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HP-305 Wonder Womyn vs Black Malice


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Each Part is approx. 10 to 10 1/4 minutes long , 51-52 MB, and is 15 tokens.

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Description of Wonder Womyn vs Black Malice:

Wonder Womyn enters the ring to face a new nemesis: Black Malice!
As we find Wonder Womyn loosening up, her adversary Black Malice appears BORED TO DEATH. The two vixens agree to shed their superpowers and weapons, but Black Malice breaks the rules form the get go. As they lock up, it becomes immediately apparent a battle of epic proportion is in the making. However, the sinister Black Malice intends to make it a beat down of epic proportion.
Wonder Womyn finds herself on the ropes as Black Malice pummels her relentlessly as she chases her and beats her about the ring. Poor Wonder Womyn can only grunt and groan in pain as she pleads with Black Malice. Diabolically evil as she is, Black Malice begins to assault Wonder Womyn with an assortment of weapons that she has brought along. Wonder Womyn shrieks in pain as first her belly is pounded, then her head is bashed with Black Malice's implements of destruction.
Black Malice is having a ball as she stretches and contorts Wonder Womyn's curcvaceuous body. Our poor superheroine begs for mercy, yet her psychotic opponent only pours it on all the more. Wonder Womyn's perfectly formed legs become the target of brutal kicks and joint locks as the gorgeous do-gooder is reduced to a desperate and helpless heroine.
Black Malice systematically destroys our sexy savior as she uses vicious scizzors, eye rakes, punches, kicks, bear hugs, and slams to act as her vehicle of pleasure. Wonder Womyn's sculpted abs are crushed with powerful bearhugs, squeezed with stomach claws, bashed with elbows, and pulverized with punches as she can only wail in misery as the twisted Black Malice works her over non-stop.
In the end, WW finds herself bound in the center of the ring, vulnerable and k.o.ed as Black Malice drags her off and considers her options as to the bleak future of our fav superheroine!!! Stay tuned and cheer for Wonder Womyn!



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