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HP-077 Wonder Womyn in "Bizarro World "

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Description of "Bizarro World " :

Another epic episode of Wonder Womyn, and this time you see the lovely Di prior to her transformation into W.W.. This video is not for the squeamish, as it is an incredibly brutal battle. Hollywood states that this is by far her best mixed ever, including anything she has done for other companies. The action is wild, and the hits will have you gasping with each blow.

The lovely Di quiety gets ready for work in her room. The beauty gets decked out in leather, looking ever so scrumptious. The villian, a leather clad biker suddenly appears, and proceeds to give Di the beating of her life. He chokes her and pummels her mid section with knees and punches, and finally strips her, then leaves her for dead on her bed.

Once the transformation takes place, the battle is on once again, but this time it's Wonder Womyn's turn to hand out the punishment! She gives all she's got and then some to the bad guy, and makes him pay dearly for what he did earlier.

This brutal match includes tons of belly punching, and knees to the gut. Several choke holds and sleepers, and they use everything in their arsenals on one another to gain the upper hand in this battle.

Just hold on tight as you watch this one unfold, it is a wild one!!!!



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