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HP-668 Wonder Womyn in "Dance, Princess, Dance!"



TITLE: Wonder Womyn in "Dance, Princess, Dance!" Complete Video COST: $12 ~ 12 MINUTES





Description of HP-668:

The Force is Strong in This One — We Must Break It! Entrapped and enslaved by The Hardmaster, Wonder Womyn (Hollywood), garbed in slave princess trappings, is expected to serve the wanton whims of The Sheikh, a mysterious ringleader of illicit female trafficking and the international slave trade. But, WW’s constant rebellion needs to be pacified, her fierce nature caged, her unyielding will utterly broken. Enter: The Enforcer! This ruthless disciplinarian has been tasked to tame the female fury — mind, body, and spirit! What follows is a vicious, torturous beat-down, as the Amazing Amazon is forced to endure a grueling, physical ordeal for her impertinence, as her beautifully toned, battle-hardened body is brutalized, her stamina tested, her iron-will and nerves of steel tempered, and her mettle measured to the brink of submission. Only until Wonder Womyn has accepted her fate, succumbed to The Hardmaster, and relinquished all that she is to The Sheikh, will she find release from her torment. But, is it possible for a warrior-born to concede defeat, even against overwhelming odds to appease her captors? Obedience without question…or defiance to the tragic end. What choice does she have?


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