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HP-407 Wonder Womyn vs The Rapacious Reporter


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Description of Wonder Womyn vs The Rapacious Reporter:

In this video, our heroine, Wonder Womyn, receives a telephone call from a
mysterious man identifying himself only as "John Q. Citizen". He states he
saw an article in the local paper "The Metropolis Gazette" smearing Wonder
Womyn's reputation. It claims Wonder Womyn is a drug user, likes to be tied
up, is into other fetishes and the article is just down right vicious.
Wonder Womyn denies all the accusations and vows to go visit the reporter
and make her retract the article. With that "John Q. Citizen" hangs up and
calls "Busy Betty", played by the gorgeous Kristiana, the writer of the
article and warns her that Wonder Womyn is on the warpath. Wonder Womyn
will soon be paying her a visit. This gives "Busy Betty" time to prepare a
trap for our lovely heroine. When Wonder Womyn shows up and angrily demands
a retraction, "Busy Betty" is ready. After giving "Miss Betty" a piece of
her mind, Wonder Womyn turns her back (a terrible mistake) and starts to
walk away. With that, "Busy Betty" springs her trap and knocks Wonder Womyn
out with a drugged piece of cloth. When Wonder Womyn wakes up she finds
herself bound to a chair. Wonder Womyn demands to be untied but "Evil
Betty" refuses, continuing to taunt the bound Super Heroine. The villian
takes pictures for the paper as she accuses Wonder Womyn of being into
bondage, having a foot fetish, addicted to drugs (showing her a container
filled with pills) of being ticklish and just plain into other kinky
things. She kisses Wonder Womyn and claims they "hooked up". She makes sure
her camera man is getting this all on film. Finally, as she tickles Wonder
Womyn, she grabs her belt, removes her boots, then knocks her out with a
vicious punch and leaves the room. While she is gone, Wonder Womyn wakes up, frees
herself and awaits her tormentor. When " Betty" returns, Wonder Womyn
attacks her and the fight is on. The fight goes back and forth with plenty
of action. Two perfect bodies locked in mortal combat. They exchange leg
, choke holds, arm bars, stomach punches, hair pulling, even a
camel clutch. The fight is close only because Wonder Womyn is without her
belt. Just when Wonder Womyn reaches for her belt, "Busy Betty" puts her in
a sleeper hold thereby ending the fight. While  Wonder Womyn is out she
injects her with a needle and grabs the pills. She spreads them around her
head as Wonder Womyn struggles to wake up. She even forces one in her
mouth. Then she grabs her camera and starts taking pictures for the paper.
All the time Wonder Womyn is struggling to fully regain consciousness. Is
this the end for our beautiful Super Heroine? Will she OD on the drugs
"Busy Betty" willingly provided? Or will she recover in time to send Busy Betty to jail?



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