs her leg and down she goes, just short of her goal. Now it's the Sheriff's turn to torture Dark Angel. Back and forth they go, exchanging body punches, leg scissors and stomach stomps. The Sheriff throws Dark Angel into a corner and works her gorgeous abs with belly punches and shoulder butts. This leaves Dark Angel reeling and she drops forward over his shoulder for a little lift and carry, finally she drops across his knee for a mean back breaker. While Dark Angel does manage to stun the Sheriff several times, she definitely receives more punishment than she dishes out . Finally Dark Angel decides to end it with a duel. Dark Angel called him "dirty" before. But you will have to buy this video to see if Dark Angel can defeat the "evil" Sheriff. Of course, the skimpy Dark Angel outfit shows off Hollywood's magnificently toned body to the max and nobody looks sexier while being tortured by "evil" forces!!!
HP-577 Wonder Womyn vs The Dream Weaver (1 Part)

Having averted a crisis, Wonder Womyn — in her mild-mannered public persona as “Hollywood” — returns home for some much needed R&R. As our weary heroine settles in for some shuteye, she casually drifts away into a deep and welcoming slumber. But, her repose turns restless, as she’s rudely aroused (in full costumed regalia) by a nocturnal intruder — The Dream Weaver! This fiendish phantasm is looking to become WW’s worst nightmare, but all she sees is his delusions of grandeur! However, our Amazing Amazon quickly learns the deadly truth of his convictions, as the archfiend has lulled her subconscious into his illusionary realm where all her vaunted abilities are futile and ineffective — rendering her virtually powerless, a mere victim to his sadistic whims! Desperate, yet determined, Wonder Womyn struggles to fend off the spectral scourge’s malicious assault, even as she seeks to awaken from this nightmarish prison — but, how can she possibly escape the confines wrought from her own, tormented mind?
HP-574 Wonder Womyn vs The Stunner (1 Part)

The Stunner (played by Diana Knight) receives a package from Lexi Luthor , its a device that is designed to absorb Wonder Womyns power. she puts on the leather gloves and hides the device in her hand. Unbeknownst to WW the villian is trying to absorb power from Wonder Womyns belt by placing her hand around the belt when she can.. The Stunner asks WW of one last request ....if she could give WW her best belly punch! she agrees, when she does this our superheroine goes down hard...she struggles to get up but the stunner has another surprise in store its a tainted cloth that puts her to sleep. The stunner than takes all of WW powers while she is out... then takes off all of ww accessories and her power belt! , WW wakes up and they fight again..but this time Wonder womyn is too weak to fight she has been drained of her powers . The stunner upper cuts WW with a vicious punch to her head that Ko's her... Get this hot vid to see if our superheroine gets her final revenge!!
HP-565 Dark Angel vs Cowgirl Goldie in "The Snitch" (1 Part)

In this video Goldie plays a cowgirl outlaw that has just pulled off several robberies and is planning a bigger heist with her partner (never seen). Goldie is looking hot in a blue halter top, hot blue denim shorts, bandana around her neck, gun belt, boots and cowgirl hat. Hollywood is playing "Dark Angel" with her sexy black shorts and boots, iron cross bikini top and arm warmers. Goldie and Hollywood never looked better and they really look sexy struggling over the gun over their heads.
HP-571 Wonder Womyn vs The Fear Monger (2 Parts)

Springboarding from "Den of the Spider Queen" [HP-464], Wonder Womyn (Hollywood) is caught in an entangling web of danger and intrigue when she falls prey to the terrifyingly twisted machinations of the fearsome Fear Monger!
HP-572 Dark Angel- "Caught In The Crosshairs" (1 Part)

Dead to Rights! Prowling one of the known safe houses of a local bandito, the lady rogue, Dark Angel (Hollywood), is looking to pocket the purse of a recent heist. Reconnoitering the residence, she suddenly finds herself caught in the crosshairs of an unseen assailant, who’s set his sights on deterring her! Exposed and under fire, the ambitious embezzler aims to find her way across open ground and sparse cover. Yet, with each determined step, she’s targeted to be taken down! There’s no concealment, no shelter that the mysterious marksman can’t get a bead on the bodacious burglar! Wounded, weary, with her back against the wall (literally!), Dark Angel gains headway into the homestead. But, this is no safe haven, as the fetching filcher soon discovers!
HP-570 Wonder Womyn vs Hypnos: "The Daemon's Chord"(1 Part)

“Sleep... Oh! How I loathe those little slices of death.” ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Wonder Womyn (Hollywood), weary from a grueling day of security briefings during the height of the National Convention, returns to her suite for a brief respite… oblivious of the intruder in her midst — Hypnos (played by Tyrone Grimstalk), a devious daemon who makes his presence known through the mesmerizing chords of his accursed flute. Already exhausted and entranced by the insidious instrument’s intoxicating influence, WW can’t help but welcome the soothing, melodious tune seductively lulling her to sleep. Beguiled and bewildered, entangled in the haze of a musical miasma, our heroine is maliciously victimized, as the felonious fiend accosts her, absconding with her prized possessions — boots, gauntlets, and Belt of Power — each article methodically relieved from her addled person with but a toot of his flute. However, there’s one thing this mischievous malcontent failed to take into account: the unwavering willpower of Wonder Womyn! Dazed yet determined, the Amazing Amazon steels her mind and, battling through the fog that has deadened her hyper-senses, takes the fight to her unearthly antagonist. But, with her vaunted strength, stamina, and resolve drastically diminished, can she dare to hope to sunder — let alone survive — the bedeviling enchantments of the Daemon’s Chord?
HP-568 Dark Angel vs Billy The Kid (1 Part)

Hollywood is dressed as sexy Dark Angel. She is looking for Billy The Kid, whom has just robbed a bank. The gorgeous Dark Angel finds Billy The Kid, and she demands the money. Billy The Kid refuses and bedlam ensues! An epic battle follows, with sexy Dark Angel beatting about Billy The Kid, but not without taking a few licks herself!!! After Dark Angel takes control, she makes the mistake of searching for more money, and Billy The Kid gets the jump on her! Does Dark Angel fight back and reign supreme? Or does Billy The Kid deliver the ultimate beatdown and escape with all of the money? Get this hot video and find out!!!
HP-564 Wonder Womyn in "Batgirl Trouble" (1 Part)

There’s a Batgirl in Wonder Womyn’s Belfry! Hot on the trail of stolen, secret documents, Wonder Womyn’s (Hollywood) search leads her to the dwelling of a notorious ne’er-do-well. Cautiously canvassing the premises, she fails to locate the concealed papers, but soon discovers she’s not alone in her endeavors — the bodacious Batgirl (played by Goldie) has joined in on the shakedown! Butting heads, the heroine’s combined egos prove impossible to contain, and a heated battle erupts! Between biting barbs and veiled threats, these two petulant, pulchritudinous powerhouses proceed to pummel each other with a vicious volley of punishing punches, kicks, chokes, gut-busters, and body blows! Fists fly furiously as the feral femmes fight it out, taking each other to task and giving no quarter. But, in the end, will sheer brawn and brutality prevail over callous cunning and chicanery?

HP-569 Wonder Womyn vs Wonder Girl vs Elwood (3 Parts)

Wonder Womyn and Wonder Girl enter the Black Widow’s lair.They are confronted by her henchman Elwood who tells them to get lost. After dispatching him the sexy super heroines assume the classic “hands on hips” pose and smugly call on the Black Widow to surrender. Instead they soon find themselves trapped in a giant spider web and can only watch helplessly as two monster spiders are placed upon their boots and slowly crawl up their legs.

In another scene our gorgeous superheroines encounter Elwood and beat him senseless. However he manages to turn the tables on themand render them unconscious. Wonder Womyn and Wonder Girlawake and find themselves strapped down to a table, struggling andsquirming in an attempt to break their bonds while Elwood looms over them and tells the trapped duo that they are about to be turned into human statues for the Black Widow’s trophy room. He explains that this is a two-part process, starting with an undercoating that will stiffen their delectable bodies followed by a special foam coating which will preserve them in a pristine state and allow him to pose them anyway he wants. Our sexy superheroines can only watch helplessly as Elwood begins to transform their succulent bodies intoprize works of art.

In yet another scene Wonder Womyn and Wonder Girl encounter Elwood and pummel him soundly. This time he manages to activatea control box which releases a net trapping them once again. The superheroines are then placed side by side on a catapult while Elwood gloats and tells them that they are about to be launched to their doom. Strapped to their boots are cameras to record their flight.

Will our sultry superheroines manage to escape the deadly spiders?Are they doomed to spend the rest of their lives as human trophies? Will they be launched into oblivion? Get this download and find out!

