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HP-594 Wonder Womyn is "Under The Influence"



TITLE: Wonder Womyn in"Under The Influence" Complete Video COST: $11 ~11 MINUTES




Description of HP-594:

Determined to break Wonder Womyn’s (Hollywood) stoic demeanor and let her hair down, Goldie invites the Amazing Amazon over to her posh pad to indulge in a casual nightcap. However, our weary heroine isn’t quite prepared for the cocktail the sly vixen has mixed for her — a lethal brew that tests even the Amazon’s vaunted constitution. A few sips, and she’s tipsy; a couple ounces and she’s inebriated; a full glass and she’s out like a light! Now, the fun begins, as Goldie takes full advantage of the muddled and helpless heroine, pilfering Wonder Womyn’s magical accruements, and giving her the personal, “hand’s on” treatment! Drowning in a deepening haze, can WW battle past the debilitating effects of Goldie’s cruel concoction, or will she continue to fall victim to this heinous act of betrayal and depravity? This is a video that fans of sleepy and/or intoxicated heroines dare not miss!


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