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hhhhHP-749 Struggle Wonder Womyn Struggle



TITLE: Struggle Wonder Womyn Struggle Complete Video COST: $15 ~ 15 MINUTES




Description of HP-749:

Wonder Womyn has been summoned to a secure location to locate a chip that has important information on it . When she gets there she finds a machine that's  got some kind of GPS tracking device on it, suddenly she is ambushed from behind by a woman (played by Kristie E)
Wonder Womyn goes down hard, then is choked and beaten severely!
The villainess is wanting the valuable information that is on the chip inside the machine.. Wonder Womyn says "My lips are sealed!" The evildoer replies "I'll seal your lips for good !! She then clamps down her big hands on our superheroine's mouth. She continues to torture Wonder Womyn with various holds, scissors and chokes. At one point Wonder Womyn gets the upper hand, but winds up in an uncompromising position ... The Villain gets some rope and hogties our super hot superheroine. To further humiliate Wonder Womyn she pulls down her own top and Breast smothers WW!! Does our superhero get out of her hogtie or is she left to struggle? Get this hot video and find out!!



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