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HP-063 Wonder Womyn vs Nasty Ninja II


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Description of Wonder Womyn vs Nasty Ninja II:

The evil Nasty Ninja is back again, and this time Wonder Womyn is out for REVENGE!!!!

The commissioner tips Wonder Womyn off to Nasty Ninja's where abouts, and soon after she's hot on his trail.

Nasty Ninja just happens to be awaiting the arrival of Wonder Womyn, and when she shows up, he jumps her from behind, and goes on to give her a wicked beating.

It doesn't take long though, before Wonder Womyn turns things around, and then a wild see saw battle takes place. This time Wonder Womyn is playing for keeps, and goes ALL out to win the battle!

This is an extremely hard fought battle, but only one can win it. Things begin to look bad for Wonder Womyn when she loses her belt, but can she get it back, and then over take the Nasty Ninja? Time will tell in this thriller, but it's clear that this is the last we will see of one of these two. They are out to maim one another!!!

Wonder Womyn uses all the holds in her arsenal and her super powers to keep Nasty Ninja at bay.

Nasty Ninja uses all of his moves, and every dirty trick in the book to try and defeat Wonder Womyn. This all leads to a thrilling battle of good vs. evil!!

This one has quite an electrifying ending, one that has to be seen to be believed!! Which one will be finished off by the electric chair? You'll have to watch to find that all unfold, but only one is left fried by it!

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