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HP-032 Wonder Womyn vs The Daughters of Darkness



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Description of Wonder Womyn vs The Daughters of Darkness:

Two evil vampires, Lilandra and Cassandra, have set a trap to take out Wonder Womyn, and make her own of their own!Lilandra has challenged Wonder Womyn to a fight in a ring. Wonder Womyn accepts this challenge, but has no idea what is in store for her....

As Wonder Womyn enters the ring, Lilandra is no where to be found, but a bigger and stronger Cassandra is waiting for her instead. Confident with her fighting abilities, Wonder Womyn goes to battle with Cassandra. But will this be a one on one battle?No it wont be, Lilandra soon appears, and she and Cassandra take it to Wonder Womyn in a brutal way! She's beaten from pillar to post. Her body twisted in ways it's not meant to go, and repeatedly slammed to the canvas with a force that should put her right through it!

Can our hero hold on, and somehow over come these odds? Or, is she doomed as we know her? One bite from either of these lovely but deadly vampires will spell the end for Wonder Womyn. So watch this one all unfold and see if she can make it through it, or if we've seen the end of our hero.


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