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HP-478 Wonder Womyn vs The SpellBinder in "Double Whammy".

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Description of Wonder Womyn vs The SpellBinder in "Double Whammy":

Our gorgeous super heroine Wonder Womyn, played by Hollywood, receives a telephone call from the commissioner. It seems there is an evil beautiful witch, "The Spellbinder" played by Robin, on the loose. Wonder Womyn is skeptical about a witch saying, "What's this, Harry Potter?" The commissioner reminds her that this is very serious and makes her promise to be careful. Still scoffing the idea of a "witch", Wonder Womyn enters her lair. When "The Spellbinder" suddenly appears behind her, looking hot in a tiny black bikini, black boots and black dress gloves, Wonder Womyn is quickly convinced of her powers, especially after she places our heroine in a spell. Under the spell, "The Spellbinder" is able to force Wonder Womyn to bang her head into a wall. After that she takes Wonder Womyn's eye sight away, has her rolling around on the floor, then makes her strangle herself. Wonder Womyn is completely in "The Spellbinder's" control. Wonder Womyn is forced to helplessly bang her head on the mat, she is kicked and stomped on and then strangled by invisible hands. The hands then grope the helpless heroine and squeezes her rib cage. To add insult to injury, "The Spellbinder" turns her wand into an electric stick and shocks Wonder Womyn all over her gorgeous body from her eyes and mouth to her long legs and private parts. After forcing Wonder Womyn to give up her belt, she tortures her until she passes out. "The Spellbinder" then summons her magic ropes to tie up Wonder Womyn's hands and feet. When Wonder Womyn wakes up she is able to struggle and free her feet, but "The Spellbinder" uses the rope to play with our favorite super heroine like a puppet. Next "The Spellbinder" summons a large number of snakes to torture Wonder Womyn. Now Wonder Womyn, looking super hot as always, is covered with deadly snakes, her hands are tied she is under a wicked spell. Is there anyway she can escape? Or is this the finale for Wonder Womyn? Obviously "The Spellbinder" is more than just a character from a movie in a super hot outfit!!!!

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