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HP-456 Wonder Womyn vs The Madd Scientist

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Description of Wonder Womyn vs The Madd Scientistt:

Wonder womyn gets a call from the commissioner about a Scientist
that is Hypnotizing people, she goes in to investigate. When she arrives
she is surprised by the villain ( who looks like he just escaped from the insane asylum) who stun guns Wonder Womyn several times.
He takes off her boots, lasso, belt and gauntlets, puts a magic ring on her finder that when  activated hypnotizes her,  she then does whatever the Mad man says....
WW replies with "I hear and obey" The scientist commands her to do terrible things to her self like slapping herself, choking her self, and even using a magic cloth to KO her self out.
Watch this video to see if WW beats this hypnotized state and maybe her foe!

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