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HP-558 Dark Angel & The Golden Avenger in "Payback"



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Description of HP-558:

This video begins with The Spy relaxing after defeating our two favorite Super Heroines (Dark Angel and The Golden Avenger), looking over the secret papers he had just secured (see HP-557). However he has grossly underestimated them as Dark Angel (Hollywood wearing her Iron Cross bikini top and arm warmers, tiny black shorts and black boots with her gun belt and gun) and The Golden Avenger (Robin wearing her tiny gold bikini, gloves and boots) enter the room and attack the careless Spy. Both girls look hot as ever as they perform an old fashion "beat down" two on one style, on the would be Spy. They use head locks, leg scissors, arm bars, body punches, even using their breasts to smother the lucky guy. They even do a little face sitting with some great camera work on the two girls' shapely butts!!! They proceed to stretch him out, one pulling his arms and one pulling his legs. But then Dark Angel asks The Golden Avenger to make sure there are some darts left in the gun. The Golden Avenger assumes she is going to use them on The Spy and replies, "Oh yeah, there's plenty of darts in here." After applying a choke hold on The Spy, thinking he is about finished, Dark Angel grabs her gun and shoots the surprised Golden Avenger right in the stomach!!! Then she turns her attention on The Spy. However, seeing Dark Angel turn on her partner revitalizes him and all of a sudden she has a real fight on her hands. They exchange bear hugs and body punches as they struggle over the gun. This time The Golden Avenger provides the back ground eye candy. Has the crafty Dark Angel made a big mistake knocking out her accomplice? Can this gorgeous super heroine defeat her, all of a sudden, super charged enemy? Either way, both girls look super applying holds to their hapless victim. Hapless at least until it gets down to a one on one contest. Who will end up with the top secret papers? Dark Angel, The Spy or will The Golden Avenger get back in the fight?


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