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HP-317 Wonder Womyn vs The Unibomber

Part 2


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Approx. 12 minutes long , 60 MB, and is 15 tokens.

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Description of Wonder Womyn vs The Unibomber Part 2:

This is a continuation of HP-297 Wonder Womyn vs The Unibomber where our favorite superheroine was ambushed by the twisted villain known as The Unibomber. This manaical "bad guy" just doesn't know when to quit as he continues his assault on our precious public protector. Wonder Womyn is barely returning to a state of grogginess when The Unibomber returns to subject her to multiple k.o.s. As the demented masked man carries Wonder Womyn over his shoulder to another room, he decides to employ move tricks up his sleeve to restrain and k.o. our beautiful savior of society. But...Wonder Womyn has NEVER been known to go down easy! Does she fight back well enough to conquer the forces of evil? Or will The Unibomber continue his endless loop of punishment? Get this exciting clip and find out for yourself!!!



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