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HP-570 Wonder Womyn vs Hypnos: "The Daemon's Chord"



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Description of HP-570:

“Sleep... Oh! How I loathe those little slices of death.” ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Wonder Womyn (Hollywood), weary from a grueling day of security briefings during the height of the National Convention, returns to her suite for a brief respite… oblivious of the intruder in her midst — Hypnos (played by Tyrone Grimstalk), a devious daemon who makes his presence known through the mesmerizing chords of his accursed flute. Already exhausted and entranced by the insidious instrument’s intoxicating influence, WW can’t help but welcome the soothing, melodious tune seductively lulling her to sleep. Beguiled and bewildered, entangled in the haze of a musical miasma, our heroine is maliciously victimized, as the felonious fiend accosts her, absconding with her prized possessions — boots, gauntlets, and Belt of Power — each article methodically relieved from her addled person with but a toot of his flute. However, there’s one thing this mischievous malcontent failed to take into account: the unwavering willpower of Wonder Womyn! Dazed yet determined, the Amazing Amazon steels her mind and, battling through the fog that has deadened her hyper-senses, takes the fight to her unearthly antagonist. But, with her vaunted strength, stamina, and resolve drastically diminished, can she dare to hope to sunder — let alone survive — the bedeviling enchantments of the Daemon’s Chord?


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