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HP-589 Wonder Womyn Ambushed

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Description of HP-589 Wonder Womyn Ambushed:

Wonder Womyn gets a call from the commissioner to go and check out an evil masked gunmen that's gone crazy in the city. She slowly enters the home to check it out and is immediately ambushed by a silent gun man. He punches her in the stomach then shoots at her, But wonder womyn is able to use her gauntlets to block the first shots . he demands WW take off her belt and bracelets... She begs for him not to shoot her but he goes for her knees.. When our lovely superheroine wakes up the speechless man is gone...she goes to another room to search and bring this voiceless man in but she is again surprise with another shot , than another... and another... She is wounded but alive! Wonder womyn crawls on all fours to escape this wordless, vile man. Again she is taken down and collapses on a chair. When wonder Womyn wakes up she sees her accessories on the table, she quickly tries to grab them but is gunned down again. this time when the struggling wonder woman wakes she tries to escape through the door but is hit in the back! The speechless villain slowly removes wonder womyns boots one by one then drags her body out ! Get this hot video to see if our girl wakes up to get revenge or if the mute man gets his terrible way!!!

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