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HP-332 Wonder Womyn vs The Lecherous Lawyer

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Approx. 9 minutes long , 45 MB, and is 15 tokens.

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Description of Wonder Womyn vs The Lecherous Lawyer:

Wonder Womyn is ready to rest after a tough battle when she hears a knock at the door. A man asks for Wonder Womyn, then hands her some papers and tells her is he is a lawyer and she has been served! While Wonder Womyn studies the papers, the lecherous lawyer produces the old magic cloth and soon Wonder Womyn is rendered unconscious.
Now the obviously demented legal counsel removes our gorgeous superheroine's boots, magic lasso, and belt, and hence removing her super powers. Still reeling from the surprise attack, Wonder Womyn flails as the lawyer begins to work over her sculpted abs. Wonder Womyn fights back and begins to punish the wayward barrister, but he has no intention of surrendering and delivers more shots to Wonder Womyn's midsection. The lawyer snatches Wonder Womyn in a sleeper, but she breaks free and the battle rages on.
The lawyer forcefully pins Wonder Womyn and hand smothers her. He then delivers elbows to her head, but our fav superheroine continues to give back what she receives. But every time Wonder Womyn appears to get the upper hand, the lawyers objection is sustained and he stays in the game. Chokes, stomps, scissors, punches, and a crushing bear hug prevail as the lawyer smashes Wonder Womyn into the wall, drives his fist into her gut, then takes her down and chokes her senseless. Wonder Womyn somehow manages to survive the onslaught and locks on a scissors of her own as she pounds away at the wicked legal counselor.
But the lecherous one gets back in control and he chokes, stretches, and beats down a writhing Wonder Womyn. The two foes continue to exchange belly punches and chokes until the lawyer locks in a deep sleeper and Wonder Womyn goes out. She soon awakens to find herself bound and just as she escapes, the lawyer returns and all hell breaks loose! Wonder Womyn begins to get the upper hand, but the lecherous lawyer is soon to make and appeal. How does this one end up? Hint: Never trust a lawyer...especially when they may have a little damp cloth in their hand...




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