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hhhhHP-769 Slave Wonder Womyn "Bondage Punishment"



TITLE: Slave Wonder Womyn "Bondage Punishment" Complete COST: $20 ~20 MINUTES




Description of HP-769:

Wonder Womyn, our enslaved heroine, has upset the Sheik once again and he has sent her to his dungeon.  Wonder Womyn is dragged into the sinister lair by the Dungeon Master.  He tells her that she must be punished for failing to comply with the Sheik's commands.  Wonder Womyn is subjected to various forms of bondage.  Watch as Wonder Womyn is put through her paces and her hot body is pushed to the breaking point.  Will she submit or will she defy the sheik once again?  Get this HOT video and find out!!  This is Hollywood as you haven't seen her in a LONG time.  Shot on location at Destiny's Chamber.


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