HP-560 Wonder Womyn in "The Trap" (1 Part)

We see Wonder Womyn talking to the commissioner on her cell heading into a house, as she searches for documents, a strage gas is leaking out, she screams its "A Trap" and is soon ko'd she struggles to her feet to get out but is gassed again, she screams NO, NO but is too weak to do anything about it, As she is asleep, someone is taking off her boot, she wakes up and notices her boot is missing... while searching for her footwear she is sprayed again, she says "you wont get away with it, you will go to jail" before she is out again. Her second boot is removed, she wakes to find it removed and is gassed again, she tries to reach for her phone but quickly passes out. Her magic belt and lasso are now removed along with her cuffs...when she re awakes she is powerless, she knows someone is playing a very dirty trick on her. She is once again sprayed but this time it is Laughing gas. Wonder Womyn calls the commish but he thinks she is playing a joke on him and he hangs up on her she struggles to stay awake but loses consciousness once more. Wonder Womyn is lifted over the villians shoulder and carried away...leaving only her boots accessories, top and bottom...
HP-558 Dark Angel & The Golden Avenger in "Payback" (1 Part)

This video begins with The Spy relaxing after defeating our two favorite Super Heroines (Dark Angel and The Golden Avenger), looking over the secret papers he had just secured (see HP-557). However he has grossly underestimated them as Dark Angel (Hollywood wearing her Iron Cross bikini top and arm warmers, tiny black shorts and black boots with her gun belt and gun) and The Golden Avenger (Robin wearing her tiny gold bikini, gloves and boots) enter the room and attack the careless Spy. Both girls look hot as ever as they perform an old fashion "beat down" two on one style, on the would be Spy. They use head locks, leg scissors, arm bars, body punches, even using their breasts to smother the lucky guy. They even do a little face sitting with some great camera work on the two girls' shapely butts!!! They proceed to stretch him out, one pulling his arms and one pulling his legs. But then Dark Angel asks The Golden Avenger to make sure there are some darts left in the gun. The Golden Avenger assumes she is going to use them on The Spy and replies, "Oh yeah, there's plenty of darts in here." After applying a choke hold on The Spy, thinking he is about finished, Dark Angel grabs her gun and shoots the surprised Golden Avenger right in the stomach!!! Then she turns her attention on The Spy. However, seeing Dark Angel turn on her partner revitalizes him and all of a sudden she has a real fight on her hands. They exchange bear hugs and body punches as they struggle over the gun. This time The Golden Avenger provides the back ground eye candy. Has the crafty Dark Angel made a big mistake knocking out her accomplice? Can this gorgeous super heroine defeat her, all of a sudden, super charged enemy? Either way, both girls look super applying holds to their hapless victim. Hapless at least until it gets down to a one on one contest. Who will end up with the top secret papers? Dark Angel, The Spy or will The Golden Avenger get back in the fight?
HP-559 The Good, The Bad, and The Not So Ugly (1 Part)

Randy M thinks she has devised a way to stop Wonder Womyn from interfering with her schemes to get rich. She is looking super hot today in a black bikini top, teeny weeny hot denim shorts and black boots. She has on her gun belt with a gun filled with special darts that were made to disable on our favorite super heroine. Randy confidently enters a house to rob and begins to search for hidden loot. Wonder Womyn enters the scene demanding to know what Randy is doing. Randy turns around and shoots Wonder Womyn with the special darts. The first appears to just slow Wonder Womyn down so she shoots again. Now Wonder Womyn is definitely dazed. Randy holsters her gun and wales away gleefully on Wonder Womyn's gorgeous but helpless body. It appears Randy's plan has worked as Wonder Womyn drops to the floor. But when Randy returns to her plundering, the wily Wonder Womyn slowly recovers and sneaks up on the unsuspecting thief and carefully pulls out Randy's gun. When Randy turns around in disbelief, Wonder Womyn shoots her with a dart. Of course, the mere mortal Randy drops straight to the floor, out cold. But Wonder Womyn isn't done. She wakes Randy up and Randy's problems are just beginning. Wonder Womyn tortures the poor bandit with a back breaker, abdominal stretch and camel clutch among other holds. Randy is KO'd several times. It appears this isn't her day. But Randy's gorgeous body looks terrific being tortured by an equally beautiful heroine. Randy's grandiose plans appear to have come to naught.
HP-557 Dark Angel & The Golden Avenger vs The Spy (1 Part)

Dark Angel (Hollywood wearing her Iron Cross bikini top and arm warmers, tiny black shorts and black boots with her gun belt and gun) and The Golden Avenger (Robin wearing her tiny gold bikini, gloves and boots) enter a house searching for some secret papers. Dark Angel is in the lead with her gun held high. They kneel behind a table as they discuss what to do next. Dark Angel rises and heads out to look around when she is brought down by a tranquilizer dart. The Golden Avenger rushes to her side, grabs the gun and stands up. But she also is quickly brought down by a dart. Two terrific looking bodies lying helplessly side by side on the floor. The Spy enters and ties Dark Angel's hands together above her head. This gives The Golden Avenger time to awake, grab the gun and attack The Spy. But she is too weak from the dart and The Spy is able to grab her and pin her to the floor. He then lifts her up and, with a series of right and left punches, knocks her out on the sofa. He decides to tie her to a chair and force her to talk. The Golden Avenger comes up with an idea, "Untie me and I will find the papers for you." The Spy falls for it, unties her, and she finds the papers. When Dark Angel wakes up, he quickly disappears, leaving the dazed super heroine thinking The Golden Avenger has turned traitor. Before Dark Angel can find her gun and deal with the traitor, she is shot with another tranquilizer dart and down she goes. But once again, The Spy prevails and leaves The Golden Avenger out on the sofa. This time it is Dark Angel's turn to battle The Spy. Can she fair better than The Golden Avenger? Or will she end up another victim of The Spy? Can they get it together in time to defeat The Spy and recover the secret papers?
HP-552 Dark Angel vs Kristiana (1 Part)

Dark Angel (played by Hollywood in her Iron Cross bikini and black shorts) is looking for some easy cash that can be quickly obtained. She sees an innocent looking girl (Kristiana) sunning herself in a backyard. Kristiana looks "Hot" in a white bikini top, tiny black shorts white knee socks and tennis shoes. Dark Angel thinks to herself, here's some easy cash and holds Kristiana up with her gun.When she reaches for her gun, Kristiana fires a dart into her hot gorgeous body. Dark Angel grimaces as she drops to the ground. When Dark Angel wakes up, she is surprised there is no bullet hole. Kristiana laughs and shoots the helpless villain again. This happens several more times .Can the sexy but careless robber get away? Or does the mischievous "innocent" girl end Dark Angel's robbery spree? Actually, this video clip has a surprise ending that you will not want to miss!!! But you cannot loose as the always hot Hollywood staggers around dazed after being on the receiving end of many, many darts. Nobody plays a woozy and disoriented victim better. And Kristiana truly enjoys taunting our favorite girl.
HP-544 Wonder Womyn in "Revenge" (1 Part)

Wonder womyn wakes up and finds her boots, gauntlets and her magic belt in a corner. She quickly puts them back on, thinking that Kaine may be coming back for her very soon. Wonder Womyn is going to get her " Revenge" or so she thinks. She hears a noise and hides surprising her villain with a hard blow to the back of his head. He goes down hard. Wonder Womyn who is now full strength with her magic belt, really belts out the holds with chokes, Knees, punches, KO's and belly punches, giving Kaine what he deserves and more, but Does our lovely dominate SuperHeroine prevail? or does this evil doer have a few surprises in mind? Get this download and see...

HP-548 CatWoman vs SuperGirl (1 Part)

SuperGirl played by the Gorgeous Randy Moore is summoned to a home where she
hears cries for help. Cat Woman lures SuperGirl into the home pretending to be a helpless victim. Cat Woman sprays a weakening spray on SuperGirl and lays down a mean beatdown. She claws her victim, punches, kicks and punishes her till no end. She finally KO's Supergirl, ties her up very tight and ball gags her prey leaving her left to struggle half naked while cat woman leaves for The first National bank...
Get this very HOT video Now.
HP-542 Wonder Womyn in "Captured" (1 Part)

Wonder Womyn gets a call from the commissioner and heads over to an empty house, soon she is trapped with no way out. The evil Francesca gets the upper hand and injects Wonder Womyn with a powerful KO drug, and it's nitey night time for Wonder Womyn!!! Wonder Womyn wakes and struggles to get out of bondage, but Wonder Womyn is not out of the clear yet, as gorgeous Francesca starts up the gas again leaving Wonder Womyn all alone and helpless... Does Wonder Womyn wake up and get revenge on this terrible criminal or does Wonder Womyn reign again? Get this hot Download and see...

HP-531 Life's a Gasser (1 Part)

If you like to see our gorgeous superheroine Wonder Womyn helplessly KOed, then this video is for you!!! Sexy Francesca is relentless in her quest to knockout poor Wonder Womyn, and she leaves her fighting for survival as she repeatedly clamps a deadly tainted mask over Wonder Womyn's beautiful face. Nothing for Wonder Womyn to smile about here though, as Francesca is set to force her ultimate demise!!! Don't miss this sexy & HOT video!!!

HP-525 Wonder Womyn vs Son of Ninja (1 Part)

Wonder Womyn is in her car when she gets a call from the commissioner warning
her that Nasty Ninja's son, "Kaine is on the loose". Nasty Ninja is still in jail and
wants revenge, he sends in his oldest son to do his evil deed and get rid of WW once and for all. Wonder Womyn is ready, but can she overcome Kaine's desire for revenge? An epic battle ensues that you won't want to miss as our sexy superheroine continues her battle against evil!!!

HP-520 Wonder Womyn vs Bat Woman (1 Part)

Our lovely superheroine is upstairs in her home when she gets an anonymous tip about the whereabouts of a secret disk. Unbeknownst to WW is Cat Woman ( played by the buxom Goldie) on the floor below sneaking around looking for the same disk.WW heads downstairs and catches Bat Woman! A huge catfight begins, punches, kicks to the face and abs are flying everywhere , on the floor on the couch , hold after hold punch after punch, choking on another. One of these superheroines are going down and fast! Be the first to see which hot super babe prevails! Models Hollywood and Goldie.

