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HP-714 Wonder Womyn: Hostage




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TITLE: Wonder Womyn: Hostage Part 1 COST: 15 TOKENS 12 Minutes

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Description of HP-714:

In this series, "Hostage", Wonder Womyn played by Hollywood,
gets a call from the Commissioner about a foot fetishist, running a slave trade, who has been seen recently lurking about in a woodsy secluded area abducting women. Wonder Womyn is going to check it out.
The superheroine gets out of the car to look around but sees nothing. Unbeknownst to her, the stalker has entered her car
and is hiding in the backseat. When Wonder Womyn gets back inside, the villain K.O.'s her with a tainted cloth. This is a POV from his view. The man slowly unzips and removes her boots. He fondles and massages over and over our beautiful superheroine's nylon feet.
Does Wonder Womyn wake up and get away? Or does she go back into LaLa land while the stalker has his way... 


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