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HP-245 Wonder Womyn vs The Assassin


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Description of: Wonder Womyn vs The Assassin

The Syndicate has hired a henchman known simply as the Assassin to eliminate Wonder Womyn once and for all. With the knowledge that Hollywood knows Wonder Womyn, the Assassin slips unnoticed in to Hollywood's house armed with sedatives and other poisonous drugs.
Hollywood knows the Assassin is looking for her, but she fears none as she knows she has super powers as Wonder Womyn. As Hollywood is assuring herself of this, she is knocked out from behind by the evil Assassin, and carried over his shoulder into another room.
The henchman ties our gorgeous superheroine to a chair and demands that she summon Wonder Womyn, as his intel has informed him that they are friends. He makes the mistake of dropping his guard and Hollywood slips from her ties and transforms into WONDER WOMYN!!!
A savage battle ensues, but Wonder Womyn punishes the Assassin as she demands to know who sent him. He refuses to tell her, and takes his beating as a true professional hitman would. The henchman is ko'ed by the vicious onslaught of attacks dealt by our sexy woman of superpowers.
Wonder Womyn takes a break and sips some bottled water, not realizing that it was tainted with a sedative in the event the evil Assassin failed to subdue her. Our supervixen faints as she attempts to restrain the unconscious Assassin. As the twisted henchman awakens and finds Wonder Womyn's buff body sprawled upon him, he pushes her to the floor and plots to eliminate her. After tying her to a chair, the Assassin gives Wonder Womyn a lethal injection, but she tries to warn him she is not susceptible to drugs intended for mere mortals.
The Assassin watches our lovely lass fade as he phones the Syndicate to tell them of his conquest. Sensing victory, he loosens the restraints, but Wonder Womyn reveals that she does indeed have superhuman powers and the battle rages on!!! Who will survive??? Can Wonder Womyn survive both the physical and pharmaceutical onslaught dealt to her by the Syndicate and it's forces of evil??? Or will this be the End for all time??? Don't miss this one!!! Get it now and find out !!!! 



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