HP-502 Dark Angel in "Lost Papers " (1 Part)

Dark Angel is attempting to recover some stolen papers. Dark Angel is played by Hollywood, dressed in her black Iron Cross bikini top and arm warmers, black hot pants and black boots, looking as hot as her tiny hot pants!!! Unfortunately, a goon is also after the stolen papers and when he crosses paths with Dark Angel, the battle is on!!! Hence, we have an epic back and forth battle between hot & sexy Dark Angel and her evil foe. Back and forth the struggle will go, but only one will be the victor. Will the goon fall to our sexy Dark Angel, or will he prove to be her nemesis??? Get this exciting video and find out!!!

HP-516 Wonder Womyn in "The Sadistic Intruder" (3 Parts)

Wonder Womyn gets ambushed and stripped of her super powers by a sadistic intruder (played by Christian). Our gorgeous superheroine ends up in a sexy black bikini, and her hot hard body gets relentlessly worked over by her evil foe. The sadistic intruder delivers a merciless beatdown as he punishes our fav girl with vicious belly punches, suffocating chokes, and even beats her down with a weapon!!! Does she fight back and neutralize her foe, or does he dominate her to the very end? Get this HOT video and find out!!!

HP-512 Wonder Womyn in "Evil Games" Part 2 (1 Part)

This is Part 2 to HP-501. Wonder Womyn (dressed in costume and sheer pantyhose) is called in to meet a stranger whom she thinks she has not met. Serpentina played by ( Goldie ) has been commissioned by the Evil Chemist...Evil Serpentina and her snake come in and grab a piece of WW precious items off her body, there is more struggling as WW tries to resist and find a way out, but its no use, she eventually falls asleep Again the evil chemist will put Wonder Womyn through these evil games many times to satisfy his demented mind.

HP-511 Wonder Womyn in "The Crime Spree " (3 Parts)

A sexy villainess has been breaking into homes and thus has appeared on our gorgeous superheroine Wonder Womyn's radar. When Hollywood returns home, she is confronted by a sexy burglar (played by Robin) and is quite unappreciative that someone would attempt to rob her. Wonder Womyn arrives on the scene, and an epic battle emerges between two hot bodied ladies as once again the forces of good and evil clash. Check this exciting video out to see whom emerges victorious!!!

HP-504 Wonder Womyn in "The Wrong House" (3 Parts)

It is a beautiful day in Hollywood-ville, but it is about to storm.... We see Holly trimming her Christmas tree, saying she is so glad she does not have to fight crime today.
An armed thief turns up lurking around the outside of her home. Hollywood is forced to give up her valuables until the thief makes a huge mistake, keeping his eyes off her. Hollywood transforms into Wonder Womyn and takes control, giving the male a beat down he'll never forget, tying him up, and tickle torturing him..he cannot escape Wonder Woman's relentless torture. Will she call the cops or continue to torture her prey???
Check it out!!

HP-491 Wonder Womyn vs The Stranger (2 Parts)

Our gorgeous superheroine returns home after a long day fighting crime and returns home for some well deserved rest, only to be accosted by and yet another villain!!! The Stranger has devious plans for our sexy lass, and after ambushing her he punishes her with a tickle torture, and even records it with a video camera for posterity!!! But Wonder Womyn fights back, and The Stranger finds this story to possibly have an alternate ending! Check it out!!

HP-501 Wonder Womyn in "Evil Games" (1 Part)

An Evil Chemist has created his own diabolically evil games for our gorgeous superheroine, only they are not "just a game"!!!! Sexy Wonder Womyn finds herself in peril as a twisted evil-doer concocts various ways to punish our fair lass. It becomes evident that these are indeed a one-sided affair, and if the Evil Chemist wins, it may be the end of our precious superheroine Wonder Womyn!!!

HP-499 Wonder Womyn vs The Bad Cop (3 Parts)

A good cop gone bad (played by sexy Diana Knight!!!) has thoughts of vengeance on her mind. The Bad Cop wants to get back at our gorgeous Wonder Womyn, and when she gets the chance to act on her desires, Wonder Womyn finds herself at the mercy of this HOT evil doer. The Bad Cop punishes Wonder Womyn beyond belief, and our sexy superheroine is in peril!!! Get this hot video and see if Wonder Womyn can survive a good cop gone BAD!!!

HP-496 Wonder Womyn vs The Mistress (3 Parts)

Wonder Womyn clashes with The Mistress, an evil henchwoman that has been enslaving women, and now intends to add Wonder Womyn to that list!!! The Mistress gets the jump on our gorgeous superheroine and the battle is on as Wonder Womyn is not about to surrender what she cherishes most: Freedom!!! An epic battle ensues! Does Wonder Womyn prevail? Or is she to become another victim of the black market??? Check it out and find out!!!

HP-494 Dark Angel vs Wonder Womyn (3 Parts)

Dark Angel (played by Hollywood) seeks out Wonder Womyn (played by Goldie) in an attempt to steal her belt, rendering her without superpowers, and vulnerable to attack!!! Dark Angel indeed gains control of the belt, and it's ON!!! But Wonder Womyn won't go down without a fight, and she regains her powers to deliver a punishing beatdown to Dark Angel's sexy body. Who reigns victorious in the end??? Get this hot video and find out!!!

HP-484 Liberty Belle vs Dr. Evil & The Nurse (3 Parts)

Liberty Belle has her hands full as she takes on the crazed Dr. Evil and his outlandishly sexy nurse (played by Stacy!!!). The evil duo get the upperhand and pummel poor Liberty Belle's sculpted abs with reckless abandon. Liberty Belle takes a serious beating as these two villains doubleteam her and take turns punishing the sexy lass. Does Liberty Belle fend off the assault? Or does she fall victim to her assailants? Get this hot video and find out!!!

HP-483 Wonder Womyn vs The Commando (3 Parts)

Wonder Womyn narrowly escapes death on the railroad tracks, then pursues a villain named The Commando. Our gorgeous superheroine plans on defeating the Commando with a vegeance and she begins to punish the evil henchman. However, the Commando soon reverses the tables and poor Wonder Womyn ends up on the receiving end as the Commando delights in giving her sexy body a vicious beatdown. Does Wonder Womyn reign superior? Or does the Commando finish the job? Buy this HOT video!!!

HP-481 Revenge of The Naughty Nurse (3 Parts)

Wonder Womyn had already defeated the sexy Naughty Nurse (played by Robin), but the vixen has returned to give our gorgeous superheroine a taste of her own medicine!!! Wonder Womyn is in peril as the Naughty Nurse, dressed in a skimpy black bikini and belly revealing lab coat , delivers a vicious beatdown to our body beautiful babe!!! Can Wonder Womyn thwart the efforts of her misdirected nemesis, or does she suffer a super sexy unparalleled beatdown??? Check out this hot video and find out!!!

HP-489 Wonder Womyn Enslaved (3 Parts)

Wonder Womyn is informed of a sinister plot to destroy our fair city, and she immediately intervenes to stop the evil Onyx (played by Afrika). Onyx agrees to spare the city, in return for a beatdown session with our gorgeous superheroine. Wonder Womyn agrees to the terms, and she sacrifices her curvaceous body to a brutal beatdown!!! But Onyx is not satisfied, and total agenda includes enslavement of our hot Wonder Womyn! Does Wonder Womyn survive t he beatdown? Will she disappear into enslavement? Get this HOT video and find out!!!

HP-482 Liberty Belle vs The Golden Avenger (3 Parts)

Liberty Belle (Hollywood) makes the mistake of accusing the Golden Avenger (Robin) of commiting a robbery. The sexy Golden Avenger denies the charges, and when our gorgeous Liberty Belle turns her back, she is taken completely by surprise!!! What follows is a HOT beatdown as the Golden Avenger unleashes her fury on Liberty Belle's curvaceous body! Does Liberty Belle fight back? Or does she fall victim to her sexy foe? Check it out!!!

HP-480 Black Avenger vs Puma (3 Parts)

Hollywood assumes the identity of the Black Avenger in an effort to punish Puma for all the girls he has defeated and humiliated. She beigns to manhandle the much larger Puma, but he is no pushover and he fights back and turns the table on on sexy do-gooder. Does the Black Avenger live up to her name? Or does the Puma continue to destroy her sexy body Get this hot video and find out!!!

HP-478 Wonder Womyn vs The SpellBinder in "Double Whammy" (3 Parts)

Wonder Womyn encounters a sexy villain known as The SpellBinder. Always ready to fight evil, Wonder Womyn engages her new foe, and she is drawn into an enchanting spell, which may ultimately lead to her own destruction!!! Can Wonder Womyn escape the spell and unseat her evil foe? Or is the this end for our gorgeous superheroine? Check it out and see!!
HP-475 Wonder Womyn in "Research Study " (3 Parts)

Wonder Womyn is invited to participate in a little research project, which will test her endurance and ability to withstand different labors and environments...or so she thinks!!! A maniacal researcher has different plans for our gorgeous superheroine, none of which involve her ultimate survival. Does Wonder Womyn weather the storm, or does she fall victim to a twisted research study? Get this hot video adn find out!!!
HP-471 Wonder Womyn in "False Hostage" (2 Parts)

Wonder Womyn is sent to apprehend another criminal (played by Liz Lightspeed) when she is ambushed and in grave peril!!! The devious woman is a white slaver, and she unfortunately has a client that wishes to purchase Wonder Womyn, and at a premium price to boot!!! Wonder Womyn isn't going to go down easily, but when she is compromised with a tainted cloth, our gorgeous superheroine is in no shape to take control of her destiny. The battle rages on as Wonder Womyn fights to avoid a horrendous beatdown, and an unknown fate. Get this exciting video and find out what happens to our fair superbabe!!!!

