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HP-489 Wonder Womyn Enslaved

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Description of HP-489 Wonder Womyn Enslaved:

Holly is on a much deserved vacation sunbathing in her backyard when she receives a call from the commissioner that Onyx (played by Afrika) is back and planning on destroying Los Angeles. Holly springs into action and Wonder Womyn is soon underway to thwart Onyx’s evil plans. Wonder Womyn confronts Onyx in an effort to stop the destruction of Los Angeles; however, Onyx reveals that the only way to stop her is for Wonder Womyn to allow Onyx to deliver a beatdown to Wonder Womyn. Wonder Womyn confidently agrees, but is soon stripped of her powers and receives a nasty beating at the hands of Onyx. Finally, Onyx reveals to a weakened Wonder Womyn that there is
no plot to destroy Los Angeles, but that everything was an elaborate trap so that she can enslave Wonder Womyn!!
Powerless to stop Onyx, Wonder Womyn is forced to tell Onyx how to enslave her. Once Wonder Womyn is enslaved, Onyx continues the beatdown before leading Wonder Womyn away to her buyers. Is this the end of Wonder Womyn? Can she hope to escape?

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