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HP-404 Wonder Womyn vs Magnatar


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Description of Wonder Womyn vs Magnatar:

Wonder Womyn gets a call from the commissioner that The Unibomber's partner in crime (Magnatar) is in town and she is warned and to watch out for this mysterious character... As Wonder Womyn sneaks in, Magnatar uses his strange powers to rip Wonder Womyn's belt and cuffs off of her. Wonder Womyn is left powerless.Wonder Womyn and Magnatar fight it out, but he manages to Ko' her with a tainted cloth..He strips her of her boots and hides her belt and cuffs. The groggy superheroine wakes up only to have the villain put her out again. He takes pictures to prove he has captured the true Wonder Womyn. She wakes up and finds Magnatar snoozing in the other room, another fight ensues. Magnatar knocks out poor Wonder Womyn once again and ties her up and takes more pics, then he carries her to another room for more of the same punishment. Does The Villain have "other" diabolical plans in store for the lovely Wonder Womyn? Have a look!



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