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HP-312 Wonder Womyn vs The Hitman


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Description of Wonder Womyn vs The Hitman:

The devious Hitman enters his office and studies his intel regarding his next hit. As he peruses the folder he notes the special skills and beauty of his next victim, and he proceeds to take course. In the meantime, we find Wonder Womyn also concentrating on her next task: defeating the Forces of Evil. Her cell phone rings, and the gorgeous superheroine is dispatched to serve the good of mankind.
As Wonder Womyn cases a suspected hideout, she has no idea the room is being filled with noxious gases as The Hitman employs her dastardly ways. Soon Wonder Womyn is staggering about and falls victim to the tainted air.
Enter, The Hitman.
The wretched Hitman goes to work as he removes Wonder Womyn's boots from her stockinged legs and feet. He also strips her of her magic lasso and belt prior to throwing her over his shoulder and carrying her to another location. We now find our voluptuous superheroine with her hands shackled above her head and in a dangerously vulnerable position! The Hitman demands to know how much she knows about his operation, but the sensational siren with tell nothing. Unfortunately, The Hitman will not accept "no" for an answer and her pulls out his truth serum as the first of his "toys".
The Hitman injects Wonder Womyn and demands the info. But a determined Wonder Womyn is not about to speak...which turns out to not be in her best interest! The maniacal Hitman now launches a massive assault of blows as he delivers punches and kicks to Wonder Womyn's vulnerable belly. Wonder Womyn still refuses to talk, and The Hitman continues to work over her midsection as she is unable to block the damaging blows. Wonder Womyn puts up a valiant struggle despite The Hitman's relentless use of a billy club to choke her senseless. As Wonder Womyn continues to weaken, the twisted evildoer hammers away at her floundering curvaceous body, continuing his interrogation. Angered at her reluctance, The Hitman is crazed as he simultaneously chokes and belly punches poor Wonder Womyn. Slapping and spitting on our favorite superheroine is not beyond the wretched heel!
As The Hitman becomes more desperate, his assault escalates. He clamps a cloth over Wonder Womyn's mouth to k.o. her, then awakens her with a damaging belly blow as he repeatedly rams the billy club into her battered belly. The maniacal psycho intermittently chokes our beleaguered vixen and continues his demands. Wonder Womyn is barely able to mutter her refusal as she is battered about the belly, ribs, head, and kidneys with the club, fists, and knees. How much can even this poor superheroine take? Finally, The Hitman produces a pistol, and with the butt of it, strikes and k.o.s a reeling Wonder Womyn.
The Hitman further studies his intel, then lays Wonder Womyn on the floor, still in hand restraints. After gently caressing her, the mentally irregular villain begins a barrage of stomps and chokes, only to once again k.o. his beautiful victim. As Wonder Womyn comes to, she is victim of her own magic lasso and reveals the truth of her knowledge. This is a dangerous problem as she know serves no purpose (other than just looking incredibly sexy!) and The Hitman now uses the billy club again to deliver a mercilous k.o. blow.
As Wonder Womyn comes to, The Hitman pulls her to her feet and then goes absolutely crazy as he pounds Wonder Womyn with countless punches, knees, and chokes. Wonder Womyn is out on her feet as the beatdown continues, until she collapses to the floor, k.o.ed and lifeless. Satisfied he has beaten her for good, The Hitman leaves.
Wonder Womyn lies unconscious for hours, then is awaken by her cell phone. She answers but is completely disoriented. Our poor superheroine has no recollection of what has just happened, but she moans and cries in pain as the reality of her injuries sets in. As Wonder Womyn succumbs to the misery, she passes out cold on the floor. Will she recover? What will become of The Hitman and his mastery of possibly other superheroines? Don't miss this exciting video!!!!



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