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HP-671 Wonder Womyn vs The Jewel Thieves




TITLE: Wonder Womyn vs The Jewel Thieves Complete Video COST: 11 ~ 11 MINUTES




Description of HP-671:

Wonder Womyn gets a tip about some strange activity going on with some Jewel Thieves. She goes to check it out and confronts an unsuspecting thief, the thief played by Goldie Locks dressed in a black string bikini has no idea what Wonder Womyn is talking about ... Unsuspecting to our Superheroine Wonder Womyn  gets  hit from behind by Goldie Locks partner Bleu, and goes out. They  take Wonder Womyn's boots off and then remove her belt and lasso. The mighty superheroine is not so mighty now and is very weak. Wonder Womyn awakes and is punched several times. This is a two on one beat down of Wonder Womyn. While one girl holds Wonder Womyn the other one punches her then they reverse it.. They each take turns beating down poor & helpless Wonder Womyn! Get this video now if you're into one-sided beatdowns!!!


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