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HP-581 Dark Angel vs The Evil Sun Spirit

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Description of HP-581 Dark Angel vs The Evil Sun Spirit:

Another in the "Shoot'em up Series" begins harmlessly enough with Hollywood, our favorite girl, setting out to get a little sun, looking drop dead gorgeous in a skimpy blue bikini. In a short time she feels something touch her nose. She sits up looking around. Before she knows it, an imaginary right, left and uppercut knocks her out. As she lays there, a hand reaches out and a raspy voice says, "Nice, Very Nice." Hollywood wakes up confused and heads back inside. Thinking the previous day's event was a dream, she attempts to sunbathe in a skimpy gold bikini, which really accents her gorgeous tan. Laying down she feels something touch her nose again. This time, she demands to know who is there. After taking several body punches, she jumps up, only to again receive a right, a left and an uppercut, which sends her back to the towel, out again. The same hand reaches out saying, "This is a nicer bikini.". When she awakes she knows she wasn't dreaming. She leaves the back yard vowing revenge!! She returns as "Dark Angel" complete with her gun, confident she can get rid of whatever is there. But after a quick search turns up nothing, she pretends to sunbathe. After a loud noise ends her nap, she grabs her gun and fires 3 shots in the direction of the noise, hoping to hit something. But the spirit knocks the gun out of her hand, then KOs her once again. Again the hand appears saying, "Nice outfit, super heroine wannabe." When Dark Angel awakes, she finds her gun some distance away. When she attempts to get it, a punch KOs her again. This happens several times. Finally she wakes up with the gun in her hand. Now she knows what to do walking around the area firing in all directions. But the sound of a dart is heard as Dark Angel is hit. Valiantly she tries to keep firing at her unseen assailant but several more darts make it hard for her to stay upright. Still she staggers on (this scenario alone is worth buying the video for) !!! Will the lovely gun toting doll succeed in hitting the spirit? Or are the poison darts too strong? Dark Angel thought she could take care of anybody or anything but can she? Nobody looks hotter taking a punch, even an invisible one. Or look sexier sun bathing in tiny bathing suits!!!!!! And walking around the yard with the gun held high, definitely shows off her tight abs!!!

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