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HP-525 Wonder Womyn vs Son of Ninja

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Description of HP-525 Wonder Womyn vs Son of Ninja (Kaine):

Nastiness Runs in the Family! Receiving a call with dire consequences from the Commissioner, Wonder Womyn (Hollywood) shows little fear from the threat of Kaine, the vengeance-fueled prodigy of her presently incarcerated, nefarious nemesis Nasty Ninja! Very much his father’s equal both in skill and hate-filled rage, Kaine has a singular purpose: destroy Wonder Womyn! However, it doesn’t take long for our intrepid heroine to ferret him out, as predator becomes prey and the silent killer suddenly assaults Wonder Womyn on her home turf! Expeditiously relieving WW of her Belt of Strength, thus evening the odds, the menacing masked assailant takes her to task by bringing home the pain, trading a relentless wave of devastating body blows, debilitating martial kicks, and paralyzing sleeper holds with extreme prejudice and lethal ferocity! Still, even minus her mythical strength, Wonder Womyn is no mere lamb meant to be lead to slaughter! It will take everything Kaine has to dish out (and some vile trickery) to exact his father’s revenge — or join him in adjacent prison cells, courtesy of the two-fisted fury of an Amazon enraged!

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