HP-470 Wonder Womyn vs The Debutante (3 Parts)

A wealthy, bitchy spoiled woman has summoned Wonder Womyn to her home. The woman tells Wonder Womyn that she wants to buy her as her personal servant, to do the woman's bidding. Wonder Womyn is appalled at the suggestion, telling the woman she's heard enough and that she's leaving. The entitled woman is angered that she can't get her way, as she threatens that she'll be sorry she refused and that she'll make Wonder Womyn pay. An angered Wonder Womyn storms off. The woman gets on the phone, calling someone, telling them she wants Wonder Womyn as her personal servant and to make the arrangements.

HP-467 Wonder Womyn vs The Desperate Terrorist (3 Parts)

Wonder Womyn receives a call from the Commissioner regarding a wayward terrorist that may be targeting her. She goes to check things out, and finds a poor man that has been taken hostage. However, when she frees the "victim", he ambushes poor Wonder Womyn and the battle is on!!! Does Wonder Womyn escape the clutches of Evil, or does the deperate terrorist put an end once and for all to the destruction of his Cells by our gorgeous superheroine? Get this exciting video and find out!!!

HP-466 There Can Be Only One (1 Part)

Wonder Womyn played by Hollywood gets a call from the commissioner about a womanwho says That she is The real Wonder Woman (Tomiko)WW sneaks into the house to locate this impostor. She is struck over the head but not KO'd they fight back and forth for a while, then the impostor(Super Tomi) takes out a magic cloth and Ko's our lovely heroine, she strips her of her boots, wrist bands and magic belt. They fight back and forth. Some how WW gets her belt back and tries to repay the beatdown to her nemesis. Which Wonder Woman gets the upper hand? Get this exciting video and see!!

HP-464 Den Of The Spider Queen: Silk Stalkings (1 Part)

Lead by an anonymous tip, Wonder Womyn (Hollywood) finds herself slinking about one of the safehouses of the nefarious Black Widow. ! It’s Amazon against Arachnid in a battle of unwavering strength, fury, and determination versus vicious, unrelenting, primeval terror! Though the outcome is unclear, there is one certainty — to the victor go the spoils… and death to the fallen!

HP-457 Ring Around The Superheroines (1 Part)

Jungle Woman (Hollywood) and Wonder Woman (Goldie) partake in an epic journey of superheroine battle!!! This hot video includes two beautiful and sexy superheroines battling it out as the deceiving forces of hypnotics causing them to work against one another, rather than as allies. Does Headquarters get destroyed? Or does the force of Good prevail over Evil??? Get this hot video and find out!!!

HP-460 Wonder Womyn in "Return of The Unibomber" (2 Parts)

Wonder Womyn is once again ambushed by the devious Unibomber!!! He pounces upon our gorgeous superheroine and repeatedly knocks her out. Poor Wonder Womyn is in peril as this demented bad guy wishes to deal a diabolical blow to the community of do-gooders!!!! Does Wonder Womyn survive? Or does The Unibomber finish her off prior to wreaking havoc on the defenseless community? Get this great video and find out!!!

HP-459 Capturing Wonder Womyn (3 Parts)

Wonder Womyn is pursued by the lovely Liberty Belle and another sexy vixen known as the Spider Woman. This proves to be difficult for the two henchwomen when they attempt it solo, so they diabolically double team our gorgeous superheroine!!! But can the forces of evil stay at work together, or do they also oppose one another? And can they capture and destroy our fair city's sexy savior Wonder Womyn? Get this hot video and find out!!!

HP-456 Wonder Womyn vs The Madd Scientist (3 Parts)

Wonder womyn gets a call from the commissioner about a Scientist
that is Hypnotizing people, she goes in to investigate. When she arrives
she is surprised by the villain ( who looks like he just escaped from the insane asylum) who stun guns Wonder Womyn several times. Watch this video to see if Wonder Womyn beats this hypnotized state and maybe her foe!

HP-455 Wonder Womyn vs The Hypnotherapist (3 Parts)

Wonder Womyn is in pursuit of a sexy hypnotherapist that hypnotizes her victim to have them at her mercy. She finds the evil villainess, and an epic battle is on!!!

HP-454 Wonder Womyn vs The Tickle Bandit (2 Parts)

Wonder Womyn is looking for "The List" and is ambushed by "The Tickle Bandit" played by Kristiana. Wonder Womyn is stripped of her boots, belt and gauntlets and is now powerless, She is Ko'd by a tainted cloth several times. The evil bandit always wakes Wonder Womyn up by tickling her in every position imaginable.
Then the tables are turned and it's Wonder Womyn's turn to get revenge on her evil foe!!!

HP-453 Wonder Womyn in "The Mission 2 " (2 Parts)

As last seen in episode HP-445 Wonder Womyn In "The Mission", Wonder Womyn was left to be picked up by The Specialist played by newcomer "Ra'id". Wonder Womyn awakes in a hidden new location tied and bound as she tries to escape but is caught by Commando and Ra'id! What follows next is a one sided 2 on 1 beatdown of our lovely heroine. Does she get her belt, bracelets, and boots back to defeat these thugs!!! Watch this hot vid and find out!

HP-449 Wonder Womyn in "Best Friend " (2 Parts)

Goldie has always considered Wonder Womyn her best friend. But she feels that lately her good friend has been ignoring her and not spending the quality time she feels she needs. Somewhat jealous of her time spent crimefighting, Goldie gets a little over the edge and upon discussing the problem, loses control. Consequently, poor Wonder Womyn ends up suffering a nasty beatdown from her best friend!!! Check it out!!!

HP-450 Wonder Womyn in "The Silence " (1 Part)

An evil villianess played by Tomiko is sneaking into WW's home and has some devious plans to take out the Superheroine once and for good. WW enters and is looking for stolen Jewels while doing so she is ambushed by her assassin. The assassin decides to put WW to sleep with a non lethal dose of a KO drug... When she awakes the Villian comes back in and they struggle only for WW to get Ko'd this time with a magic cloth. The evil woman  returns yet again and goes for another round with the tainted cloth. She ties up the superheroine and lets her struggle in bondage for awhile. When she returns is it the very end for our superheroine? Get this Hot title now and find out!

HP-448 Wonder Womyn in "Punch Out " (3 Parts)

Wonder Womyn attempts to participate in a nice charity fund raiser, but a sexy vixen instead has different plans for her. If it is left up to Nicole, Wonder Womyn will be forced to donate her body to the evil employers that sent this vicious, yet incredibly hot henchwoman to destroy her!!! Poor Wonder Womyn punched senseless in this epic battle!!!

HP-445 Wonder Womyn in "The Mission" (3 Parts)

Wonder Womyn is faced with the challenge of subduing a highly trained Commando that has been sent on a Mission to destroy her!!! But Wonder Womyn is always prepared, and when he shows, she takes control of the Op. Unfortunately, the Commando is able to unexpected relieve Wonder Womyn of her magic powers, and thus begins a well plotted beatdown of our gorgeous superheroine!!! Does she spoil the Mission? Or does it succeed? Check it out!!!

HP-444 Wonder Womyn in "Wish List" (3 Parts)

Wonder Womyn shows her kind heart and fullfills her civic duty as she grants a last request. However, the request is put in by an evil villainess masquerading as a sick woman with a last wish. Poor Wonder Womyn is caught completely offguard, and is soon the one fighting for her life as she is repeatedly k.o.ed and tormented by the twisted vixen. Put this video on your wish list and get it now!!!

HP-443 Wonder Womyn vs The Evil Trainer (2 Parts)

Wonder Womyn is lured into a training session with a sinister villain known as The Evil Trainer. His intentions are not good, and our lovely superheroine finds herself in peril as The Evil Trainer plans to destroy her!!! Does she turn the tables on the forlorned fitness figure? Or does the Evil Trainer succeed in his "break down" set??

HP-254 Wonder Womyn in Peril (3 Parts)

This is three different vignettes with Wonder Womyn in peril and they are foot fetish themed videos. Each has a different plot. Go to the Detail Page to read there descriptions and have at it with these hot Wonder Womyn fetish videos!!!

HP-441 Wonder Womyn in "Sweet Dreams" (3 Parts)

WW is on the phone with the commissioner talking about a new villainous named "Sweet Dreams" who is causing problems in the city.  She's been using her special knockout formula to capture and control various heroines in the city, and it seems WW is next on her list...

HP-227 Miss Freedom vs Tanya D (3 Parts)

Miss Freedom seeks out the evil, yet incredibly sexy villainess Tanya D, and when she finds her, fans of superheroine battles between off-the-scale gorgeous ladies are sure to be winners!!! A back and forth battle rages between two fantastic vixens, but only one of the forces between good and evil shall prevail! Check this hot video out and see!!!

HP-439 Wonder Womyn in "Trouble At Home " (3 Parts)

Wonder Womyn is resting at home when a mysterious and tremendously sexy intruder invades the perimeter. Ambushing poor Wonder Womyn, the intruder gets a leg up and our gorgeous superheroine is in peril as she receives a massive beatdown from the bodacious henchwoman. Does Wonder Womyn rally, or does the hot, hot uninvited guest prevail? Get this hot video and see!!!

HP-438 Wonder Womyn in "Special Delivery " (3 Parts)

An evil character disguised as a Post Man gets the jump on our sexy Wonder Womyn. Once he overpowers her, he takes her inside and delivers a vicious beatdown. Then, he sets a hideous trap up to bring an end to our sexy superheroine! Does she escape? Or does our gorgeous girl meet her demise? Check this hot video out and see!!!

HP-435 Wonder Womyn in "Massage Massacre" (3 Parts)

Wonder Womyn decides to cash in on a long awaited massage, but en evil woman (Franchesca) has abducted her masseuse and is playing an imposter. Wnoder Womyn is completely clueless as the massage becomes an instrument intended to destroy her!!! Get this hot video and see if Wonder Womyn indeed is massacred, massaged, or BOTH!!!

