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HP-201 Wonder Womyn & Super Girl


"Master, Inc."

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Description of Wonder Womyn & Super Girl in "Master, Inc.":

Hollywood is relaxing and Manly Woman enters the room. Manly Woman is aware that Hollywood is quite worn out from a previous match that even though she won, she got worked over hard by her two opponents. Manly Woman also knows that when Hollywood gets in trouble, Wonder Womyn shows up to rescue her. Since Manly Woman plans on mastering Wonder Womyn, she decides to work over Hollywood and summon the superheroine. Manly Woman reveals she is part of "Masters, Inc.", which has been named after her brother.
Small talk turns into all out war, but soon Hollywood finds herself struggling for air as she is smothered by Manly Woman. Now, Manly Woman bathes herself in a special "superformula" developed by her brother, then she begins to mercilessly beatdown poor Hollywood. As her sexy body is abused by the scary woman with the mustache, Hollywood begs as the submissive until she can stand no more and passes out.
Hollywood awakens, and finding herself alone, then she transforms into Wonder Womyn! Manly Woman enters the room full of attitude, but our sexy superheroine begins to adjust that. However, the relentless Manly Woman retaliates and proves she is not to be taken easily.
Now enters the Master. He issues his threats to our curvaceous cultivator of goodness, then the battle bursts like a bomb. Wonder Womyn is at first in charge, but the diabolical thug soon gets the upper hand and pummels Wonder Womyn's voluptuous body. Wonder Womyn fights back, but the Master sadistically continues his onslaught. Soon, the company of "Masters, Inc." doubleteams our beautiful superheroine. The two criminals strip Wonder Womyn of her powers and take turns holding her while their accomplice batters her sculpted abs. Wonder Womyn is stretched and pinned while the duo slams their fists into her vulnerable belly.
But onto the scene appears Wonder Womyn's sexy sidekick Super Girl!!! Super Girl attempts to thwart the efforts of the dastardly duo, but she also is unable to overcome the power of "Masters, Inc." and writhes in pain as she is pounded and contorted by Manly Woman. Complete chaos prevails as our superheroines are beatdown by the evil siblings. Camel clutches weaken the sexy body of Super Girl, while Wonder Womyn is helpless in an over the knee backbreaker as the Master rains heavy blows into her taunt stomach muscles.
The room is filled with the superheroines moans of pain, but is only interrupted by the banter back and forth by the evil perpetrators as they encourage one another to destroy their victims. The two gorgeous supervixens bodies as thrown upon one another, then their foes trade off victims as the Master punishes Super Girl with an over the shoulder backbreaker, and Manly Woman traps Wonder Womyn in a devastating ab stretch. The situation continues to degenerate as little Super Girl cries out in agony and Wonder Womyn is reduced to a senseless victim. The two champions of Good are now manipulated and their perfect bodies are used as weapons against one another. The pandemonium continues and "Masters, Inc." appears to be striving for total destruction, not submission!
What happens to the sensationally sexy superheroines? Do they indeed fight back and save not only face, but the entire city? Or do they end up submitted to the forces of Evil...or even worse, they perish at the hands of their tormentors? Get this hot and exciting video and find out!!!




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