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HP-693 Wonder Womyn in "Slumberland" II




TITLE: Wonder Womyn in "Slumberland" II Complete Video COST: $15 ~ 15 MINUTES




Description of HP-693:

This video takes off from the ending of HP-678  Wonder Womyn in Slumberland. Wonder Woman has woken up and is untying herself , she exits the back door where she encounters the villain  and demands that he follow her,  she turns carelessly and is hit over the head and KO'd. Her power belt has been removed....
She then wakes up and tries to run and hide but gets shot and goes down. When she awakes her red boots have been taken off. She runs toward the house but is shot again before she gets to the back door, while she is unconscious the bad guy returns and starts rubbing her feet, he then drags her through the back door. Wonder Womyn then wakes up inside laying on her back. She is still looking for that micro film from before and finds it tucks it away and begins looking for her power belt , she suddenly hears a sound which is coming from the wall it's sleepy gas!  our superheroine goes down and while she is out the bad guy re appears ties her hands and ankles and uses a tainted cloth to leave Wonder Womyn's's fate in his hands ...Does Wonder Womyn wake up and defeat this terrible henchman or does he get the best of our sexy super villain ? Get this super hot video and find out!!!!



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