HP-434 "Prize for the Collector" Wonder Womyn vs The Henchwoman (2 Parts)

Wonder Womyn is approached by a sexy woman (Kristiana) that reveals she is working for The Collector. The Henchwoman is determined to make a nice little prize out of our gorgeous superheroine for her boss, the Collector. Well, it's just not that EASY!!! The two vixens lock horns and bedlam ensues!!! Get this hot video and see!!!

HP-427 Wonder Womyn vs Annie Oakley (2 Parts)

Wonder Womyn is on the trail of a sexy little cowgirl going by the name of Annie Oakley. Annie has victimized some other gals, but Wonder Womyn has come to the rescue!!! Annie is prepared to do battle, but when Wonder Womyn proves to be impervious to bullets, the two go at it mano-a-mano. A super sexy battle ensues, and you won't want to miss it!!!

HP-432 Wonder Womyn vs The Hitwoman (2 Parts)

Wonder Womyn is surprised by a super hot Hitwoman, and finds herself in trouble as she fights for her life. The Hitwoman, a trained and true professional, has come prepared so that she may strip Wonder Womyn of her super powers, and then deliver the beatdown of all time. Does the Hitwoman succeed in ridding the bad guys of Wonder Womyn's sense of Good over Evil, or does Wonder Womyn pull through? Check it out!!!

HP-428 Wonder Womyn vs Ninja Assassin (3 Parts)

Wonder Womyn faces an incredibly tough adversary when she is confronted by Ninja Assassin. He uses his martial arts expertise to put the hurt on our fav superheroine, and she fights for survival as he works her over to her limits!!! A one-sided beatdown that Wonder Womyn may not recover from as the forces of Good & Evil clash again!!!

HP-422 Wonder Womyn vs Ordinary Woman III (2 Parts)

Wonder Womyn is once again accosted by Ordinary Woman, played by sexy bombshell Stacy. Maybe the name implies lack of Superpowers? Because Ordinary Woman is bound and determined to give our sexy superheroine the fight of her life!!! Bedlam from the beginning, Wonder Womyn fights for survival!!

HP-421 Wonder Womyn vs Fan Girl (2 Parts)

Wonder Womyn is glad to have fans, but this one (played by sexy Kristiana) is a little too enthusiastic!!! Things get out of hand, and the battle between Wonder Womyn and Fan Girl explodes into a fight for survival! Get this hot video and see which of these beauties reigns superior!!!

HP-420 Wonder Womyn vs Madame Phobia (2 Parts)

Wonder Womyn is confronted by the mysterious Madame Phobia, and this evil villainess uses her demented powers to bring Wonder Womyn's greatest fears into the realm of reality! Cab Wonder Womyn fight off not only her worst nightmares, but also the powerful Madame? Get this hot video and see!!!

HP-419 Wonder Womyn vs The Mimic (3 Parts)

There is only one thing better than Wonder Womyn: that's TWO Wonder Womyn!!! But can a Mimic actually defeat and replace the real thing? Check this one out as one super sexy fake tries to lay claim to the real deal as she battles our gorgeous Superheroine in this hot video!!!

HP-418 Wonder Womyn in "Super Imposter" (Complete Video)

Wonder Womyn is faced with a new and unique challenge. She shows up to fight evil, only to encounter an imposter, and now she fights for her own identity!!!! Tomiko is convinced that she is indeed the real Wonder Womyn, Talk about identity theft! Check this one out!!!!

HP-417 Wonder Womyn vs Ordinary Woman Part 2 (3 Parts)

Wonder Womyn once again faces Sexy Stacy, the Ordinary Woman (whoa, compared to what!!) These two beauties clash in another epic battle of good vs evil, which might just be incredibly sexy vs incredibly sexy!!! Don't miss this as Wonder Womyn battles Sexy Stacy in a hot, steamy supervideo!!!

HP-415 Wonder Womyn vs The Silencer (3 Parts)

A diabolical new villain named The Silencer has twisted plans to silence our gorgeous Superheroine once and for all!!! Wonder Womyn arrives to battle this demented scrub-clad reject, but she is greeted with a criminal with vast knowledge of defeating her superpowers, hence our lass is in Peril!!!

HP-412 Wonder Womyn vs The Farmer's Daughter (3 Parts)

Our gorgeous Superheroine is confronted by a sexy little farm girl that plans to reap a harvest: Wonder Womyn!!! Once again, Wonder Womyn is faced with another potentially devastating adversary as she attempts to overcome the uncanny farm bred strength of The Farmer's Daughter!!!

HP-410 Wonder Womyn vs The Crooked Cop (2 Parts)

Wonder Womyn is faced with dealing with a crooked cop (played by sexy Stacy!) and the wheels of justice are tested, along with Wonder Womyn's super powers!!! This is a fantastic battle between two hardbodied ladies as our gorgeous Superheroine is once again in peril!!!

HP-409 Wonder Womyn in "Student Revolt" (2 Parts)

Wonder Womyn becomes caught in the middle of a student revolt as her student rebels on the order of great magnitude. The "student" has her own ideas and Wonder Womyn soon finds herself in peril, but she is not about to give up and decides it may be time to "Teach a lesson"!!!

HP-407 Wonder Womyn vs The Rapacious Reporter (3 Parts)

Wonder Womyn finds out she is being disparaged by a reporter and she goes to settle the problem. The reporter isn't about to give ground, and the battle is on. Wonder Womyn is up for the fight, but the reporter has tricks up her sleeve!!! Does Wonder Womyn save her reputation? Find out!!!

HP-404 Wonder Womyn vs Magnatar (2 Parts)

Even though she is warned, Wonder Womyn finds herself once again in peril as The Unibomber's partner in crime, the powerful and mysterious Magnatar is in relentless pursuit of one objective: defeat Wonder Womyn! Wonder Womyn finds herself k.o.ed and helpless. Can she escape???

HP-402 Worthless Wonder Womyn(3 Parts)

The Masked Man wishes to meet up with Wonder Womyn and she is informed of this by the authorities. Disguised as a reporter, Wonder Womyn feels she is ready for The Masked Man, but he is not fooled! Does Wonder Womyn prevail, or is she in for a surprise? Get this video and see!!!

HP-079 Wonder Womyn vs The CowGirl (3 Parts)

Wonder Womyn faces a deadly foe in the form of The CowGirl (Played by Christine) and this is one knock down drag out battle!!! The CowGirl is one tough adversary and she is out to finish off our lovely superheroine once and for all!!!

HP-399 Wonder Womyn vs Serpentina (3 Parts)

Wonder Womyn is set upon by a sinister, new assailant — Serpentina [Liz Lightspeed]! Sinewy, sadistic, and armed with a devious array of debilitating martial skills, this slithering assassin has a singular purpose — to put the sssssssqueeze on our heroine once and for all!

HP-398 Wonder Womyn vs The Masked Man Part 2 (1 Part)

Wonder Womyn is disguised as Miss Prince, and when she interviews the freshly released from prison Masked Man, she soon finds herself his prey! Can Wonder Womyn recover from her attackers ambush? Or is this unknown adversary too much of a force of evil? Get this short but exciting video and find out?

HP-397 Wonder Womyn vs Cat Woman (3 Parts)

Wonder Womyn enters Cat Woman’s lair, ready to take her down and bring her to justice.Within minutes, Wonder Womyn is captured and gassed by one of Cat Woman’s henchwomen, Tigra (Afrika).  Cat Woman and Tigra then proceed to tie Wonder Womyn in knots, with a combination of ropes and submission holds. Her uniform ripped to shreds, Wonder Womyn is nothing more than a play thing for the twisted Cat Woman.  But Cat Woman doesn’t end there.  She takes a mad pleasure in completely ensnaring Wonder Womyn only to set her up for an embarrassment from which she may never recover!!!

HP-396 Wonder Womyn vs Ordinary Woman (3 Parts)

Wonder Womyn takes on an "ordinary woman" (first time anyone has called Stacy that!!!) and the battle is on. Stacy is anything but ordinary, and she puts it to Wonder Womyn. However, Wonder Womyn is not about to be defeated, and the sexy little ordinary woman gets her fair share of a beatdown. Get this hot video and see for yourself!!!

HP-394 Liberty Belle vs Avenger & The Assassin (3 Parts)

Liberty Belle is revived by another superheroine that wishes to join forces with her, but upon arriving at her home, the beautiful Liberty Belle becomes nothing but annoyed with the novice. When Belle decides to oust the newbie, confrontation occurs and hence begins an adversarial relationship as poor Liberty Belle soon finds herself in trouble as Avenger punishes her, and a surprise visit is made by yet another foe!!!

HP-393 Wonder Womyn vs The Crazy Cowgirls (3 parts)

Wonder Womyn gets a rescue call from the Masked Avenger. Little does Wonder Womyn know that’s she’s headed for an ambush from two of the reservation cowgirls, Calamity Jane and Strong Hand Sally,  Francesca and Stacy.   From the minute Wonder Womyn enters the ring, Jane and Sally proceed to give our super heroine a beat down unlike any she’s experienced.  Sally and Jane have complete revenge in mind for Wonder Womyn. Can survive everything Crazy Cowgirls have in store for her. 
HP-392 Wonder Womyn vs Decay & The Lecherous Lawyer (3 parts)

The Lecherous Lawyer has poor Wonder Womyn at his mercy and brings in the hot and evil Decay to aid him in destroying his superheroine adversary. Decay punishes Wonder Womyn to the brink of destruction, then The Lecherous Lawyer jumps in to double the disaster!!! Can poor Wonder Womyn survive the overwhelming onslaught? Get it and see!!!
HP-388 Wonder Womyn vs The Shadow (3 parts)

The evil villainess The Shadow lies waiting for Hollywood as she has plans to destroy Wonder Womyn. The Shadow takes out Hollywood (or so she thought!) only to conjure up Wonder Womyn. Battle ensues, and the twisted Shadow pulls all sorts of tricks out of her bag as she punishes Wonder Womyn and threatens to eliminate her!!!
HP-041 Wonder Womyn vs The Master Ninja (3 parts) Remastered!!!

