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HP-302 Wonder Womyn vs Science Psycho


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Description of Wonder Womyn vs The Science Psycho:

The maniacal Science Psycho lures Wonder Womyn to her lair in an attempt to secure the secrets of her super powers. No match for Wonder Womyn using conventional techniques, the Science Psycho receives a beating from Wonder Womyn and is about to be taken downtown to spend time in the Slam. The Science Psycho caters to Wonder Womyn's sympathy and when given the chance, she resorts to "chemical" warfare and gets the slip on Wonder Womyn. Unfortunately, this leads to Wonder Womyn being knocked unconscious and helpless.
The sexy, sadistic Science Psycho removes the lovely super heroine's boots and prepares her for interrogation so as to locate the sources of her superpowers. Wonder Womyn is forced to disclose her magic belts abilities to the Science Psycho, and the diabolical punishment begins!. The Science Psycho connects her laboratory fabricated device to our gorgeous super heroine and Wonder Womyn is jolted by this evil source of weaponry. The merciless Science Psycho follows this up by clamping a soaked cloth over Wonder Womyn's mouth, sending her to dreamland
Wonder Womyn regains consciousness, then fights back valiantly, but in her weakened state the Science Psycho proves a worthy opponent and a proficient grappler at that. (must have been on the wresting team at M.I.T.!) After further wearing down the sexy superheroine, the Science Psycho resorts to more of her technological torture and the room is filled with Wonder Womyn's howls of agony and the Science Psycho's demented laughter. Barely able to stand, Wonder Womyn is subjected to further abuse as the clock reveals the hours ticking by. When Wonder Womyn once again awakens, the Science Psycho unleashes more pain elicted by her newly acquired experimental device. The Science Psycho pounds away at our curvaceous superheroine's sexy body as she continues the onslaught of pain. Wonder Womyn pleads for mercy as the cloth is once again forcefully clamped over her mouth.
However, the Science Psycho leaves the room momentarily and Wonder Womyn appears to make some type of modification the the little solid state box of horrors. When the Science Psycho returns, now donning a fantastically sexy supervillainess outfit, a battle of epic proportion ensues. Now, both the forces of Good and Evil employ superpowers as the vixens clash. Whom shall prevail??? Get this sexy and exciting new video and find out!!!



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