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TITLE: Cocooned Crusaders Part 1 COST: $7 ~ 7 MINUTES

TITLE: Cocooned Crusaders Part 2 COST: $6 ~ 6 MINUTES

TITLE: Cocooned Crusaders Part 3 COST: $6 ~ 6 MINUTES

TITLE: Cocooned Crusaders Full Video COST: $19 ~ 19 MINUTES




Description of HP-960:

Newly assigned to the case, Bat Womyn (played by the gorgeous Hollywood) and Bat Gurl (played by the sultry Stacy Burke) enter the villains’ lair and confront the boss and henchmen. They proceed to beat up the bad guys, causing them to flee the room except for the boss, whom they back into a corner. Bat Womyn& Bat Gurl assume the arrogant hands on hips pose and call on the fiendish felon to give up. He refuses and instead shoots the unsuspecting super heroines with tranquilizer darts

The caped crime busters slowly drop to the floor and are soon out cold. The henchmen return and carry the unconscious heroines away.What is in store for our helpless heroines?  Stick around and find out!


Bat Womyn & Bat Gurl are carried into another room and placed on two tables side by side. The henchmen proceed to tie the slumbering super heroines up, binding their wrists and ankles. After securing the super heroines the boss instructs the henchman on how to use the Anti Super Heroine Cocooning Systemthe diabolical new weapon that the HQ wants them to use and is a two-part process.

 First they will prep the heroines with a base undercoating, followed by spraying them down with an outer foam cover. As the henchmen start brushing on the undercoating the heroines awake and protest.


 As the boss gloats the henchmen proceed to slather the undercoating on the heroine’s boots, legs, shorts, breasts and armpits. The sexy super heroines struggle and squirm but are unable to break their bonds.  Once this is done the henchmen apply the outer foam cover, spraying their boots and working their way up the heroine’s legs.

 BW & BG continue to struggle but to no avail as the evil concoction takes hold, slowly sealing their delectable bodies in a compressing cocoon. Is this the end of our heroic duo? Only time will tell!


Having escaped from their foam coffins, Bat Womyn & Bat Gurlagain confront the villains and proceed to dispense their standard beat-down on the bumbling bad guys before the boss manages to temporarily incapacitate Bat Gurl by blowing sneezing powder in her face

As the helpless heroine sneezes her pretty head off, the bossmanages to grab her and strap her to the wall. 

On the other side of the room Bat Womyn is busy beating up the two henchmen when the boss sneaks up behind her and bonks her on the head. 

Temporarily dazed by the blow our Maiden of Might is unceremoniously dragged across the room and secured to he wall next to Bat Gurl. Now fully alert, the heroines struggle to free themselves when the boss sprays knockout gas in their faces.  The boss and henchmen gloat over their slumbering captives and decide their fate.


Next we find our caped captives tied up side by side and about to be done in by the bad guys. This time  the boss gleefully informs the trapped duo that they are going to electrocuted and has the henchmen attach electrodes and wiring to their feet. The boss and henchmen gloat, then exit. Bat Womyn & Bat Gurl struggle to break their bonds, finally succeeding and managing to detach the devices and wires just in time. They then catch up to the henchmen and beat them up one more time before dragging them off to jail.

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