The Master Ninja returns to finish the job that Nasty Ninja couldn't get done! Bigger (alot), Nastier (for sure), and much Meaner (by far) he intends to end it all for keeps. Hollywood gets ambushed but later transforms and the battle is on! Wonder Womyn ends up in "the electric chair" and it could be the end...get this one and find out!!!
HP-386 Wonder Womyn vs Princess Formicida II (3 parts)

Wonder Womyn continues to get worked over and enslaved by the evil alien Princess Formicida. However, a sexy new superheroine arrives on the scene to save our perilous superbabe, but she does a sub-par job!!! The Masked Avenger ends up suffering at the hands of the dastardly evil, but delightfully hot badgirls as Wonder Womyn herself is turned to be used as an implement of the evil vixens. Does Wonder Womyn rise above and save the day? Or does she ultimately partake in the destruction of a hot new superheroine? Get this exciting vid and see!!!


HP-385 Wonder Womyn vs Princess Formicida (3 parts)

If you think you’ve seen every Wonder Womyn adventure, think again.  Princess Formicida has come from another planet to capture and enslave Wonder Womyn.  Wonder Womyn has NEVER experienced such a sadistic foe. Want to see what happens when Wonder Womyn willingly puts herself through agonizing wrestling holds? Is forced to reveal her worst fears?  Is then chained and her mind is sucked from her head?  A ton of surprises await both you and Wonder Womyn, read on for the perilous details.


HP-389 Wonder Womyn vs The Maniac (2 Parts)

Wonder Womyn awakens to find herself restrained and at the mercy of yet another Maniac!!! Unfortunately, this demented evildoer is not only fiendish and plotting, he has twisted talents as a videographer and records his dastardly intimidation of his sexy and captivated Amazonian babe. Will Wonder Womyn fall prey to his repeated antics, or will she break free and make him sorry he ever lived!!! Have a lookie!
HP-086 Wonder Womyn vs Nasty Ninja (3 parts) Remastered

Wonder Womyn is warned by the Commissioner of the Nasty Ninja's whereabouts. Upon confronting the evildoer, our gorgeous superheroine throws down with a massive opponent bent on her demise! The battle begins, but the Nasty Ninja has a game plan and Wonder Womyn finds herself at his mercy, or lack thereof!!! Does she comeback and subdue her foe? Find out...
HP-382 The Clowning of Wonder Womyn II (3 Parts)

We last found Wonder Womyn in a load of mischief at the hands of the Evil Clowns. Already made a fool at every turn, can Wonder Womyn resist the Clown's crazy plans for her, or will she succumb and become a part of their Clown gang? Check out the zany conclusion and see if our sexy superheroine can escape the evil destiny of a demented Big Top Circus!!!

HP-381 The Clowning of Wonder Womyn (3 Parts)

Wonder Womyn returns to exact her revenge on the Evil Clowns who tricked her into a “charity” match the last time round. Only this time, the Clowns have bigger plans for Wonder Womyn than just wrestling, they want to turn her into a Wonder Clown!!  Can Wonder Womyn stop the shenanigans or will she turn into the butt of the Clown’s ultimate joke?  Watch now and find out!

HP-380 The Intruder & The Sentry (3 Parts)

This is a super hot theme video that you fans of sexy superheroines and belly punching will "abs"olutely love!!! Hollywood and Franchesca don various superheroine costumes as the Intruder & the Sentry and clash in a bombastic display of belly punching and K.O.s!!! These two hold nothing back as they each take turns dominating their foe as they target each others vulnerable midsections to attain victory!!! Check out this exciting 5 part theme video!!!

HP-379 Liberty Belle in Hiawatha's Revenge (3 Parts)

As Liberty Belle lies k.o.ed and the Terrorist is about to finish her off, an incredibly sexy Indian Maiden (Nicole O) enters the room and intevenes. This videos marks the entry of yet another gorgeous grappler into the roster of Hollywould Productions as Nicole O plays the role of Hiawatha and engages our lovely Liberty Belle (Hollywood) and the deviously sexy Terrorist (Christie R) in a furious Battle of the Babes!!!

HP-374 Wonder Womyn vs Nemesis (3 Parts)

Wonder Womyn faces a nasty new archrival named Nemesis, and this foe is named appropriately!!! These two beauties engage in a whirlwind match that starts in the ring and goes corner to corner, inside and out. Another sexy slugfest between tow gorgeous grapplers as Wonder Womyn continues to battle the forces of Evil. But has she met her Nemesis???

HP-377 Wonder Womyn vs The Queen of Tights (3 Parts)

Hollywood is overcome by a mind control plot and she tranforms into Wonder Womyn and is sent to dethrone her friend as the Queen of Tights. A diabolical plan leads to a vicious confrontation between two sexy superheroines as they throw down and tear each other's nylons apart as they compete to become the only "Queen of Tights".

HP-375 The Chemical Destruction of Wonder Womyn (3 Parts)

Wonder Womyn faces and yet another sinister foe as Miss Concoction uses her great chemical knowledge to attempt to destroy our fav superheroine. Once the lab coat comes off, the devious Miss Concoction uses her chemicals and her bodaciously buff body to brutalize poor Wonder Womyn!!!

HP-371 Wonder Womyn vs The Dream Harbinger (3 Parts)

Wonder Womyn battles a notoriously hot foe called the Dream Harbinger, played by cutie Raquel (mucho caliente...get it?). This is one fast paced and furious battle with possibly two of the hottest and best in the business. You won't want to leave your collection of wrestling videos lacking this one!!!!

HP-369 Loss Of Liberty II "Revenge" (3 Parts)

This is a continuation of the exciting video HP-362 Loss of Liberty. Hollywood plays the role of the vixen Liberty Belle and she is kidnapped by the evil villainess played by none other than super hottie Christie R.! A great superheroine video with two gorgeous characters to boot!!! Get it and see for yourself!

HP-370 Wonder Womyn vs Witchy Woman (3 Parts)

Here is the exciting sequel to Wonder Womyn in the hot video "In Search Of The Kijoka Talisman", HP-368. You won't want to miss this one as Wonder Womyn struggles against Witchy Woman's Black Magic and some vicious Snakes!!! Check it out and Enjoy!!!

HP-367 Wonder Womyn vs The Xterminator (3 Parts)

An evil villain known as The Xterminator is contracted to reveal Wonder Womyn's true identity with DNA verification. After snagging our sexy superheroine, an epic battle leads to a possible tragedy in the demise of one gorgeous vixen whom we all root for. Don't miss this exciting chapter in the saga of Wonder Womyn!!!

HP-368 In Search Of The Kijoka Talisman (1 Part)

Wonder Womyn is sent to recover an ancient artifact and is unaware of the evil that lies within it. This is the introduction to a dark journey in which Wonder Womyn will be confronted with forces of the supernatural. Check this video out as Wonder Womyn fights for her life against serpents of death!!!

HP-364 Wonder Womyn vs The Bikini Bandit (3 Parts)

Wonder Womyn must once again face the devious Bikini Bandit as we pick up where her previous encounter ended. However, the sexy siren Kristiana has joined the voluptuous Bikini Bandit in her diabolical plot to destroy our gorgeous superheroine Wonder Womyn!!!

HP-346 Wonder Womyn vs The Phony Photograher (3 Parts)

Wonder Womyn is lured to a photoshoot by a devious phony photograher. After she willingly sheds her superpowers for the shoot, Wonder Womyn finds herself at the hands of a twisted camera wielding foe and a heated battle ensues between good girl model and phony photograher!

HP-362 The Loss Of Liberty (3 Parts)

A new Superheroine by the name of Liberty Belle enters the scene as she does battle with The Terrorist. Our new gorgeous glam girl takes a one-sided beating as it becomes apparent the The Terrorist has "other" diabolical plans in store for the patriotically bikinied babe!!! Have a look!

HP-361 Wonder Womyn in "Kidnapped" (2 Parts)

Wonder Womyn faces and yet another challenge as the evil henchman attempts to kidnap her! Wonder Womyn doesn't throw the towel in easy and this is no exception!!! Check this one out and see if the evil henchman ultimately has his way, or if good prevails!!!

HP-360 Wonder Womyn vs The Bikini Bandit (3 Parts)

Another new evil temptress appears on the scene in the form of The Bikini Bandit, and she soon learns it is not wise to mess with a bikini wardrobe that may belong to that sexy savior of Good: Wonder Womyn! Check this out for some excting new action with a new addition to Hollywould Productions temptimg team of babes!

HPT-002 Wonder Womyn "The Tickle " Part 2

The tables turn, and now Wonder Womyn applies her tickle talent to her lovely foe Kristiana. Our gorgeous superheroine puts Kristiana to the test, but will she break free and once again torment Wonder Womyn? Check it out!

HPT-001 Wonder Womyn "The Tickle "

Hollywood once again caters to a fan request as Wonder Womyn finds herself in peril as the sexy villainess Kristiana relentlessly tickles her nylon stockinged feet and writhing curvaceous body. Don't miss this exciting clip!!!

