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HP-482 Liberty Belle vs The Golden Avenger

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Description of Liberty Belle vs The Golden Avenger:

The Golden Avenger, played by Robin looking hot in her tiny gold bikini, dress gloves and boots, has been accused of committing a robbery. The commissioner has asked Liberty Belle, played by Hollywood looking super sexy in her USA bikini top and shorts, to bring her in until the real robber can been found. The Golden Avenger looks guilty holding a rope that might have been used in the robbery, but agrees to submit to Liberty Belle quietly. But while Liberty Belle telephones the commissioner to say she is on her way in, the Golden Avenger sneaks up and attacks the unsuspecting super heroine. At first they exchange body punches while throwing each other against the wall. But Liberty Belle can't fully recover from the initial surprise and is placed in several leg scissor holds, around the waist and neck. After suffering through a camel clutch and bear hug, the Golden Avenger knocks Liberty Belle out with a sleeper hold. While the unsuspecting Liberty Belle is out, the Golden Avenger slips some sleeping pills in water. When Liberty Belle wakes up, the Golden Avenger gives her the water and apologizes for striking her. After drinking the water, Liberty Belle again attempts to bring the Golden Avenger in. But once again the Golden Avenger attacks the hapless Liberty Belle. After putting up a brief fight, the drug takes over allowing the Golden Avenger to totally destroy her. The Golden Avenger uses stomach punches, leg scissors, even grabs her crotch before choking her out again. This time leaving the gorgeous Liberty Belle on her back hanging off the end of the sofa. After waking the weakened super heroine, the Golden Avenger tortures Liberty Belle's terrific body with more body punches and leg scissors. She continues to toss the weakened beauty around the room. Can Liberty Belle recover enough to even fight back in a fitting manner let alone win? Can she complete her mission? Both girls look super hot whether they are giving or receiving a beat down. You have to buy this video to find out who wins!!

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