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HP-565 Dark Angel vs Cowgirl Goldie in "The Snitch"

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Description of HP-565 Dark Angel vs Cowgirl Golide in "The Snitch":

In this video Goldie plays a cowgirl outlaw that has just pulled off several robberies and is planning a bigger heist with her partner (never seen). Goldie is looking hot in a blue halter top, hot blue denim shorts, bandana around her neck, gun belt, boots and cowgirl hat. Hollywood is playing "Dark Angel" with her sexy black shorts and boots, iron cross bikini top and arm warmers. Dark Angel is eavesdropping on Goldie and hears about how rich the next robbery will make her. As Goldie hides the bank layout, Dark Angel rushes into the room. She demands to know what is going on. Goldie draws her gun and the two gorgeous antagonists fight over it. The gun gets tossed aside and Dark Angel manages to land three body punches before Goldie connects with a right and a left that momentarily stuns the beautiful "eavesdropper." As Goldie gets her gun, Dark Angel rouses herself and grabs Goldie by the throat and throws her to the sofa. But Goldie manages to get in a crotch shot sending Dark Angel sprawling to the ground in pain. Goldie then takes her gun and slams Dark Angel along side the head, sending her into dreamland. Man does Hollywood look terrific lying on her stomach with her perfect round rear end sticking up in the air!!! But while Goldie puts the robbery plans in her shorts, Dark Angel gets up and again they fight over the gun. This time Dark Angel grabs a rope and pins Goldie by the neck to the sofa. However, once again Dark Angel gets careless and Goldie sends her to the floor with a right cross. While Dark Angel is out Goldie tries to tie her up, actually succeeding in tying her hands together. But the pesky "Snitch" recovers and gets to her feet. Goldie thinking she is harmless with her hands ties, lets down her guard and Dark Angel is able to clobber her leaving her stunned on the sofa. But while Dark Angel undoes the ropes, Goldie grabs her gun and shoots Dark Angel, wounding her in the shoulder. Dark Angel drops to the floor but quickly gets up and before Goldie can finish her off, she grabs the gun. In the following fight, Dark Angel takes another gun wound. But again, before Goldie can finish the job, Dark Angel gets up and begs Goldie not to shoot her. She even begs Goldie to make her a partner since she knows all about Goldie's plans. But is Dark Angel just begging for her life? Will she actually help with the robbery? Or will she be a snitch and turn Goldie in? Will Goldie just shoot her anyway? Either way, you cannot loose by buying this clip. Goldie and Hollywood never looked better and they really look sexy struggling over the gun over their heads.

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