HP-077 Wonder Womyn in "Bizarro World " (3 Parts)

Hollywood stars as Di, a sexy babe getting dressed up for a hot night on the town! But she is ambushed by some nutcase that dishes out some of the hardest belly punching we've seen!!! Wonder Womyn appears, but she too faces some brutal opposition. Find out who wins!!!

HP-074 Wonder Womyn in "Casting Couch" (3 Parts)

Hollywood goes to an audition and unfortunately the sicko she encounters has just the "role" to cast her in. When things start to go in the wrong direction, Wonder Womyn appears and a vicious battle for survival follows!!! Check this classic out!

HP-351 Wonder Womyn vs Africa Episode II (3 Parts)

Wonder Womyn returns to settle the score after her beatdown from powerful Africa. Does she have what it takes to reign superior? Or is this Africa vixen just a little out of our gorgeous super heroine's league? Find out for yourself!!!

HP-350 Wonder Womyn vs African Adventure (3 Parts)

Wonder Womyn ends up in a perilous situation as the powerful African Adventure sets out to destroy her. Stripped of her powers, Wonder Womyn receives a serious beatdown which appears to be a "perk" for her evil foe!

HP-349 Wonder Womyn vs Africa Episode I (3 Parts)

Wonder Womyn encounters the mighty Africa and feels her awesome power! Africa claims to be the most powerful adversary on Earth, and she takes poor Wonder Womyn apart to prove it. This may be the end for Wonder Womyn!!!!

HP-344 Wonder Womyn vs The Evil Clowns (3 Parts)

Wonder Womyn attends what she thinks is a charity event and agrees to wrestle two clowns. Unbeknownst to her, they are Evil Clowns and our gorgeous superheroine quickly finds herself at their mercy! A unique theme to a completely awesome ring match.Check it out!

HP-338 Wonder Womyn in "Low Blows " (3 Parts)

Wonder Womyn and Kristiana get in on in the ring! What begins as a scripted video turns into all out war as Wonder Womyn warns Kristiana not to deliver any real low blows. Vivacious babe Kristiana has different ideas, and these two beauties go after one another with a fury never before seen!!! Check this one out and be prepared to cringe!!!

HP-339 Wonder Womyn in "The Omega Sector II " (3 Parts)

Hollywood is surprised to find out that the Madam Menace knows her true identity when she is confronted by her. The Madam demands to fight her as Wonder Womyn, and Hollywood obliges her gladly. What follows is a battle between two sexy gladiators as both of these two vixens are anything but short on boxing skills! Get this video and find out if Wonder Womyn can break up the evil Madam's wretched ring!!!

HP-340 Wonder Womyn in "The Omega Sector" (3 Parts)

Wonder Womyn accepts an assignment from the mysterious Omega Sector. She investigates an underground boxing league run by Madam Menace, which seems to be swallowing up the girls that compete. Unfortunately, our sexy superheroine must get past a powerful foe in order to expose the Madam Menace. This is a great video for boxing fans!!!

HP-201 Wonder Womyn & Super Girl in "Master, Inc."

(3 Parts)

Wonder Womyn comes to rescue Hollywood from the mustached Manly Womyn and finds herself at the mercy of "Master, Inc.". Her hot superbabe friend Super Girl attempts to assist her, and the two Supervixens fall victim to their perpetually sadistic foes. Let's hope the super females prove equals to their quasi-male opponents!!!

HP-332 Wonder Womyn vs The Lecherous Lawyer

(3 Parts)

Wonder Womyn gets served by a man representing legal counsel for the Super Criminals of the city. He has other plans for her, and they include an illegal beatdown!!! Our sexy superheroine attempts to settle this one out of court and the two go at it with a fury. I'd tell you whether Wonder Womyn comes out on top, but I guess I'll just plead the 5th ammendment!!!

HP-319 Wonder Womyn & Super Girl vs The Nylon Bandit

(3 Parts)

Wonder Womyn teams up with Super Girl to rescue Jungle Woman from the lair of the evil Nylon Bandit. The dark side is in for a big surprise(and beatdown) as the hot duo of superheroines really work over The Nylon Bandit's sexy body and...feet! A real exciting video as the gorgeous gals reveal a true fetish within!!!

HP-335 Wonder Womyn vs The Toymaster ( 3 Parts )

Wonder Womyn is in for the battle of her life as the evil Toymaster successfully clones her and she must face her own strengths!!! Not prepared, WW becomes the victim of a one-sided beatdown as she pleads with her evil adversaries. Do they show mercy? Or is this the end for WW??? Check out this great video!!!

HP-324 Wonder Womyn vs The Sleeper IV ( 3 parts )

Wonder Womyn is once again confronted with a dangerous rival in The Sleeper. A horrific battle, which turns into a beatdown, puts our gorgeous superheroine in a dangerous position. Wonder Womyn may be "sunk" for keeps when the battle continues poolside. Don't miss this exciting new video with a devious new twist!!!

HP-336 Wonder Womyn in "Double Trouble"( 3 parts )

Wonder Womyn's greatest foe indeed may be herself!!! A soon to be classic, Wonder Womyn is faced with fighting none other than Wonder Womyn herself and a battle of epic proportion ensues. Imagine the futility of knowing your foes exact strengths and weaknesses...because they are your own!!! Check this great video out...

HP-317 Wonder Womyn vs The Unibomber Part II( 1 part )

Wonder Womyn is still in peril as we present a continuation of HP-297 Wonder Womyn vs The Unibomber. The dastardly , rude, and socially unacceptable Unibomber continues to pummel and K.o. the gorgeous and glamourous gal of The Good Side. Check this out and find out the conclusion of another exciting episode!!!

HP-307 Wonder Womyn vs The Pretty Punisher ( 3 parts )

Wonder Womyn answers the challenge to a boxing match with The Pretty Punisher Christine and soon finds herself in peril as the relentless forces of evil cannot possibly entertain fair play. Multiple k.o.s are featured in what may be the demise of our gorgeous superheroine. Get this video and enjoy your own Fight Night!!!

HP-305 Wonder Womyn vs Black Malice( 3 parts )

Wonder Womyn enters the ring to face a new and vicious adversary as she goes to battle against Black Malice. Our sexy superheroine is in for a surprise as she fights for her life in this one-sided collision of vixens. Get this one and cheer for Wonder Womyn as she's going to need all the help she can get!!!

HP-312 Wonder Womyn vs The Hitman ( 3 parts )

The Hitman is hired to eliminate Wonder Womyn, and he may just have done that in the mother of all Wonder Womyn beatdowns. A near helpless Wonder Womyn gets worked over by a mercilous foe as she struggles to survive countells belly punches, kicks, chokes, and smotherings. Get this and cheer for our poor superheroine!!!

HP-308 Wonder Womyn vs Nylon Vixen II ( 3 parts )

The saga continues as Wonder Womyn lies in the grasp of the evil but sensuous Nylon Vixen. As though things aren't bad enough for our gorgeous superheroine, the sexy Kristiana appears as Catwomyn to help her, but is fooled. Wonder Womyn ends up hypnotized and is forced to turn on her potential savior Catwomyn. Another hot video with gorgeous babes galore!!!

HP-302 Wonder Womyn vs The Science Psycho ( 3 parts )

Wonder Womyn really has her hands full as she is confronted by the heinous( but sexy !!!) Science Psycho. Our lovely superheroine is the victim of the Science Psycho's mastery of chemistry and physics as she falls prey to the Psycho's treachery. Will Wonder Womyn survive the "electrifying" experience she is subjected to as the Science Psycho turns up the voltage??? Get this exciting video and find out!!!

HP-070 Wonder Womyn vs Naughty Nurse ( 3 parts )

Hollywood goes to the doctor for a routine exam, but Naughty Nurse gets a bad attitude and introduces a few of her own "procedures". As Hollywood's warnings are ignored, she transforms into Wonder Womyn and Naughty Nurse gets a taste of her own medicine. These two gorgeous babes go at it in the ultimate "stress test". Don't miss this one as it's sure to get your heart rate up!!!

HP-297 Wonder Womyn vs The Unibomber ( 2 parts )

Wonder Womyn is lured into a trap by a wannabe unibomber and is unexpectedly ambushed!!! The sadistic villain gets the advantage and works over the gorgeous superheroine as she is repeatedly k.o.ed by a unyielding henchman. Will our gorgeous Wonder Womyn escape?...or will the evil unibomber prevail as he calls in reinforcements??? Get this one and find out!!!

HP-291 Wonder Womyn vs Kristiana (3 parts)

Wonder Womyn pays a visit to Kristiana's Wrestling School to break up the party and the sexy villainess Kristiana has no plans of surrender. This battle ultimately ends up in the ring and features two gorgeous hot bodies as they throwdown with reckless abandon to determine the winner of the clash of sexy superheroines!!!

HP-294 Wonder Womyn vs Nylon Vixen (3 parts)

Wonder Womyn faces a new evil and devilishly sexy foe: The Nylon Vixen!!! Hollywood is ambushed by the nylon donned foe and transforms into Wonder Womyn .But the Nylon Vixen is looking for a victim to serve her demented plans and Wonder Womyn is in for a twisted surprise. Get this one and see for yourself!!!

