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HP-420 Wonder Womyn vs Madame Phobia

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Description of "Fearful Symmetry:Wonder Womyn vs Madame Phobia":


What is Wonder Womyn afraid of? Madamn Phobia yearns to find out! This vile villainess feeds on fear, and with but a jolting touch or prick from her fingers, her terror-inducing toxins unleash a torrent of mind-wrenching horrors upon her chosen victims. But are her scare tactics frightening enough to turn our fearless Amazon into a cowering kitten, helpless to Madame Phobia’s sadistic whims?


When Wonder Womyn ( Hollywood ) — in her public guise as Dyana Prynz — arrives home from an exhaustive workday, all she craves is relaxation and a quiet moment to steal away with her thoughts. But, her restful respite is rudely interrupted by the not-so-gentle caress of the dastardly diva, Madamn Phobia (Devin Demore), who has shadowed Ms. Prynz for the sinister intent of discerning the whereabouts of Wonder Womyn! But, unfortunately, for the Femme of Fright, the answer is at her fingertips as Dyana, in a flash of brilliance and flurry of motion, transforms into the ever-wondrous Wonder Womyn! Dispensing with the pleasantries, our amazing Amazon takes matters (and no chances) into her own hands as she rains a hailstorm of fists and fury upon this malicious new menace! With confidence beaming, Wonder Womyn presses on with her relentless assault, as the noticeably outmatched and outclassed Madamn Phobia quickly becomes the unwilling recipient of wave upon wave of body-bruising blows and devastating wrestling maneuvers designed to incapacitate any opponent with extreme prejudice. But, the Maiden of Might is in for the shock of her life when the gloves come off — literally — and Madamn Phobia turns the tables by dishing out her own recipe for pain and displeasure! Caught in the vicious throes of Phobia’s blood-curdling clutches, can Wonder Womyn long endure the torturous tentacles of fear and agony that now grips her in its deadly embrace?!



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