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HP-460 Wonder Womyn in "Return of The Unibomber"

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Description of Wonder Womyn in "Return of The Unibomber":

Wonder Womyn gets a call from the commissioner about a certain group of terrorists who want to kidnap Wonder Womyn for study and for possible breeding. Wonder Womyn is disgusted by this.
Later that evening Wonder Womyn enters what she thinks is an empty apartment searching for documents, when she is shot in the back of the neck with a powerful drug , she is very dazed from it and can barely move, she asks why the  unibomber is there, he only replies with "the drug is working quite nicely! " He removes her lasso to get Wonder Womyn's power source info...she replies " it's her belt" he then pulls out a tainted cloth and KO's her. He removes her boots and gauntlets then starts beating her about the room, knocking her out again with a sleeper hold. He next ties ww up to the door and removes her power belt. He starts pounding on our poor superheroine again as she  begs him to stop! He unties her and pulls out his magic cloth  again putting our beauty back to sleep. He tells her she is going to be studied and she can't stop them. He injects Wonder Womyn one more time with his powerful  drug...Does Wonder Womyn get out of this predicament? or is she under the power of this evil villain forever ?

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