HP-087 Wonder Womyn vs Evil Man (3 parts)

This is the original Wonder Womyn video!!! Wonder Womyn is tipped as to the location of Evil Man's hide-out. She searches for him and he surprises her and a classic battle ensues. Good and Evil clash as beauty vs brawn decide the fate of the City!!!
HP-202 Super Shelly vs Evil Woman (3 parts)

Super Shelly (The Burbank Bomber)is paid a visit by Evil Woman(Hollywood) and the battle is on for the plot to blow up a building!!! The superheroines clash over a boyfriend and this is one "Super" catfight. Multiple k.o.s are dealt as these two hard bodies go at it!!!
HP-289 Wonder Womyn vs Shannan (3 parts)

Wonder Womyn is trick or treating and gets a tainted treat from Shannan!!! This leads to the Mother of all Lift & Carry Wonder Womyn videos! A back and forth battle with plenty of lift and carries. Don't miss this exceptional specialty video.
HP-285 Wonder Womyn vs The Sleeper "Song of The Angel" (3)

The Angel of Death teams up with The Sleeper to put an end to Wonder Womyn. They attempt to beatdown Wonder Womyn as she is stripped of her powers and unable to recuperate in order to endure their onslaught. Wonder fights back desperately as three gorgeous babes are intertwined in combat and struggling for survival of the fittest!!! Another great WW series!!!
HP-032 Wonder Womyn vs Daughters of Darkness(3 parts)

Wonder Womyn agrees to a match not knowing she will be facing two ruthless vampiresses. Two on one proves too much for our sexy superheroine as the dark powers of the dastardly daughters work their evil on our fair and righteous goddess. Will they sink not only their claws, but possibly their teeth into our dear Wonder Womyn as she sticks her neck out for all mankind?
HP-283 Wonder Womyn vs The Sleeper II (3 parts)

The Sleeper has been released and returns to wreak havoc on her foe Wonder Womyn!!! The Angel of Death has sent her to subdue our lovely super heroine and Wonder Womyn is ambushed, stripped of her powers, and then given a thrashing by the villain. The Sleeper lives up to her name as she uses her evil implements to dominate and deliver Wonder Womyn to a tragic fate!
HP-069 Superheroines Collide (3 parts)

Dr. Doom uses his twisted evil powers to cause two super sexy super heroines to do battle. American Pie throws down with Wonder Womyn as the two gorgeous goody gals are fooled into tending to Dr. Doom's evil work: Gorgeous bodies are pummeled and punished as each of the vixens tries to eliminate the other for good! (?) Hold on as superheroines collide!!!!
HP-031 Wonder Womyn in "The Centurion Necklace " (3 parts)

Hollywood is guarding a priceless necklace and the evil Kitty Meow wants it. As our favorite goddess of wrestling suns herself, the villainess attacks her to seize her prize. Unfortunately for Kitty, Hollywood's close friend Wonder Womyn appears to battle the evil doer and the two hot bodied vixens clash head to head. It's "On" for the necklace , and may the best babe win!!!
HP-273 Wonder Womyn in "The Message" (3 parts)

Hollywood is surprised by an evil villain that wishes to send Wonder Womyn a threatening message through her good friend. Attempts by Hollywood to transform and have Wonder Womyn meet the villain face to face only end in failure. This finds sexy Hollywood struggling against a thorough beatdown, serving as "The Message"!!!
HP-063 Wonder Womyn vs Nasty Ninja II (3 parts)

Wonder Womyn gets a lead as to the whereabouts of The Nasty Ninja and goes to nail him. However, the Ninja is ready and jumps our lovely superheroine and delivers a mercilous beating. Wonder Womyn survives to dish out some of her own Ninja butt-kicking. A surprise ending that will "shock" you!!!
HP-049 Wonder Womyn vs The Evil Swordsman (3 parts)

Wonder Womyn arrives to save a distressed damsel from The Evil Swordsman. Highly skilled with weapons, he attacks our lovely superheroine and the battle is on. Can Wonder Womyn stop the talented henchman? Or will she fall victim to his devices? Either way, a grandiose struggle between good vs evil explodes !!!
HP-276 Wonder Womyn vs Bain II (3 parts)

Wonder Womyn is still at the mercy of the evil Bain as he attempts to force her to confess her identity. The sexy superheroine knows she must fight for her life when the opportunity arises. Bain tries to continue his mercilous defeat of Wonder Womyn, and the fight is on!!!
HP-275 Wonder Womyn in "The Perfect Crime" (3 parts)

Wonder Womyn is taken down by a masked assailant and is rendered helpless in restraints. A wicked foe keeps the sexy superheroine at bay, and repeatedly beats and chokes her.Wonder Womyn is helpless! Has Wonder Womyn met her End?
HP-278 Wonder Womyn vs The Sleeper (3 parts)

Wonder Womyn encounters another new hired assassin: the voluptuous supervixen known as The Sleeper. Our sexy Superheroine fights a valiant battle to protect a government CD and is bound, and even drowned by The Sleeper. Classic Good vs Evil !!!
HP-261 Wonder Womyn vs The Mad Scientist (3 parts)

Wonder Womyn catches the Mad Scientist lurking about, and upon confronting him, she is injected with a diabolical drug and rendered unconscious. The Mad Scientist reveals his plan to make her ending slow and tortuous, and a Beginning to an End materializes...
HP-058 Wonder Womyn vs The Alien (3 parts)

Wonder Womyn has the task of defeating an evil Alien that proves to be a difficult adversary with superpowers of his own. Will Wonder Womyn's superpowers prevail? Or will the energy blast from the Alien's brain claw relieve her of her duties of protecting mankind?
HP-245 Wonder Womyn vs The Assassin (3 parts)

The Assassin is contracted to eliminate our seductive Wonder Womyn so he abducts her friend Hollywood to find her. Wonder Womyn "arrives" and a fight for survival ensues. Restraints, physical punishment, and lethal injections are used as Good & Evil clash!!!
HP-267 Wonder Womyn vs Bain (3 parts)

Wonder Womyn is lured into a trap by her evil foe Bain. He has learned from others mistakes, and has no intention of giving our sexy Superheroine the slightest bit of mercy. Although Wonder Womyn suspects a trap, she becomes a victim of foul play.
HP-224 Wonder Womyn vs Pantera II (3 parts)

This video begins with Wonder Womyn bound and at the mercy of the evil henchman Pantera. She frees herself in an effort to face her foe, however Pantera quickly subdues her and the punishment for her efforts begins.
HP-056 Wonder Womyn vs Pantera (3 parts)

Wonder Womyn encounters a new foe in the evil henchman Pantera. Surprising our unsuspecting heroine, Pantera subdues her and the beginning of an epic confrontation begins. Wonder Womyn fights for her life as the evil villain sets out to completely destroy her with countless punishing techniques!
HP-222 Wonder Womyn vs Fausta (3 parts)

Wonder Womyn is taken captive by the sinister Fausta. Our heroine is subjected to Fausta's evil doings after she falls prey to poisonous gas. Wonder Womyn is stripped of her powers as her battle against Fausta rages on.
HP-242 Wonder Womyn vs The Executioner (3 parts)

Wonder Womyn is ambushed by The Executioner and becomes the instrument of her foes sadistic pleasure. Our superheroine is subjected to a mercilous beating, bondage, and even a humiliating display of pudding abuse ( you'll have to see this for yourself!). Does it all end here for Wonder Womyn?
HP-043 Wonder Womyn vs Jason (3 parts)

Wonder Womyn gets the upper hand on Jason but makes the mistake of reporting she has defeated him. Jason recovers with a vengeance and begins tormenting our poor superheroine. Does she even survive the battle with this twisted foe?
HP- 240 Wonder Womyn vs Evil Christine (3 parts)

Wonder Womyn is sent to stop the Evil Christine from poisoning the water supply. After she extracts the antidote information, Evil Christine turns the tables and drugs her . With the help of WW's magic lasso, Evil Christine forces our superheroine to reveal the source of her magic powers.
HP- 026 The Adventures of Super Tanya (3 parts)

Our invincible heroine Super Tanya has one minor flaw: she loves to beatdown beautiful women! Black Diamond is sent to exploit this weakness and uses her beauty to elevate Super Tanya to a new level of arousal . A big mistake as Black Diamond now preys upon her.
HP-207 Wonder Womyn vs The Sorceress (3 parts)

Plotting revenge, and fresh out of the psych ward, the evil Sorceress (Stacy) abducts an innocent blonde babe (Tanya) to bait her nemesis Wonder Womyn and extract revenge. Our lovely superheroine walks into a trap, and inspite of her superpowers, suffers a beating.
HP-208 Wonder Womyn vs The Sorceress II (3 parts)

The Battle continues as Wonder Womyn attempts to turn the tables and fight back against the misfortune that has befallen her. Our superheroine struggles further with Tanya and The Sorceress (Stacy). The later receives a well deserved beat-down for her wicked ways.
HP-019 Wonder Womyn vs Niteshade & Vlad (3 parts) Remastered

Our beautiful superheroine Wonder Womyn takes on the evil Vlad and the beautiful (but evil) Niteshade. She goes to battle one on one, and also falls victim to being double-teamed. Even though Niteshade and Vlad attempt to tear Wonder Womyn in two, fear not as her superpowers and beauty won't let us down!
HP-073 Red Dawn Syndicate (3 parts)

Wonder Womyn confronts confronts Cherry and Lola, two members of the Red Dawn Syndicate. She catches each of them alone and hopes to extract info about the Syndicate. Unfortunately, Cherry and Lola ultimately band together and Wonder Womyn is relentlessly double-teamed!
HP-055 Wonder Womyn vs The Black Widow (3 parts)

An unsuspecting Hollywood enters the hideout of the evil Black Widow and is caught off guard without her superheroine powers. She desparately struggles to break free from her foe and transform into Wonder Womyn. The sexy Black Widow resorts to dirty tactics to subdue our gorgoeus heroine and draw her into her web, once and for all!



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