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HP-441 Wonder Womyn in "Sweet Dreams "

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Description of Wonder Womyn in "Sweet Dreams ":


WW encounters an evil villainous who enjoys putting her victims to sleep.  This is all about chloro KO's mixed w/ wrestling...

WW is on the phone with the commissioner talking about a new villainous named "Sweet Dreams" who is causing problems in the city.  She's been using her special knockout formula to capture and control various heroines in the city, and it seems WW is next on her list...

WW enters her house.  Laying on the couch, she relaxes, and doesn't see the villainous sneaking nearby.  The villainous uses a tainted cloth to clamp down on WW, who struggles, but is soon KO’d.  The villainous gloats about the power she has over the sleeping WW, as she removes WW's boots and accessories, and plays with them.

WW begins to wake up and attacks the evil doer, as they wrestle around on the ground, before the villainous is able to get WW into a trap hold and use the magic cloth once more on WW.  WW struggles but is soon Ko’d, prompting the villainous to more massaging and verbal taunting!!!

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