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HP-419 Wonder Womyn vs the Mimic

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Description of Wonder Womyn vs The Mimic:

The Invasion Has Begun! Alien, shape-changing sleeper agents have been awakened in, of all places, Tinsel Town ! And, they’ve sent one of their most lethal assassins, The Mimic, ( Christina Carter)  to take single-handedly take out the single-most threat to their dastardly plans — Wonder Womyn! With but a touch, this maniacal meta-morph can leech off — and ‘mimic’— the powers, skills, looks, and abilities of any adversary — a veritable Identity Crisis!


Receiving a call from The Commissioner warning her of the impending threat of The Mimic, Wonder Womyn (Hollywood) is unfazed and unconvinced of the alien menace… until, answering a knock on her door, she finds an almost mirror-image of herself (Christina Carter) glaring at her, barring the doorway. She has barely time to utter “Great Hera!” when The Mimic launches her attack, slamming Wonder Womyn back into the room, her arms wrapped tightly about our heroine’s waist in a deadly vice-lock. Shocked, but undeterred, Wonder Womyn valiantly pries loose her assailant’s ever-tightening death-grip… only to discover The Mimic’s debilitating ‘leeching’ affect — which is rapidly draining her strength and willpower. What follows is a furious barrage of body blows, fisticuffs, and wrestling prowess as these battling beauties clash, both determined to take their adversary to task! But, can our amazing Amazon fend off this fiendish foe, knowing full well the dire consequences destined to befall her if she submits to The Mimic’s devastating assault and fails to defeat this seemingly undefeatable foe!



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