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HP-254 Wonder Womyn in Peril (Foot Fetish Themes)

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Each Part is approx. 10 minutes long and is 15 tokens.

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Description of HP-254 Parts A, B, & C:

HP-254 A  WW vs Mr Smith
WW gets a call from a man named Mr smith who is having Issues with someone following him. WW goes to his home to find out what the problem is and protect him, he thinks he hears noises in the bedroom and makes WW crawl to find out what it is. She enters his bedroom only to find him hiding in the closet he then attacks her feet, KO's her then strips her out of her costume. Little does she know the evil ideas Mr. Smith has in store for her... foot fetish theme

HP-254 B The Job Interview
Hollywood heads to her new Job Interview. She is hired and does a simple test for the employer, trying to straighten a picture on the wall for her picky boss. He tells her she should take off her high heels so she does not fall. Unknowing to Hollywood the employer is trying to smell her feet, then he puts something in her heels which she steps on .He then drugs her with some tainted water and some tainted powder. She is out cold.
Does her boss take advantage of our helpless gal? or does she get the best of him
Foot Fetish Theme

254 C WW vs The Trainer
WW is back at the training camp because she has lost too many battles
The general has her stretch first. He then asks her to take off her boots. Next he has her do push ups, while trying to smell her feet. He asks her to remove her power belt, and bracelets and meditate. He cuts holes in the bottom of her stockings while she is meditating. She finds him smelling her feet and a fight ensues, she tries getting to her belt but cannot. He Ko's WW and rips off her nylons. Does he take advantage of our gal or does she conquer in the end! Get this steamy vid and see!


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